I could help, but I didn't, because...

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Indigenous Sad Drama

A few hours ago, A plane that departed from Mumbai to Australia has been crashed and fell into the ocean.


The Dog; prowling the street.

When I wake up every morning, I ask myself a few questions throughout the rest of the day.

The first question: Where will it be? The second question: How long is it going to take?

The third: How much will it be?

The fourth: What will it be?

And the final question: Will it be?

It has been so long that I’m prowling the street since I woke up this morning and I can tell by looking at the sun that moved over at straight to my head. Yet I don’t have a single answer to one my of questions. Searching, searching and I keep on searching for food.

There are a few places I begin with my searching. First, the trash container that every street has around the corner. Twice a week, all the garbage from the trash container gets emptied and I got nothing except a wound by a sharp object in that so far.

Secondly, the butcher shop, a piece of scraps from cutting a lump of meat that won’t be enough considering the number of dogs along with me. Still, the shop hasn’t opened for the last three days, so I have to resort to the next place, the grocery store. All I have to do is to wait for the grocery supply van, which I can see in the distance approaching the grocery store.

The people inside the van carry the stocks into the store while making a mess by dropping fruits, vegetables, and others onto the ground. The store owner, as usual, will start to yell at the people carrying the stocks recklessly. The Door of the van opened and the people inside came out of the van, but they’re different people and they aren’t the ones who I see every day. The van leaves the grocery store and not a single item has dropped by them and the day gets from bad to worse.

Dehydrated, my throat all dries out and my legs start producing unsteady walks. I need to find a resting place before I go unconscious otherwise, my body gets burned from the heat of the ground. Finally, I found a resting place.

At last, the sun begins to fall and the heat of the ground turns down, but the hunger and dehydration in my body stayed still. I can barely open my eyes and there are grey dots on the ground, keep on multiplying its number. Drops of water, it’s raining, and I begin to ponder how to react to the raining. Whether I should be glad that I can finally have the chance to hydrate my body or get upset about that I won’t find a dry place to sleep tonight.

While I started to hydrate myself from a puddle of stagnating water, a man ran past me clutching something to his chest. I always watch him at night through the window of his house, his eyes always gaze upward towards at something while he eats. I don’t know what he was looking at, it’s mysterious, but honestly, I never cared about that. The only mysterious part I cared is about how can he manages to find food every day and the resting place that protects him from both the heat and the rain. In this street, I have been here for so long, yet I don’t know anything about how it works. Where did the people find food and why couldn’t I? Is it possible to have the things he has, one day?

Everywhere I find a wet place that soaked up by the rain and every time a breeze passes by, my whole body shivers extremely. The next day arrives, the light of the sun wakes me up and my body resumes the feel of hunger that had been interrupted by the sleep I had. Still, I couldn’t find food anywhere, but there is one place where I can sure find food, the garbage ground.

It’s a big place a large amount of garbage gets dumps in there, but it’s risky. I have to cross the street before the garbage ground, where crazy teenage kids would be in there. They just throw stones at us and I don’t know how, but they somewhat find fun in that, just by hurting us. I decided to go, crossed the street without any problem, and finally found food.

After I ate, I started moving my legs towards my street, and that’s when I encountered by the crazy kids. I ran fast and they started throwing rocks at me, and some of it thrashed my body so hard, especially the big rock at my head. At last, I reached my street with blood bleeding from my head and collapsed on the ground across the house of the man. I can see him barely through the window and I’m not sure but I think he looks at me.

The man; running in the rain.

Again another day where I failed to get a job from an interview. I’m running by the side of a road while clutching my bag to my chest because I didn’t want my certificates inside it to become wet. A couple of expensive cars has crossed me furiously, they drive here recklessly like on a racing track. I almost reached the house, a dog standing on my way drinking the rainwater on a puddle. I opened the door and entered the house.

I need to find a job otherwise, the money I had now for the backup will eventually evaporate soon. The size of this house makes me feel suffocating, but if it isn’t this small the rent of this place would be high and I can’t afford that. The food and its taste make me feel its better to die of starvation than to eat it, but if it isn’t for that I can’t live. I don’t know, should I be glad or get angry about it.

At night while eating, I sit by the window and watch the big house in the distance that is not too far or near to my sight. In that big house, I see a wealthy man with his wife and children spending their quality time. I see the house is filled with a wealth of joy, a wealth of peace, and a wealth of money flowing over. I wonder when that day would come where I’ll be like him. My thoughts are obsessed with tomorrow’s interview, that I must get the job no matter what by giving the best I could.

The next day, I woke up late and while getting ready for the interview with haste, something caught my eyes suddenly through the window. A dog with blood bleeding all over its head collapsed on the ground. Why did I stop? I know I’m getting late already, but… I ignored the dog and started to focus on getting ready.

I left the house and gave one last stare at the dog before I got past it. Some thoughts have invaded into my mind that the dog will surely die if it stays in that condition for a little longer.

I know I could help, but I didn’t, because I’m so desperate to get this job and I don’t want to make anything to be the cause of failure. Again, something occurs to my mind that even if I do have time, will I save the dog, considering the state of my financial situation?

Finally, what difference do I bring to this world, if I save it? I hope someone will come to help the dog.

Marching, by the side of the road, heading towards the bus stop and I hear an increasing sound at the back of my head in the distance. I turned back to see, a couple of cars crossed me at a lightning speed except the one that hits me and then flown away. My shirt has been soaked with my blood and a few minutes later, a car stops by. It’s the wealthy man in that big house.

The wealthy man; driving the car.

While I’m on my way to the airport, something caught my eyes suddenly and my legs hit the brakes. Someone fell down on the side of the road with blood all over their body. A few seconds later, my legs hit the accelerator and went my way to the airport. I know I could help, but I didn’t, because I must catch the plane on time. I hope someone will come to help the man.

June 13, 2020 03:57

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