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In the coolness of the night two tragic hearts intertwine trying to be entangled for all time. So many wounds to heal and mend, but there's no one close not even a friend. Trying to understand the atrocities of loveless pleasure infecting all of society. Tears fall some seen and unseen two tragic hearts living in this nightmare hoping it's just a dream. Hugs and kisses and embracing the warmth of another fractured soul comforts enough to Hope. Oh it would cost we have all paid, enduring the loss of mistakes made. To tragic hearts afraid to love and afraid to lose both lost and confused. Both stuck together so use to the abuse to seek out something new. So two tragic hearts they live side by side kissing and making love one day,arguing and saying goodbyes only to return with tears in their eyes realizing they're both two imperfect people trying to make something perfect consequently the effects of living in anxiety imprisoned by the depression of a dying world. Two tragic hearts forever hurting forever trying to numb away their wounds. So broken eyes swollen by the intoxicating fumes of the delusion they consume. Believing in their lies they tell each other so interlocked as they spiral down and out of control. So used to the bottom all they can do is look up to dream of better Days brings a smile upon their face. Two tragic hearts beating hard after the fights, the cries, the yelling, the lies. Don't leave they tell each other they reach out for each other to hold on to what little they've ever known. Two tragic hearts trying to Love in this loveless toxic fairy tail both trapped in their own hell as well as forever feeling alone. What coincides the drive inside of two tragic hearts destined for tragic romance to collide with reality such a tragedy and travesty they've come to know. So cold their views on the world around them so cynical so hypocritical two tragic hearts have become. Struggling day by day in the poverty of their addictions and afflictions trying to distract themselves from feeling the shame and pain of Insanity's hold. Two tragic hearts together trying to make the impossible possible all while dodging the inevitability, the lack of stability, credibility, furthermore outlines the insidiousness of their existence. Help me believe one cries out on the eve of a night of solitude only to be met with the stillness and silence of the midnight hour. Two tragic hearts yearning for salvation yet the indoctrination of their creation their beliefs of deserving their place amongst the unholy unwanted unloved snub by the world. So many questions run through their mind so many thoughts all at one time what terrors to tragic hearts must feel and feel they do and wish they didn't. Two tragic hearts wanting nothing more than to be understood valued, their voices heard amongst the wind blowing in the desert of nothingness. You can see them everywhere if you only looked but no one looks no one cares. Too busy in the hustling bustle of everyday trying to make a way with their minimum wage trying to reach their goals. Invested in their materialistic distractions unbeknownst to anyone how quickly they can become two tragic hearts. Instead the world slowly turns the world slowly Burns all the while the inhabitants of this dying Paradise have become selfish and driven by ego. Suddenly now and in a uniquely turn of events what no one could foresee two tragic hearts have become the heroes and the horror story of life. Can you hear the end of everything can you predict the unpredictable can you stop the unstoppable have you ever Loved someone who didn't love you.. have you ever hurt someone who never hurt you.. we all leave wounds throughout this journey to the grave. So unappreciative of the beautifulness and ugliness of the truth. So naively striving for the knowledge of Good and evil only to still be confused and given to folly. Pretending to be sane in this insanity is a creative way of avoiding the image in the mirror staring back at all of you. Ever considered what prompts you to get up from the bed in the morning to face the day to face the unknown knowing we know nothing but pretending we know everything this is why we've all in a way become tragic hearts beating in the majesticness of silence. The phrase has become chivalry is dead it is not dead it's just tired of being used abused discarded like yesterday's trash. The morals of today hold no value to what we seek the morality has all but vanished like the concept of love delegated to fairy tales and Myths.. some say love is hard to find but when they find it they're emotional immaturity sabotages which they crave so they declare it dead before they know. How foolishness has become the humorous hubris of the youth. The shredding of our dignity our intimacy has become loveless acts of pleasure yeah we're oblivious to the Oblivion awaiting us all. So much is gone already so much is unretrievable even the memories of yesterday are fading away with time like tears in the rain we've all become. Slaves to the corporations that has deceived us, blinded as they miss lead, us manipulate us, seduces us, into something controllable, manageable, disposable. Consumers of their supplies forever at the bottom fighting amongst ourselves for the crumbs off their table. You see so it's easily taken for granted passing by the future you standing there with that blank stare that look of confusion and depleted of strength and the willpower to resist giving up on feeling love unconditional love it's something we never knew. So we go on posting stories of fake lives we live the projection of happiness oh how we all become unpaid actors in this show called life. Or if we just get a few likes a few views it'll get us through our day. That's the sadness that's the nightmare that's become our everydays. Two tragic hearts is a story easily of me and you.

September 23, 2023 05:17

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