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They had the best coffee any coffee shop could have to offer, anyone who lived in the city would say that I would be right. You see the same people, at the same time, every single day week after week, after week. They all had the same faces but dressed up in different clothes. Normal, everyday people, nothing new, nothing different. Which I was okay with. With my slow and casual pace, I walked to the brightly-lit, autumn-themed cafe that was open year-round. I didn't have to work today, which was rare for me, so I was going to take it slow and easy. I pushed open the door with a slight force listening to the light jingle of the bells and smelling the sweet-smelling coffee. I was already practically drooling over the smell. "Morning Cassie!" The soft voice waved from behind the counter as I smiled, "Morning Joy." I closed the door walking to the counter, I looked up and noticed that there were 5 new drinks available. "When did those drinks get added? They weren't there yesterday." I asked Joy confused. She turned around and looked up, had she not noticed either? "I guess the boss put them up last night, You know how fast she is going from place to place. It's like she is a goblin or something." She shrugged, laughing slightly.

I studied the drinks and looked around to see if anyone else had them. I had come in later than I normally did and there was no rush, so people were doing their own thing. On the computer, their cellphone, reading. They all had the same brownish colored coffee drink- type thing. I looked back up at the board, "Having a hard time picking?" A low female voice said, after a jingle of bells. Joy looked forward, I looked behind me. "Good Morning Boss!" Joy gave a bright smile. I looked but up at the board, "Yeah.." I mumbled. The woman stood right next to me, from the corner of my eye I could see a smile upon her lips. "If you want, I could give you a small sample of each since you are a very regular customer that we get." She let out a small chuckle and then looked over at me. "It won't cost you anything." I was debating if I should or not, I wasn't worried anything about the costs of it. I looked over at her, "Oh no, that isn't a problem I'm just a person who doesn't like waste." I explained to her which was completely true. "Oh dont' worry about that, if you don't like it, I'll drink it." I held back my look of disgust. I gave an awkward smile, "Okay...?" I don't know if that was supposed to make me feel any better about what I am thinking but, she seems really persistent. "Great!" She walked around the counter with a soft smile, her short black hair waved in her movements. I waited there for my coffee, to my surprise it only took a little bit for everything to he done. The lady had placed them all in a little tray, with little paper cups. "Here you are, and I hope you enjoy them." I smiled, bowing my head a little bit then walking to a booth and sitting down. I picked on up looking at it, it was the brown color one. bringing it up to my nose I waphed air towards my nose, it actually smelled really nice. "Autumn Hazelnut." I looked up to see the boss. She slid into the booth in front of me leaning against the wall to her side. At first glance she almost looked like I guy, her hair was parted, bangs on each side of her forehead, her hair only fell above her ears and she had an undercut. Pulling my eyes away from the handsome female I mentally cringed. I slowly put the drink to my lips and took a sip. It was actually good, concerdering it looks like actually poop.

"Blueberry Red." I looked over at her, did she even look over? I concentrated back on the drink maybe I am just thinking things and getting to paranoided.

"Wallnut Nutmeg."

"Cranberry Pie."

"Pumpkin Shivers"

I was dumbfounded, how did she know them?! I shook my head and looked down at the tan drink. "They all weren't bad... I'd have to say I like the Cranberry Pie the best." I spoke up causing her to look over at me with a smile. "I'll go get you one then." She grabbed the tray with the empty paper cups and took it away. I looked down at my hands as they felt kinda tinglely. There was a loud yawn and my head imedintally jerked over twaords the sound. There was a noise on the ceiling and my head jerked up. I swear my head was going everywhich way and it wasn't stopping. "Are you okay?" I swore my feet movied on there own as I pushed past the boss, I walked towards the door of the coffee shop and pushed it open. I walked onto the side walk, I heard another jingle of bells after me as I stepped out onto the road. "Cassie?!" I heard the scream, and I turned around, looking behind me. What am I doing in the middle of the road!?

I looked back and forth at the busy road that I was standing in the middle of. "Cassie, get out of the road!" I held my hands together and crouched down, putting my hands over my head. Without warning I let out a glass breaking scream.


"What are you doing?"


"Walk on the road."


"Get off the road Cassie."


I lifted my head up from the table, the black haired boss-lady was sitting across from me drinking coffee. I had my coffee in front of me and it wasn't even touched. I smiled softly at the woman, "Thank you for sitting with me. But I'm going to go home." I bowed slowly, picking up the full cup of coffee. As I walked out of the store I dropped it in the garbage can.

Once I left the coffee shop that day, I never ever went back.

I never seen the same people, not the same time, no more- every single day week after week, after week. I never seen all the same faces, never looking at them dressed up in different clothes.

I never seen Joy again.

I never seen the boss-lady again.

And I never heard the jingle of the bell.

October 14, 2020 19:02

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