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As usual, Meg turns on the music in her phone as she wakes up. Then she goes to the bathroom, lays her phone on the wooden tower, and takes a shower while enjoying the music. She quickly dries her body and hairs when she finishes taking shower. She puts on her uniform, sits at the desk, making up and brushes her hair.

- Meg, it’s time for breakfast. That’s her mother calling.

Meg says “Right away” in reply and runs downstairs. Breakfast is always amazing. After finishing her mother’s little morning feast on her first day of high school, Meg stands straight up to express her energy and excitement. Then she thanks her mother, puts on her newly bought trainers and gets on the schoolbus that just arrives at her house. Getting on the bus, Meg immediately approaches a handsome boy with oceanic blue eyes and blond hair and sits next to him. They soon get along with each other really well. Meg comes up with many trivial talks about schools, games, books, everything with the boy.

- It’s school. The boy says to Meg in the middle of her talk.

Together they approach a huge blackboard on which their classes are all noticed on that. Meg is filled with joy as she knows she’s in the same class with the boy.

- My name is Tom. Wanna sit next to me?. The boy asks Meg with a shining smile that lights up Meg’s heart and Meg agrees at once. 

Meg and Tom soon develop affection for each other. Every morning, Meg wakes up early, dresses nicely, takes a bike and rides to school with Tom. Tom is very good at cooking and always brings breakfast along. Arriving at school early, they go to find a small table under the big, old tree with big, green foliage in the garden in the backyard of the school. It is only 6 o’clock in the morning and no one is there except them. They freely enjoy breakfast together under the gentle sunshine and cool, small breeze of a morning of fall without the eyes of anybody else staring at them.

Apart from cooking, Tom also excels at Math, Physics and Chemistry. At recess or after school, Tom will spare his time to help Meg with sciences exercises which she finds hard and unable to understand. In return, Meg helps him with Literature, foreign languages and social sciences, all of which she is good at. 

At the end of the semester, they both get really good grades. In order to congratulate them, their parents decide to let them go on a trip together. Meg and Tom soon get round to preparing for their trip to Rome. Meg cannot hide her excitement; she finishes packing her luggage in just one day. And at night, she calls Tom to talk about the place that they will go to until 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning for she cannot sleep. She cannot wait for the trip to come!

The week that they go on their vacation soon comes. The sun is shining gently and the wind is blowing with a small drizzle of the day. Meg puts her luggage on the car, says goodbye and gets on the car with Tom.

It only takes them 30 minutes to drive to the airport and 1 hour for everything to be checked before getting on the plane. They land in Rome at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. The sun is high on the sky and the air is hot and humid. Meg hates it so Tom takes her to the hotel that they booked a week earlier. 

After they take a bath, they lie on the bed, side by side and watch TV together. Everything would be ok and like a honeymoon if there wasn’t that news on the TV. As they turn on the TV, the reporter shows a meteor from nowhere suddenly crashing down on Earth and destroying the Parthenon. Both Meg and Tom are scared out of their wits. Very soon later, they receive a call from the emergency center telling them to pack only essential things only and get to the ground floor or the terrace as quickly as possible to prepare for evacuation. 

Meg and Tom each take 1 bag, put in it some money, some water, some food, clothes and their phones. Then they use all their strength to run down the stairs and as they reach the gate, army jeeps are there already. They are sent to a nearly full jeep and it accelerates immediately.

Meg looks upon the red sky of apocalypse and the meteors falling down from that sky. Meg takes her phone out:

- Mom, dad, I’m so sorry. I’m thankful for all you’ve done for me. Maybe this is the last time that I text you. If you still live, lead a good life and forget about me. May I be your daughter in the afterlife. Love forever.

She turns off the phone and lays her head on Tom’s chest. When she closes her eyes, a small rock crashes right next to their car, explodes and knocks their jeep off the road. Meg and Tom open their eyes after the heavy crash only to see everybody is killed. 

Can’t bear all the things anymore, Meg hugs Tom and starts sobbing loudly:  

- Everything is so nice and goes so well and then it is just about to end. I’m not ready for the end. I’m not ready, Tom. Please don’t leave me.

- No I won’t. Never

From afar, they hear the exploding sound of doom, of meteors crashing down the planet; however, there are no more rocks falling on them. They take out their sleeping bag, hold hands and lean on each other. They close their eyes as a sign of accepting their fate, that there are no more ways for them to escape and they fall into sleep.

Hours later, they are woken up by a big blasting sound. It is morning and the sun is high and red on the sky; meteors are still falling. Meg and Tom stare at each other, and they kiss, the lasting and the only and the most hectic kiss. A star falls on them. 

September 25, 2020 16:31

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