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Black Coming of Age Sad

We brought two plants that day rosemary and lavender. My name is Nadine. My four sisters Lola, Janna, Esther, Agnes and I are always texting on our group text.

I texted……Morning 💞 Sitting outside eating breakfast yesterday 😋. Next thing I know Jordan, Nora, Manda and I are planting seeds. Took a trip to a landscape nursery and Lowes. Just finding out yesterday was National Garden Day made it O so sweet!

NATIONAL GARDENING DAY - April 14, 2022 - National Today

Agnes texted……

Good morning besties, also yesterday was reach as high as you can day. You know me, the sky is my limit. Now I see they have all kind of thing going on, sometimes more than one 🤔. Love you besties and stay safe, My tulips are blooming and I love my little mini Florida exhibit.🙏☮️❤️👏😂

Lola texted……Good morning lovely sisters.  I'm on my way to get turkey wings.                  Nadine, sure eating breakfast outside was enjoying, I'll pretend I was there with you. 😊 , Agnes I'm sure your tulips are beautiful. Everyone have a great blessed day. I love you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😷🙏🏽🪴

I texted……Thanks Lola! Agnes I'm glad you now see they have all kind of things going on. I only shared cause I thought it was something we all had in common. 🤔 you know gardening.

Agnes texted….Nadine , I had plan to post this yesterday when I heard it on TV, I was like wow, everyday it's a day for something. Not trying to post one better or even over yours. I am sharing as well as you. Isn't it great to agree to disagree. Got that from a TV commercial. Stay in peace my besties.🙏☮️.

That’s when I texted Agnes personally.

Agnes texted……Sharing Nadine’s text she sent to me alone. What is the secret to how one feel in a group text.  Love you Nadine.☮️


Agnes texted ……Not following you Nadine, maybe because I am rushing to work, are you upset with all caps?

I texted……DON'T RUSH! Just relax😌I deeply apologize Lola, Janna and Esther. I tried to keep it between Agnes and me. Have a great evening sisters💕

Agnes texted……All I need to know Nadine is what have I done to cause our misunderstanding. We always texted in our group and I feel any miscommunication should be addressed within the text. If I said anything offensive, share please. Ladies have a good evening.🙏☮️❤️

 Agnes texted…… Good morning besties, now Nadine I have actually seen what you posted yesterday. I have to address it. What make you think I am a hater. What I am hating on? Is this all coming from me posting about the national reach high after you posted your national gardening post. Nadine I’m just shocked to see how there were more than one going on . I always here a national something almost every day. Now I asked you to share what made you upset and you did not. Do not let the devil destroy our sisterhood. I am available to talk to you alone and work it out. Your post was obscure to me. Off today and if I knew what rest is, this would be today. Stay in peace besties.☮️☮️☮️☮️☮️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️The post that I am saying was obscure is the one with Jamie Lee Curtis.

I really don’t understand why Agnes loves making me feel she doesn’t care for me. No I don’t want to accept the fact. I believe she just following suite.

 Okay let’s talk about my older sister Janna. We live in the same state. Lola and Agnes lives in another. Esther lives further down. In the past she would go visit Lola and Agnes. Drives pass my house without ever dropping by cause she’s in the neighborhood. Even when Lola visit her sometimes. I may not see her when she’s in town, so I brought it to Lola attention how it made me feel. I have deep respect for all my sisters. That me, you can’t make siblings respect you. Since I can’t I will remain silent until I figure it out.

Recently Janna went to stay with Agnes expressing her wonderful visit with her sisters. In one text explaining she leaving her car at Agnes house. Which Agnes adds she keeping an eye on. Her daughter giving her a ride home. She texted I not going anywhere  unless my daughter take me or let me borrow their car. Lola is coming with her. Here we go again Janna. Your intentions to come visit me is always in questioning. I know Lola, Janna and Esther are older than me. I’m always looking for some older sibling guidance. I’m realizing people can’t give you something they don’t have in the first place. I was going to send them both a text. My daughter Nora advised me not to, I didn’t send it.

I texted……Silence may be golden to a point or dig. I'm a person who loves to write poetry. I just like writing how I feel. If I feel you hurting me, but you don't get I'm now feeling disrespected. This may even be for all human being. We may have a problem with how you think you should treat me. I'm not saying there no love. Getting totally disrespected is heartbreaking. Agnes you shared everyday is a National day for something. Than at the end you talk about your flowers. I expressed a joy I was feeling with my family. I even explained why I shared. You know we all love plants and gardening. You still don't get it. Maybe from early text from you Janna. You know when you were talking about your car staying at Agnes. You not going anywhere unless your daughter take you or you barrow their car. I'm thinking at the time why you writing this. Do she really want to come visit? Okay Lola coming with her and yes you made me feel cautious about your intentions. I honestly don't know how you both feel about me inside. I go with what I received. I can't fix it by myself and I refuse to always take the blame. Where do we all go from here? We will always be sisters. Blood makes us related, love makes us family. I getting way too old for love hate relationships.

To keep receiving sister hating from Janna with Agnes joining in is exhausting. I could wish Janna and Agnes were plants 🪴 🪴.   It’s really real and it took me all this time to accept. Better late than never I digress.

April 27, 2022 16:37

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