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Horror Contemporary Speculative

This story contains themes or mentions of mental health issues.

8 march 2036

-Is it a yes now?

Rose maniacally stared Albert in his beautiful green eyes, so rare and so attractive, even now with the tears flowing from them.

8 march 1996

-Hi, I am Rose and I am five and a half!


-Can you tell me your name? 

-Leave me alone

-I like you

-Girls are boring! Leave me alone!


-I don’t care

-Why don’t you like me?

-Because I like another girl

-And if she wasn’t here anymore?

-There will be another one

-So you don’t want to marry me?

-Listen, you crazy, the only way I would marry you…

Childhood is a magical moment, when you learn the words even before than their power. Childhood is a magical moment, when things said lightly can mean the world for someone else.

8 march 2005

-Are they still out there mom?

-Yes. I really don’t understand, she was such a lovely girl

-Mom what in the world made you think that? She’s always been a weirdo! A psychopath!

-Oh come on she just fancied you when you were kids! You remember when she brought that puppy?


-Yes, poor puppy it must have died in the box.

-You’re delirious mom! She killed it! She strangled it! I TOLD YOU MANY TIMES!

-Don’t be ridiculous! 

-And she also cut the brakes of Victoria, SIX TIMES!

-Again with this story? The mechanic said it was an old car, and you know how distracted was the poor girl. Listen, I know you’re still grieving, but I really wanted to lift you from your sadness, I didn’t know she would have done this…

-YOU called her? YOU TOLD HER I WAS HERE? Are you for real?

-Oh come on Albert, I thought you needed to move on. To distract yourself from her. I thought a jump in the past would have been what you needed.

-THAT’S NOT A JUMP IN THE PAST! That’s a fall into a spiral of madness and brutality that I thought I managed to escape when I left this devilish town and instead it followed me 100 miles away and now it’s in front of my childhood’s house dressed with a cheerleader dress and human blood.

-It’s varnish dear

-Oh now it makes sense, now it’s normal then.

-No, but even if she’s…problematic, she’s not a criminal. She’s just a girl with a lot of problems, and you should be more respectful for her childhood and her family and…

-Mom, I’m not one of your students. You’ll not life-coach me out of this.

-I didn’t want to

-Now move please, I…I wanna see.

And they staid there, mother and son, watching the policemen and the doctors while they were running after the girl, half naked and in a state of fierce fury, screaming and shouting like an animal all around the neighbourhood. 

8 march 2018

-It’s…it’s nice to see you!

-Yes, bit weird isn’t it?

-Yes, I must say… I really don’t know….

-Don’t worry Albert, it’s fine. Actually I owe you a massive apology for how I behaved when we were kids…I was…unwell.

-Well yes, but it’s all in the past! Luckily you’re well now. More than well, right? I mean, I saw the news! Woman of the year? I literally could not believe it! 

-I know. After the therapy I continued my studies, and it turned out quite well.

-Oh come on don’t be modest! You’re on top of the world! They even say you’re about to candidate as president! And look at me, here on this school reunion with a dad bod and a job at the post office. Who’s the crazy now? Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to…

-Don’t worry! It’s just a joke, right? We don’t always mean what we say!

-Yes, right…so sorry. I’m…I’m just happy to see you well

-You too, and your…wife right? Anna? And the two little girls, Erika and Daisy? Must be a joy to be a dad…

-Who told…God, don’t tell me…my mom is still doing it! Believe me, sometimes I would like to strangle her! She always meddles with my business! Anyway yes, I’m happily married, and I have two lovely girls, the light of my life!

-They’re lucky to have you! They are lucky…

-Well I don’t know…Anyway, any plans for the future? I mean, most of your job must be top secret! That's a stupid question

-Don’t worry. Yes we have some plans.

-The cure for cancer? A new bomb that will eradicate the world population?

-All of it? That would be incredibly cruel!

-Sorry… I know it’s a serious matter but I tend to make stupid jokes when I’m nervous.

-Don’t worry. Don’t worry.

And she left, escorted by her gorillas, away from that small town middle school party, full of broken promises and sad lives. And yet she flourished from this dung where they were all immersed, and she become the strong flower that she is now. A flower torn apart from its own thorns, but the incredible ability of hiding everything under its splendid petals.

8 march 2036, minutes earlier

-Where am I? What’s this? Where’s my family? FREE ME NOW!

-Shh, Albert, I’m here!


-It’s me Albert! Don’t worry.

-Miss…Miss President?

-Oh Albert, don’t be ridiculous. It’s Rose for you, it will ALWAYS be rose for you.

-What happened to your voice? WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?

-I needed to do this change, but don’t worry, it’s only temporary, it’s a new drug we developed. I'll be back to normal shortly

-Why am I tied up here? What’s happening? 

-It’s for your safety. Everything will be clear in a few minutes, don’t worry. We’ll be fine

-We’ll…and what about my family? My girls?

-I’m afraid they’re gone. The bomb will destroy them as well


-Don’t cry, dear. It will be a moment and no more. Just a press of a button and everything will be done!


-It’s the coronation of my life project. In a few moments it will be done and you’ll be here to celebrate with me. It was everything I’ve worked for in these years, and you’ll be here with me to see it

-Is it a joke? Is it a weird stupid prank of yours? I KNEW IT, I KNEW you weren’t fine! People like you are crazy, you’re a lunatic! You’ll always be!

-Joke? No, my dear. No joke. I never joked. And I will never do it.

I developed a new bomb that will eradicate everyone without the Y chromosome in their dna. It will be instant, and it will be done in 3 minutes. That’s the reason of my current physical situation


-Shush please my dear. Don’t cry! You helped me doing it.. you remember? You told me, exactly 40 years ago. I needed to be the last woman on earth and you would finally married me…do you remember that? So, let me ask you know…

April 16, 2024 16:46

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Hazel Ide
00:28 Apr 24, 2024

Not where I expected the story to go, great job!


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