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The saying opposites attach spoke Volumes about the odd relationship of Mathew Tompson and Donovan Dinozzo.They were polor opposites. one up for anything, the other perfected it be just them or alone. One always causing mischief the other setting it right. It had been that way since the first day they had meet. In middle school some of other kids even used to tease them and ask them how they could be friends because they were so different. This use to offense Donvon who would then spend the rest of recess and break terrorizing them. The unbelievable loyalty that Donovan had to Mathew made school and life barrabel. They talked everything life through at them as a team Donvon the skilled speaker and natural charm ellegently got them through situations pertaining to people while Mathew handel, logistics, money and assignments. Truely the perfect team.

    Mathew didn’t come from the best of homes and did his best to fly under the rader. Donovan never allowed that, dragging him physically into two groups and events that looked good on paper. By the time they had entered high school Mathews resume looked like that of a bright outgoing young man. When in reality he was the bright he was not outgoing. An when horrorstuck senior year and they were no longer in the same classes, they made it work unlike some people they knew. They made every attempt to spend time together. Then a question that changed some minor details came into play. Donovan’s friend asked what his sexuality was, saying that he wanted to take him out on a date. The two had there date but settled as friends. While it out knew feelings into Donvons heart. An for the first time in his life he liked the words to talk to his friend. It was awkward and confusing. 

     Matthew had taken notice to his absence and thought it was a fault on his part. Fumbling for an excuse to see his friend he purchased two tickets to the local fair. Lying, he told his friend he won them. Donvon agreed to go trying to get up the guts to tell Mathew that he wanted to go out. However part of the year that Matthew would reject him and never want to speak to them again that’s ending there 13 year friendship. His stomach twisted in anticipation and dread. 

     The day of the event Donvon shows up at Matthews house as he had 1000 times only this time he was terrified. As he talked to his mom he wondered if she would ever speak to him again, or what his own mother would say. He knew Mathews estranged father would not like it. With H thought he wanted to run from the house and never return. Thankfully he stayed and waited it out. Mathew ran downstairs drug him out of the house and marched down the street forgetting to release his friends hand. Donvon watched happily.

“So, you been feeling okay?” Mathew said giving him a soft look.

“ yeah why?”

“ you’ve been acting kind of funny,” Matthew said with a shrug.Dovon did his best to play it off. “Just kinda stressed school and stuff” he said fumbling fir his usual cool.

As they were playing the water gun clown game a group of guys from school walked up and normally Donovan would’ve stayed and chatted but today he politely exscused them by saying he was starving. Leading Mathew over to the food he fumbled with emotions. The school and town weren’t exactly the most otlernet people.

“What’s wrong?”


“Dude please tell me” Mathew said pushing one last time before he began to sulk. “Alright it just so complicated” Donvon yelled trying to talk over the call cacophony of sounds; people where calling out to each other, corn was popping and the frier was raging fries and donuts sizzling away. Mathew did his best to listen to him over the noise.

 “Oh, if you tell me maybe I can help” Mathew said with a smile hoping to help his friend who just smied back weakly his tan black eyes saddening. As he tried to come up with the right words only for the man behind him to tap his shoulder signaling that they were next in line. “Whatcha hungry for?” Donovan said examining the mini board quickly deciding upon a corn dog drink. Relaying the information he watched his friend study the board for a moment before asking for funnel cake. Happily they left with there greasy fried food and for a moment Donvon thought he was off the hook.  

     As they eat there fired food goodness a gay couple set down at the table across from them. This made Donvon smile, he wanted that but there was so much trust and love at stake. Was it greedy to want more from him? What dovin did notice was Mathew waving at them. The boys walked over asking them to take there picture. After a few snakes of ther ephone camera they were done. Before they head of one of them made a comment on what a cute young couple they were. Donvons whole face had turned red. While Mathew’s eyes went wide. “No, we’re just best friends, I mean I’ve never even had a boyfriend of girlfired” he mumbled then realize he had been talking out loud and look even more embarrassed than Donovan. The couple chuckled. “Have fun” they said disappearing into the crowd.

Awkwardly they looked at eachother.

“You know we would make a good couple” Mathew said taking a seat with a laugh. He took a piece of food and looked away in thought. Donvon however frazzled replied.

 “Yea we would” Mathew played with his nachos as Donvon found his nerve.the words that followed were long and hard to say. 

“You know how people go out then hate eachothers guts” Dovon asked nervously fidgeting with his hair.


“If we went out we’d remain cool right?” He said trying to sound hypothetical. “Tottaly” MAthew replied with a smile. “Wanna give it a try?” Donovan smiled. “You read my mind”

“Does this mean were boyfriends?”

“Yes but still best friends, why change the tittle” Mathew said kissing Donvons cheek quickly before he exited the truck. “Text me,” he said running inside.  With in a moment Donvons phone went off. “Love you best friend” he said over the pinging sound of game targets.

July 27, 2021 06:11

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06:08 Aug 10, 2021

Very good


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Charlie Murphy
15:47 Aug 03, 2021

What a sweet story!


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Crystal Lewis
02:10 Aug 02, 2021

It’s a nice little story you wrote so well done. :) However, please, please make sure to spell check because some of the errors here were quite jarring and took me away from enjoying the story as much.


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