Secrets Of The Mind In The Twenty Third Century

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It is perhaps the 23rd century I’m not really sure which century it is because these days, the time has no meaning. The world is changed from what it used to be and now the big brother, the top man, the boss has power over you. He wants that he should be able to read your mind and though he can read it himself with his various instruments he would like to hear the man first and express what is in his mind so that he can correlate it with his research. It was a sleek sophisticated machine that had developed the power of telepathy and thus could read the mind.

Sam Pelosi is the big boss, he stays in a palatial bungalow with a lovely wife. He’s touched middle age, almost 40, and his wife is a good 18 years younger. He picked her up from the store where she was selling ice cream and took her home. The next day she became his wife after he had taken her virginity, satiated with the fact he was her first lover. That was a year back and now most of the time he ignored her other than when he desired her for his carnal satisfaction.

All the time he would be looking after his instruments and the latest psychoanalysis graphs with which he could read the minds of men and women. His instruments transposed all data on a graph and he developed the method read the lines and dashes. It gave me the thrill to get to know what the other person is thinking. The graphs read the minds of his subjects. He was the all-powerful ruler and now he had developed his art to the extreme and he had passed a Law that had been approved by the Senate. The law stated that the state must know whatever a man or a woman is thinking. It was important he told the Senate that we know everything in a man's or a woman's mind and we must correlate it with the information given by the supercomputer on the graph. We can thus have better control over our subjects and give them a better life.

The Senate had held an emergency session and by an overwhelming majority had accepted the recommendations of Sam Pelosi the big boss and the law has been incorporated and broadcast to all the subjects. Failure to divulge the thoughts at a particular time would entail the man being banished to the cold world in which he or she would be frozen in time and would not be able to move forward or back and would be transfixed inside a glass slab covered with ice. what is bread would be functioning awkwardly functioning and The person would be wondering what to do for the next two or three decades of his life.

The bill with accepted by the people and many of them found it thrilling to divulge their Innermost thoughts to the big boss. Some of them felt it was more like a confession to the priest in the Church.

Sam had a young gardener working in his house who looked after the fruit trees, plants, and flowers in his palatial orchard. This man stayed in a small house which has been given to him. The house faced his bedroom and the name of the gardener is Ronnie. He was only 25. extremely strong and well-built but not many knew that he was a man with a very fine and creative sense. He would read books in his spare time and many times in the middle of the night he would get up and look out of the window of his house which was about 200 pieces from the bedroom window of his boss.

One night Ronnie could not sleep and after spending some time reading Dante’s Divine Comedy went to the window of his living room and looked out. It was dark and the cold wind is blowing and the trees are swaying in the moonlight. He felt it was a very romantic moment and felt happy to be alive. He was looking for the day when he would be called to confess his thoughts by the big boss.

The window of Ronnie's house faced the bedroom of the boss and as he looked out he could see the window of Sam’s bedroom. It is not a small window but very big window; A Venetian window, a large tripartite window which is a key element in Palladian architecture.. As he looked out he could see the lights come on and he was witness to a beautiful girl standing framed in the window.

One look and he knew she was Sam’s requisition. He had seen her walking around in the garden and spoken to him and told him the trees to be pruned. He kept on looking, fascinated by the beautiful picture of a lovely girl in the window in the yellow light.

He wanted to pull away and then something happened that caught his attention. He saw the girl unbutton her blouse and pull it off her body. The Venetian window gave him a panoramic view. She doubled down and touched the floor of the room and Ronnie was witness to the girl’s physical characteristics.

He was a little mesmerized to see the girl now only in a brazier. It was a small one and he could make out that her bust was pretty small as well but that probably added to her allure. She did something else; it was a smooth movement as she unzipped her skirt which fell down at the feet and Ronnie could see that she was like a candy with an hourglass figure.

He just kept on looking for a long time. She looked like a framed painting and then slowly walked away. After that day the girl was always in Ronnie’s mind and he would get up every night and look at her as she came into the window she would repeat the same ritual and his pulse would beat so fast that he feared he would get a heart attack.

He continued for a few nights with his obsession as the girl took control of Ronnie’s mind. He began to desire this girl and she was in his thoughts all the time. A week passed and once again the girl is standing in the Venetian window looking out. This time she did something else, she shook her head and the hair fluttered and Ronnie could make out she wore a high-waist panty. Then the woman like a well-oiled machine smooth and sure put her thumbs in the elastic of her panty and slowly allowed it to slither to her ankles as she deftly picked it up with her foot and flung it away. She stood like Eve in the Garden of Eden. Staring at her, Ronnie felt close to God. Ronnie shuddered as a sixth sense warned him that she knew he was watching her. Yes, she was; he was absolutely sure because he had done a stupid thing he had forgotten to switch off the light in his room and she must have seen him.

What the heck is going on he thought; what if the boss calls me and asks me my inner thoughts, what do I tell him?

The girl stood in the window for a long time and Ronnie was witness to her beauty and in particular the delightful black curls on her mons. She was Aphrodite in person and `Ronnie was in a furious excited state. This was one woman he would like to make love to.

For the next three nights, the same ritual was repeated and now Ronnie kept the light on in his room. There was no doubt that the girl in the Venetian window could see him. She had watched him and she was doing all this because she wanted to have a relationship with him. Ronnie was sure about it and he jumped out of the window and began to walk towards the mansion.

As he walked there was a clash of thunder, lightning flashed across the sky and raindrops began to beat on the earth. He covered the short distance quickly and reached the window of the mansion. The girl saw him coming and she didn’t move away from the window and she did something which again made Ronnie’s heart pulsate with gusto; she pushed the glass door open and kept on looking at Ronnie, framed in the Venetian window which reached the earth.

She held out her hand and Ronnie entered. Her animal magnetism mesmerized him. Reason left Ronnie and passion took over as he glued his lips to the most esoteric part of the girl’s body. He kissed the soft curls and divorced the thighs slightly to get access to her womanhood.

 It was Hedonistic pleasure and after some time convulsions of the girl brought Ronnie to reality. He wanted to go on but then she pushed his head away and said in a stern voice, “ That’s enough”

Ronnie was surprised but she was the mistress and he didn’t want to create a problem so he just left. As he left he heard a short laugh and wondered what she meant.

The next day he saw a black car coming before his house and two men in blue uniforms came out they told him, “you Mr. Ronnie?”

“Yes sir”

“Mr. Ronnie you have to go to the Big Boss for him to read your mind and he wants to know what you’re thinking in your innermost thoughts. You’ll be given half an hour to relate accurately whatever is in your mind and if the boss is satisfied you will live otherwise you will go to the Cold Zone and live there as long as you’re alive.”

Ronnie got into the car for there was nothing much he could do and the automobile began to move forward. After half an hour’s drive it pulled up outside a grey-coloured building and he was taken inside. He could make out it was a large laboratory with big TV screens and other contraptions. He saw his boss standing there and he told him to come closer.

“Come here Ronnie,” he said.

Ronnie came closer and said,” sir I have come as desired by you.”

“My friend you’ve half an hour because midnight is approaching and that is the deadline fixed for you. I want to know your innermost thoughts. Tell me what is in your mind.”

Ronnie was tongue-tied. How could he tell the boss that all he was thinking of was the wife of the boss; the beautiful girl framed in the Venetian Window and his tasting her innermost secret. How could he tell the boss that he had been watching her for days and had carnal knowledge of her body?

What if he told the boss the truth, he would be angry, and what if he decided to send him into the Cold Zone and the double whammy was there what if he didn’t tell him and the boss knew that he had not told him? in the case he would still go into the Cold Zone.

Ronnie shuddered at the thought. It was like making a choice between the devil and the deep sea and he was wondering what to do, what to say.


The boss said, “ come on man, be quick. I have not yet decoded the computer so I don’t know what you’re thinking but I will and I want you to tell me the truth of what you’re thinking.”

Ronnie was wondering what he should tell the man. Should he tell him that he was fantasizing only about his wife? how would he take it?” He was silent for more than two minutes.

“Come on man,” Sam said, “out with your thoughts.”

Ronnie thought for a moment and then said,” sir I have something in my mind all the time”

“Good,” Sam said,” tell me what is this”

Ronnie said, “I don’t know how you will take it and I hope so you’re not angry but all my thoughts center around a woman who I saw standing and undressing before a large Venetian window.”

“Wonderful tell me who this woman is and what she was doing”

“She is a very beautiful woman and she would remove her clothes and look at me and I’d been watching her for almost 3 weeks and on the last day she undressed completely and I saw her. I saw her as God had created her.”

Sam smiled,” I’m glad man, you’re telling me the truth, now can you tell me who this woman is, and did you do anything to further your dream?”

Ronnie swallowed hard and said softly as possible, “ I had a chance to savor her with my lips.”

“Ha,” Sam laughed, “ who was she?”

“ Sir, she is your wife.”

At that moment Ronnie heard the thunder crash outside as it was the monsoon season and the rain had started. He saw Sam looking at him and he was sweating profusely.

“What the hell are you talking about man?”

Ronnie was silent for a moment and said, ‘Sir, that’s sad but it’s the truth and so I said it.”

“Don’t you know man that I’m going to send you to the Cold Store”

“But I have told you my inner feelings as required by you and Sir just correlate the information and let me go.”

“No man no ,” saying this Sam lunged towards Ronnie and grabbed him by his shoulders and began to push him towards a large capsule in the corner of the room; the canopy was open

“My man I’m going to send you to the Cold Store”


“Yes my man, I’m going to do it.”

Both the men neared the capsule but now Ronnie gathered his wits around him and then in one swift movement wrenched free and pushed Sam into the capsule. It was an automated capsule and the hood shut on Sam. Sam looked out of the window and shouted but he couldn’t do a thing because he knew he was going to the Cold Store.

Ronnie walked away sweating profusely. He was glad that Sam has been sent to the Cold store and now no other person would go to the cold store. He thought of the girl framed in the Venetian window but he didn’t want to go back and he reached the subway, caught the train and left never to return to the city.

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