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I look into the high tech device and check on the time. 

It was 10 o'clock in the morning if anyone gives a damn. 

For me however I was literally astounded about the phenomenon that I even was getting rather emotional. 

This was a time machine I have in my possession. 

I was lost of words where anyone would even with their scientific professional. 

What I thought was just any regular old Rolex watch turned out to be a getaway of time itself. 

'I wonder how far I can go,' I said to all to myself. 

I only just dialed the clock back to 10am unknowingly. 

Maybe I can try going forward in the next morning. 

I next turn the dial from the side of the watch the other way anticipating something to happen. 

And wouldn't you know it the dang thing worked like a charm as it bought me forward with the same fashion. 

This was a true discovery and I was wondering why the mysterious man left it for me in my pawn shop. 

Maybe he saw greatness in me or maybe he knew i wanted to see my old pop. 

Either way, I really should be thanking him. For my life as of lately has been rather dim. 

I'm just your typical and regular cleark, no one really special. 

Unless you think of a half-orc is something of a skeptical. 

Anyways enough about me. 

Instead, let's talk about this out of this world watch that made my face full of glee. 

How was this even made? 

Did the stranger invented such a thing before he fade? 

Questions within my mind made my head wonder. 

Why was I given such a great power? 

Was I destined for aomething? 

Or did the man just give me this out of nothing? As I ponder all of this, someone was shouting my name. 

"Hey Zoash, you doing okay there?" asked a voice of a dame. 

I didn't respond for I was in deep thought. 

The voice continues more anxiously: "Zoash, you big log!! Are you doing alright?" 

Again, I didn't reply for the obvious reason. 

I could simply stand here with my thoughts for the rest of the fall season. 

Suddenly I felt my body shake. 

Someone was really trying to get my full attention for their sake. 

Eventually I was back to reality and found the person who was non-stop shaking me. 

It was nothing other than my best friend Carie. 

Once I had finally focus my eyes on her, I could tell she was extremely worried. 

I quickly shook my head and gave her my best smile. "I'm doing alright, Carrie; thanks for asking," I reply with hopefully some reassurance.

I next responded without skipping a beat: "Everything is okay; sorry to worry you, I hope I wasn't any high maintenance." 

Carie's brown eyes then settled as she relax her body. 

"You ought never to do that to me again, you hear Ash?" demanded my dear friend as she stood with her arms crossed waiting for another reply.

I chuckled to myself before responding: "You got it, Carie."

It also astounding me how my friend is for she is truly amazing.

I thank God everyday I have her in my life. 

Any guy will be lucky to have her as a wife.

Seriously for a human, Carie was a true beauty.

Sure, you had other women who were pretty too but nothing compared to anyone this caring.

My friend looks at me with look and goes: "Zoash, I'm serious."

I replied with a nod: "Nice to meet you Serious, I'm spontaneous."

Frustratingly, Carie says with a sarcastic tone: "Haha, you're so funny."

Amused, I would find: "you're cute when you get mad, honey."

"Don't honey me," my friend demands as well as suggest.

I shrugged and replied: "Sorry I couldn't resist."

Carie then shakes her head as she brings a smile upon her face.

I too smile as we then embrace.

After our warm hug, I replied: "I've discovered something."

With curiosity written on her face, Carie responds: "Is this why you you seemed distracting?"

I nodded while replying: "That is correct; it is why I was in deep thought."

She then goes: "What kind of thing makes think of the sort?"

Then I realized that if I explained there will be dire consequences.

Events that will take effect into the timeline, either good or bad sequences. 

My thoughts were lingering once again.

Carie looks at me as if she can see anything she can gain. 

She gave up and asked with her hands on her hips: "What is it?"

I blinked a stare and I can see that she was in a fit. 

"Sorry my dear," I replied.

"Aren't you going to tell me what is it that you discover?" she responded.

I shook my head while saying: "That's classified information."

She then goes: "Well I guess you in some kind of secret organization."

I shrugged: "You can say that."

Eventually our conversation ended there; we gave our farewells by her cursty and me bowing as I lifted my imaginary top hat.

That was a close one I said to myself as my brow was sweating to the tee.

I then checked the time and it was 10:15.

I might as well head back to my own timeline thinking to myself as I dialed the watch towards my way.

Before I activate the button I looked around just to make sure that I was in the clear from any stare. 

Once I knew I was safe I pressed the trigger and was sent back to where I originate. 

I look at the watch as I admire it for this was something that I appreciate.

With all the things that come and gone through my store, this one takes the cake. 

Whoever had design This was a genius of the make. 

As of today I am a time traveler.

One who will go back or forward through time and might be the world's savior.

This is a great responsibility I have in my possession.

I may only hope that it achieves any succession.

Literally only time will tell what will become of me. 

Right now I can just simply sit unto my favorite seat and could use a cup of tea.

October 28, 2022 23:00

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