Mystery Inspirational Urban Fantasy

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

As the storm raged outside in Cabot Cove, I found peace from a crackling sounds by the fire, savoring the witching hour and the soft raindrops on the siding.

I have a personal story named “Raven-Wolf” to share with you. In it,

I have long, vivid blue/green hair, fair skin, and mesmerizing purple hour-glass eyes.

Through my specialization in three classes - high-elf priestess, blood-hunter, and druid - I have honed my skills in various roles.

Carrying myself with grace, I radiate a cold and immortal aloofness, exhibiting an imperious attitude. My profession is journalism, with a specialization in understanding mysterious criminal behavior.

While sleep was beckoning me, I started to drift off in my comfortable armchair, only to be startled awake by the spooky noises.

Out of nowhere, my old friend “Hades” showed up in ghostly form, or some might argue, was visited by a spirit, and wiped my eyes to help me see better. (No, I wasn’t hallucinating!) because it was whispering to me saying: {Raven-Wolf, help someone is trying to kill me!}

When morning came, I found myself in my snug armchair, with a muddled memory of conversing with “Hades,” added more logs to the fireplace, and made my way to the kitchen to brew a cup of coffee.

A loud bang startled me, “Shit,” causing me to laugh, and then the unexpected voice of “Hades” came through the phone.

Holy fuck, I informed “Hades” that he had scared me and was about to provide an explanation, but “Hades” interrupted me right then. Believe it or not, there is a plot to kill “Hades”!”

Using to come with events that shape characters: Consider the Stanley Hotel’s eerie rooms, including the well-known Stephen King Suite 217, the preferred room 401 for Ghost Hunters, and rooms 407 and 428 known for their paranormal activity. These are the rooms that we receive the most requests for. Availability is restricted. This is a guide line to create my story.

Determine the ideal point in Hades to unveil the character’s backstory. this based on the old Stanley Hotel’s historical histories.

When maintaining a vivid narrative with backstory, it’s worth bringing up the 1920s incident in Room 217. Due to a gas leak, a devastating explosion occurred, resulting in the destruction of the second floor above the main dining hall and leaving chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson fighting for her life. Finally, she made a complete recovery and went back to her job, where she stayed until her passing at 90 years old, in her Estes Park home.

Keep backstory connected to current choices and actions: Hades is a {Vampire}, Heart-dragon spear, blades, vampire-blood, display the strengths and weaknesses of a vampire. Attire; Some of the traits are immortality, fearlessness, mysticism, and dreaminess, whereas weaknesses include dead-man’s blood, bluntness, and garlic. Blade, with his long black hair, red eyes, porcelain skin, and an ear piercing, is unique as he can walk in the sunlight while most vampires burn.

The Shining gains authenticity from its supernatural elements, which are inspired by a real haunting in Colorado. The Stanley Hotel in Colorado, with its haunted background, provided the inspiration for The Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Unsurprisingly for residents of Colorado, The Stanley Hotel made it to No. 5 on the list of the most haunted hotels in the United States. Yet, the ghostly legends had originated long before King’s book. Over 100 years ago in 1909, the hotel first opened its doors in Estes Park. Oct 9, 2023. According to hearsay, the Lord used to hide in the closet and gaze at the nannies who occupied the room in the initial years of the hotel. The room is deemed so creepy by hotel staff that it scares away certain individuals.

Use Cabot Cove as the setting for the character’s background, while incorporating familiar places such as 333 Wonder View Avenue in Estes Park, Colorado.

The Ghost Tour that influenced The Shining and Ghost Adventurers.

Quote: To no Coloradan's surprise, The Stanley Hotel made the list at No. 5 as one of the most haunted hotels in the country. However, the ghost stories started long before King's novel. The hotel is in Estes Park where it originally opened over 100 years ago in 1909. Oct 9, 2023.
In incorporating backstory while maintaining a vivid narrative, it’s worth mentioning the 1920s incident in Room 217. A gas leak triggered a powerful explosion, obliterating the second floor above the main dining hall and leaving Elizabeth Wilson, a chambermaid, fighting for her life. In the end, she recovered completely and returned to her job, which she continued until her death at 90, in her Estes Park home. Oct 1, 2019.
These facts are sourced from famous authors, television shows, and Ghost Adventures @Zak_Bagans.

I just remembered, “Hades” mentioned that there is a plan to kill “him” for his manuscript!

Before saying goodbye, “Hades” requested: {Can you come visit me in “Castle Rock”?

It was likely mid-morning at that point, sitting next to the comforting fireplace, wondering what Raven-Wolf should do: go or stay? In that instant, “Raven-Wolf” packed her things and made her way to “Castle Rock.”

Once I reached my room, I swiftly opened the door, dropped my bags, and eagerly began reading the contents of the envelope. During the murder investigation, “Raven-Wolf” acts as the investigator, while “Luna, {Spirit-Walker},” assumes the role of the prosecutor. Having collaborated on previous cases and successfully solving cold cases, she has become a trusted ally. 

“Raven-Wolf” reviewed the message in the envelope and studied the {fingerprints-first clue,} after speaking to “Luna {Spirit-Walker}.”

During the evening, as I was putting things away and feeling famished, I called for room service. However, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about the urgent letter sent by “Hades”!

Another night of restlessness for “Raven-Wolf” as she thought she was losing her mind, hearing the supernatural gibberish of “Hades.”

I woke up to an early morning and went through my regular routine. As “Raven-Wolf,” I went to the restaurant and began reading the newspaper, only to discover the tragic news of my friend “Hades” being brutally murdered.

Right then and there, Luna, who goes by the name “Spirit-Walker,” emerged and became the prosecutor. She took a seat and immediately launched into a discussion about the case.

“Raven-Wolf” quickly identified a discrepancy in the crime scene photo. Some were to gruesome to mention.

Next to the lifeless body of “Hades” was where the manuscript’s opening was uncovered. The second clue was found in the envelope, consisting of a significant message written with {fingerprints}. Was only part of the body that could be identified.

Not even Luna or the officer in charge noticed Raven-Wolf as she quietly took the envelope and manuscript.

While looking at the envelope, Raven-Wolf noticed a smudged fingerprint in the corner, which held a clue that couldn’t be unveiled to Luna {Spirit-Walker} yet.

“Raven-Wolf” is assembling the murder board, showcasing “Luna, {Spirit-Walker},” and presenting the urgent letter written by “Hades.”

“Raven-Wolf” analyzed the murder board and recognized a standout picture that she knew was the third clue. By consolidating all the evidence, she uncovered the person responsible for her friend’s death, “Hades.”

Raven-Wolf, a close friend of Hades, was the one who solved the murder mystery, finding clues left behind by the victim.

The drives behind Hades’ plan to be murdered can be unveiled through the following secrets.

We are introduced to the main character and the circumstances they usually find themselves in. It’s important to establish the baseline of their ordinary life and the world they occupy before delving into the heart of the story.
To make justice possible, the main character must get new knowledge. The process of learning involves a change within oneself, which can be achieved. The coveted object the protagonist has been seeking is unveiled as evil or damaging.
Main Characters: The cast of characters features Raistlin (Mage), Gold-Moon (Elf-Sorceress), Blade (Vampire), Raven-Wolf (Druid-Cleric), Tasslehoff (Karakorum-Warlock), Luna, and Spirit-Walker.
The “Flaming Blue Arrow” is also known as the “Raven’s Bone” and symbolizes social order and justice.
In the story, Raven-Wolf is an investigative journalist/criminalist. The plot delves into the horrifying and gruesome aspects of the human mind. The narrative unfolds in the calm woods with the slaying of “Hades,” and the watcher, also known as “Raven’s Eye over the Dead,” carries a dead letter.
Deep beneath the Netherlands, that was hidden away. A dead letter holds the hidden truth about mythological creatures.
Stay relaxed, keep your coffee nearby, and be sure to return.
In the Netherlands, Raven-Wolf, Blade, Luna, and Raistlin are celebrated as they return with precious treasure and invaluable wisdom.
It’s relief that the Hero’s journey is over and they can go home. Having completed their expedition, they come back as a different individual, having undergone personal growth and maturation.
In the journey of resurrection, they may learn that their initial desires were not their true necessities - by abandoning those desires, they encounter Luna Spirit-Walker and gain a profound insight into the real significance of mythical creatures’ lives.

Our arrival at the crime scene was uneventful, and we had no immediate plans to become involved. However, “Raven-Wolf,” who possesses vast knowledge in journalism and a specialization in deciphering criminal behavior, couldn’t resist being intrigued by the display of violence and gore.

The crime scene was gruesome. Someone really did not like “Hades! The extensive mutilation of the body left no other option but to rely on fingerprints for identification.

Drawing attention to the chief, referred to as “Raven-Wolf,” with important information about missed evidence and a clue relevant to the “Hades” case. Furthermore, “Hades” was reluctant to unveil his true essence, and indeed, obscenities came to mind!

Fuck, the only voice that “Raven-Wolf” heard was a familiar voice, whispering, and the words were not nice. I need you to reply, the voice said: {it’s “Hades,” I know it’s fucking confusing talking to a spirit,} “Raven-Wolf,” let’s have a conversation!

While it may seem like “Raven-Wolf” is talking to herself, that’s not actually what’s going on. Notable individuals like Zachary Alexander Bagans  actively researching and providing scientific proof for the existence of spirits, ghosts, and the supernatural.

Following my departure from the crime scene, sleep called my name, inquiring if “Luna {Spirit-Walker}” had located me. We ventured to a cozy inn nearby, away from the commotion, before eventually making our way back to Castle Rock.

At the moment we stepped out of the inn, a gust of wind swept past me. We both paused abruptly. What the {fuck,} just happened? Both of us locked eyes and discovered an envelope with our names on it positioned on the window’s surface.

As “Raven-Wolf” entered the car, “Luna {Spirit-Walker}” asked a question that deviated from the norm. “Luna” had a message for “Raven-Wolf” regarding “Spirit-Walker,” who can sense other spirits and recognized that the spirit following them was “Hades.”

The presence of “Raven-Wolf” staying silent and listening made the car ride interesting. A slight smile appeared, but “Luna” didn’t notice it - a good thing, thought Raven-Wolf to herself! We finally made it to Castle Rock, exchanged goodbyes, and went our separate ways, saying goodnight.

Just as Raven-Wolf was about to fall asleep, a puff of smoke filled the room, and she saw Hades in all his glory.

Fuck, “Hades,” said: {you did it, “Raven-Wolf! “Raven-Wolf” was taken aback when she heard the phrase “I did it” - what did she do? Seemingly lost and perplexed, I had to pause briefly to make sense of it, then “Raven-Wolf” asked: {how can I perceive your form?}

You’ll find an envelope under the door. Inside, there’s a manuscript titled “Hades” by an unknown author. Moreover, there is an image of the killer, Luna, also recognized as Spirit-Walker.

“Luna,” the Spirit-Walker, confirmed that she was “Raven-Wolf” and admitted to being the perpetrator behind the murder of your friend “Hades.” Her only desire was to obtain the manuscript. “Luna {Spirit-Walker}” was the name associated with the murder case. “Raven-Wolf,” it’s high time you turned in the murderer, no matter what.

Even as Hades prepared to leave for another plane, his words, “Thank you for avenging my death and keeping my manuscript hidden,” will remain etched in my memory.

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Timothy Rennels
13:28 May 26, 2024

The blue inserts assured my confusion


Kathy Frizzell
15:40 May 26, 2024

I included quotes in the writing in Blue to attribute the information to its sources, and the manuscript in the story is entirely fictional. https://www.stanleyhotel.com/stanleyexperiences.html, quote 1. https://vocal.media/writers/discovery-of-lost-manuscript.


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