Super Hero: Aid-Box

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“Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can,

La-la-lum, laa-la-lum, la-la-la-la-la-la-lum,

Look out! Here comes the Spider-man....Yasssss”

“Jonas, stop yelling! You will land up with a sore throat and cough,” it was mamma’s turn to yell back from the kitchen. Mamma’s powerful voice was sufficient for tuning Jonas, but the effects did not last long. Little Jonas, 5 years of age, came hopping into the living area, where his imaginative mind discovered a hilltop. A chest of drawers that served as a console table too, was where the super hero found his solace. Perching onto it, he announced, “I am the Master of the Universe!” with his fiber sword soaring to the ceiling, He-Man could not have felt more victorious; but the gratification landed with a thud- Jonas was on the floor, when mamma came in like a forceful wind and pulled down Jonas from the table to whack him on his butt. Vexed and teary eyed Jonas headed back to his room, with his mamma following him demanding answers, “have you completed your assignments? Did you learn the poetry taught to you in school last Friday? I did not get to hear a line of reading, what I only get to hear is Superman, Spider-man, He-Man; you man! I am talking to you!” mamma shouted digging her forefinger into Jonas soft cheeks, as though trying to push out a reply. Jonas now wanted his mom to leave his territory so that he could bury his face into his books or pillow in the hope of staying away from mischief and rebuke for some time.

It had been only six months that Jonas had shifted with his parents into a new locality. Mum and dad were engaged in their week-long hectic schedules at work and weekends would be busy with household errands. Jonas fulfilled their task of socializing in the new community. After school hours he joined other children to play and also did drop in to their house at times for extended play hours. Though mamma did not encourage such visits as she feared that someday Jonas mischief would be inviting trouble, hence she restrained him from house visits.

“But mamma, Aunt Mercy called me in for a cookie. When I told her you were waiting for me, she stuffed another two cookies into my pocket and let me go,” the innocent replied. With a kiss on his forehead and a smile, mamma guided Jonas to his study table.

The following weekend morning Jonas was sporting his shades in front of his dresser-mirror. It had neon green frame that gave it an edgy look. Mamma caught a glimpse of her super hero as she sneaked into his room- she did so at regular intervals between her works, to check on the calm before a storm that was to arrive. This time mamma’s visit caught his attention and in his chirpy was questioned, “mamma could I get a green cape for myself?”

Mamma raised her eyebrow wondering what to give Jonas to complete his creative look- was he intending to be Hulk with a cape. To Jonas surprise mamma returned in a short while with a lime green towel which she clipped onto Jonas T-shirt. The overjoyed boy hugged his mom tight and in gratitude sealed her with a kiss. But then mamma and Jonas were back in their usual form. Jonas jumped onto his bead to glide down like an eagle and mamma warned and threatened to make him sleep on the floor in case his bed broke!

On his 5th birthday Jonas was gifted with a battery operated bike. It was his sole responsibility to keep it clean and well-maintained, just the way papa maintained his car and bike. This bike took the super hero around their colony for his visits and community service. Jonas external territory was up to ten houses surrounding their house. He made sure to deliver to his parents his visit feedback, generally over dinner.

“Mamma,” Jonas ran back into the house frantically searching for mamma, with his cape flying behind him, “Aunt Mercy has not been keeping well since last night and so Nancy didn’t get her breakfast this morning, she is hungry”- Jonas gasped for breath expecting an immediate solution to resolve this problem.

“Don’t you worry dear, our sandwiches will be put to good use- today we will share our breakfast with them.” Mamma’s composed voice calmed little Jonas and he felt elated with the thought that he was able to be of some help to his friend and her mother. In the container mamma enclosed her contact number for Aunty Mercy, in case she needed further assistance. With joy gleaming in his eyes he hugged his mom tight and Jonas sped away in his bike like a Good Samaritan.

A couple of days later, Jonas again dived in to his mamma’s lap for help. “Uncle Hilton was complaining of no water supply, there seems to be leakage in one of their pipes. What could we do to get them back their water, mamma?” Jason’s eager-to-help voice raised an alarm which mamma could not evade. She wrote the contact numbers of a few plumbers who could be of help to the Hilton’s. This brought back cheer into Jason and like a concerned neighbor drove to the SOS spot.

Often Jason would return home with thank you notes on completion of his aid- missions.

It was on National Holiday evening gathering that mamma and papa reckoned the popularity of this little super hero; Jonas’ attire was most spoken about and his helping nature appreciated by all who knew and heard about him. It was indeed a moment of pride for the parents when they were introduced to all as ‘Jonas’ mum and dad.’

An extravagant Sunday morning awaited Jonas the following day. He woke up and as usual went around hunting for his mamma within the house. He ventured towards the kitchen expecting her to be busy making breakfast. He found someone there, with a lime green cape; and who was behind those neon green shades?

“Mamma!” exclaimed Jonas cheerfully. Mamma turned to Jonas and hooted out her crafted super hero tagline and a name for little Jonas-“Fear not- here comes Aidbox!” The ebullient boy ran into his mamma’s arms to kiss her; what more could they have asked for from each other.

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Good story!! Love the vocabulary :)


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