"I don't know what winter is all about, exactly, but I have seen snow. I'll never forget that day in April when you began to bloom next to me in Adelaide's garden. I had fully bloomed, standing tall and firm, but naturally turning my bright yellow flower downwards so I could see you come up. And there you were, not yet fully blossomed but I could see the raspberry pink color of your flower just starting to make its way through your green coat. But today, you were collecting snowflakes, as was I. It only made you more splendid and courageous. It was a light snow and it lasted for only a few minutes. Hours later the sun was out and there you stood, the snow turned to water on your bud. How I love watching you grow beside me. Tulip?"

"Yes, Daffodil."

"Do you think we'll ever bloom at the same time so we can spend a little more time together?"

"It's doubtful Daff, Mother Earth has us bloom just a few weeks apart, just on opposite ends of Earth Day."

"How come?"

"Because it offers more beauty and color and time for people to enjoy us."

I know tulip, but sometimes we bloom closer in time and that is when I am the happiest."

"Me too, Daff. Me too."


"Yes Daff."

"Did you ever wish you were another color?"


"How come?"

"Daff, you have to understand Mother Earth. She plans out beauty and magnificence in every season. You're bright yellow, some of your family is light yellow, or partly orange or even a light pink! How cool is that?"

But Tulip, think of all the colors you guys get to bloom in! Yellow, red, pink, purple, orange, and all different shades and mixes! You're really happy being the same shade of pink each year?"

"Yes Daff. And you know why?"

"Because you're beautiful?"

"Because I'm beautiful."

"And I'm beautiful too, aren't I Tulip?"

"As beautiful as the brightest sun in a clear blue sky!"

"Yes, and as bright as a beautiful lemon that grows on the tree outside Adelaide's kitchen!"


"Mother Earth's is smart!".

"Mother Earth is the best."

"Is today Earth Day, Tulip?"

"It is. And on Earth Day the humans will help Mother Earth to be even more beautiful! They'll pick up trash and plant trees, go for walks, and try to keep the Earth healthy and Mother earth happy."

"Like when they planted you and me. Together."



"Yes, Daff."

Nobody will pick us today, will they?"

"Oh no, today is Earth Day, and we're tied to the Earth. Not today, sweet Daff."

"Good. I don't want to be picked, unless you got picked with me."

"Yes, well, that has happened before, hasn't it?"

"Tell me that story again Tulip!"

"It was about three years ago. A little boy dressed in a baseball shirt and worn out blue jeans walked to the park next to Adelaide's house, do you remember?"

"I do. But he was sad."

"He was sad because his mother was sick and in the hospital. She was an otherwise very healthy young woman, but she had been diagnosed with cancer."

"Because of where she grew up?"

"Yes. The little boy's mother grew up in a house that had something called asbestos in it, but they never knew it."

"So she got lung cancer."

"She got lung cancer. If her family had known about the asbestos in the house, it could have been removed and saved her life."

"On Earth Day?"

"On any day, Daffodil."

"And that's why the little boy was so sad."

"Yes. And he couldn't think of a way to make his mother happy until he got to the park...'

"...and saw all the daffodils and tulips!"

"But not before he spotted us in Adelaide's garden."

"Then he quietly stepped into the garden and snatched us up!"

"He sure did, but Adelaide rapped on her window and scared the poor dear off."

"How funny."

"But not for the little boy. So he ran from her house clutching you and me to give to his mother."

"I guess I should have felt sad that I got picked, but I wasn't. I was happy I could make the little boy happy and make his mom smile when she saw the flowers."

"But do you remember what happened next?"

"When he crossed the street to the park?"


"How many kids were there?"

"Twenty-five children from his 4th grade class and they each had..."

"...big bunches of daffodils and tulips overflowing from their grip..

"As much as they could hold, Daff and they yelled to the boy, Timothy."

"They yelled, 'Timothy, look what we picked for your mom!'

"They did and they all began to giggle and break out in twinkles and dimples as they ran over to greet Timothy."

"And Timothy was so happy! And you know what, Tulip? I was happy, too."

"All of us were happy. And it couldn't have happened if Mother Earth wasn't taken care of with all our beautiful blooms!"

"So sometimes, it's okay to get picked."

"Sometimes it is."

"Did Timothy's mom die?"

"No Daff. The story has a happy ending. She got better and watches Timothy play baseball in the park. He is 12 and the best pitcher on his team. Each time, before his first pitch, he says, 'It's another strike for you mom!'

"I like that story."

"It's a great story, and I'm happy we were a part of it."

"Why did her house have asbestos?"

"Because it was built in the 1940's. But the good news is, they don't use it anymore."

"So no moms can get cancer from it!"

"The environment is an important part of Earth Day and now, Timothy's mom is healthy again.


"Yes, Daff."

"I love it when we bloom together. Even that April when Mother Earth got mixed up and covered us with soft, melting snow flakes."

"Me too, Daff. Me, too."

April 24, 2022 20:19

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Jj Robinson
18:56 Apr 25, 2022

A sweet story for children on Earth Day


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L. Maddison
06:43 May 05, 2022

This is a really sweet story. I think it would work well with illustrations too. The references to Earth day are a good discussion opener.


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Ada Lovelace
08:54 May 01, 2022

I love Daff, such a sweetheart. You brought TEARS to my eyes. An old woman doesn't see stories like this so much anymore, I remember asbestos well. Good luck to you Jj!


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