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New York City!! Wow! What a metropolis. The city that never sleeps. I walked down the street and looked at the native New Yorkers and thought " what a city" I could buy a watch off a guy that had them inside his long coat, all displayed, with price tags and everything. I mean where else could you get a " blinged" out Rolex for about fifty bucks. It might not tell time,but hey, it looked like a Rolex. Although I was told a real Rolex has a second timer that just floats around the face, a fake one, a tick tock effect. It would look pretty good, but would a real Rolex look better? I think so.

I ran into a couple with a big bag of meat from the grocery store they said to me,"half price" I said "no thanks" then went shopping, to the tune of, two hundred and fifty dollars and some cents. I kind of thought twice,when,I saw the same couple outside another block down, me, with my two little two hundred and fifty dollar grocery bags. It just doesn't pay to be honest does it? Yes, it does. I convinced myself that the reason my groceries were so expensive was because of " those people". The ones that highjacked the stores and looted them. Underneath their six layers of clothing went countless items. Out the door of the store went carts full of unpaid items.

I met a girl in the pub I go to once. She asked for a ride home. I obliged, and she promptly asked me, if I could stop at the grocery store,for some milk and bread to take home. I never thought twice of it. UNTIL she came out, I opened the side of my van, she put her items in, closed the door. BOOM, there was security from the store, " oh GOD no" I breathed. Sure enough, she used her bank card and the card was declined, with out her knowledge( so she said). She didn't get charged, but I still wonder to this day if she is a shoplifter or not. I guess, you really need to look at people and see who they are, by their actions sometimes or else, forever be a Putz.

I saw a shoplifter once. She had a baby carriage, and was feeding her baby Ritz crackers, out of a box from the store. She put all her items underneath her stroller and walked out. I kept my mouth shut, since it was diapers and stuff. Where I come from we have organizations, that provide that stuff, for people, who can't afford it. Obviously this woman, could not provide for her little one this day.

Yesterday I walked from my little flat in Manhattan, right into a car full of guys. They yelled " wanna come ride in our G Ride". I said "no thanks" . They howled and drove off. I found out later, that a G Ride, is a stolen car. I thought it was the name of the car they were driving. Like, wanna ride in my mustang type of invitation. Good thing I declined, I might of been arrested.

Another time in my little laundry mat in the building, a man had a washer, one of those you use under a bolt or something. He was standing it down to go in the coin slot, apparently it was quite a penny saver when it came to wash time. He said to me ," you ain't the super or the landlord are ya". I said ,"nope"and threw my laundry in, left, went to my flat then, came and gave him a buck in quarters. He said " thanks" and kept sanding away. I laughed at myself. A dollar poorer and the laundry facilities, a dollar out no matter what. Oh well, I really though he must of needed laundry that day. "Pay it forward" I always say. I don't think he was the type to pay it forward, but, "good deed for the day" another one of my sayings.

One time, at home I went to buy a newspaper, and a young man was pushing a round,coin shaped, magnet on a string, into the paper change container. Another entrepreneur, I guess. He managed to get my loonie out, before I could get about three steps away. "Thanks lady" he laughed at me. I barked "whatever" back at him. Why the newspaper places must be robbed like this quite often, I surmised. By the looks of the price, of them in Canada. I still kind of get a little miffed when I remember that episode with the magnet on the string unplugging the coins out from the machine. The way he picked mine right out after. I may as well pretended he was the paper boy, for all the good it did me,to pay for the darn thing, and just gave him the darn dollar.

Louis Vuitton. Who doesn't want a Louis Vuitton, for three hundred bucks. The things are serial numbered and I would die of embarrassment if I ever carried such a pricey bag, and had someone find out it was a stolen bag. I think I'll just stick to my Value Village cheapies.

Knock offs. Well, what do you think of a bag that says Prada on it but Prada didn't make it. I think that it's not nice to Prada. That's it. Just not nice to Prada.

In my twenty years on earth I have worked hard and, I must say, had morals compromised but I stay true to my " fly the right way standards. Without being a prude, it's my right to be honest.

Then again, when you see the prices of things it makes you wonder. Just how much are we paying for the wanna buy a watch set, and the knock offs ect., as consumers?

Ill just keep plugging away, buying my food at the grocery store. If I can ever afford a Rolex I'll buy one. Until then my Timex keeps on ticking. Tick tocking, around the face. My Kathy bag I bought at the GoodWill, it's functionable. I will buy my newspapers and put the proper amount in before extracting a paper, I could take two, but I won't. I look myself in the mirror and I'm okay. Your okay with you. I'm okay with me. The end

August 09, 2022 03:35

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