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Science Fiction Suspense Fiction

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Journal Entry 7: September 21st, 2132

It has taken two years, but my team finally reached the dwarf planet Okron. Just as the Company had described: the air was breathable, water drinkable, and the land appeared habitable. Now, it is up to my team to create a colony to prepare for future generations. 

We landed our ship, the Virulent, in a large valley surrounded by mountain ridges. The valley provides plenty of protection from unknown predators lurking about. Also, it supplies acres of land perfect for agriculture. There isn't any water issue, as we are within walking distance of a large lake formed by a waterfall.

This place is a dream come true. Humanity might be able to thrive on Okron.

Earth is on the verge of dying. The air is becoming difficult to breathe, our water is drying out, and the plants are dying. If we can make a home out of Okron, humanity is no longer at risk of dying.

Journal Entry 8: September 30th, 2132

The first week has been productive as my team worked to create small housing structures. With the help of several construction droids, we made small huts to live in. We do not have proper plumbing, but it is all about taking baby steps. 

On the third day, we successfully planted crops. It took hours to dig up the dirt and remove any rocks. Unlike the ground on Earth, Okron's soil is red and stains the skin. Thankfully, the team was able to plant the seeds before sunset. 

We were concerned that the seeds wouldn't be compatible with the alien soil, but imagine our amazement when we saw sprouts already peaking out of the ground the next day! 

Our agricultural technician examined the soil and was amazed that its properties are nothing like those of Earth's soil. While it takes weeks for plants to grow naturally on Earth, our technician discovered that it could take days to grow plants on Okron. This discovery means we don't have to worry about preparing food ahead of time.

Carrots, tomatoes, potatoes!

We will have enough to splurge without worrying about rationing. We hope this will continue year-round.

Journal Entry 9: October 1st, 2132

I was woken up by a loud guttural howl, almost resembling a wolf. The sound was so petrifying that it roused me instantly. The howl is a thing of nightmares, chilling me down to the bone. 

When I peered out of the window of my hut, I heard another howl. It was a few kilometers away, closer than the first one.

Since arriving in Okron, the team has encountered a few mammals. The mammals resembled rabbits, squirrels, and medium-sized deer. Whatever is making that howling noise has to be the apex predator that hunts those animals. 

Hopefully, it'll stay away.

Journal Entry 10: October 2nd, 2132

Our agricultural engineer, Manuel Escobar, has gone missing. Every morning, he goes out early to check on the crops. Usually, he returns by noon, but he didn't. We set out a search party when it reached four o'clock but were unsuccessful. By the time the sun went down, we had no choice but to surrender for the night and try again tomorrow. 

As I write this, I hear the same howling from the night before. The howls are coming from the mountain ridges that surround us. If Manuel is somewhere out there, he might not have a chance.

Journal Entry 11: October 3rd, 2132

We found Manuel.

The man's body was placed right outside the complex. Manuel's body had been torn limb from limb and put in a pile with the man's head on top. A permanent look of fear was on the man's face.

Our resident doctor, Eliza Randall, told us that Manuel was still alive when the dismembering took place. Also, animals were the ones to do the deed. 

Val Lewis, our xeno-biologist, observed the injuries and surmised that the animal had three-inch claws with five-inch fangs. Whatever predator killed Manuel was able to cut through his flesh like butter. The worst part was Val and Eliza saw that Manuel's heart had been ripped out while he was still alive.

Dex Reginald, our security specialist, put us all on lockdown. No one could go outside without another team member. Everyone has to be armed.

My command was no longer worth anything as Dex took charge.

Journal Entry 14: October 5th, 2132

The animals killed Dex last night.

The scariest part was that security sensors and motion-detected weapons surrounded him in his hut. Somehow, the animals snuck onto the compound and killed Dex. The former marine was slaughtered just like Manuel. 

Dex was torn into pieces and left on his bed.

I was the one to find him. I don't know how I didn't vomit.

Journal Entry 15: October 8th, 2132

After reviewing the security footage, we were horrified by what we discovered. These animals aren't animals. They're some kind of organized clan of anthropomorphic creatures. They are covered in coarse fur and resemble werewolves but with prehensile tails.

Val is enthralled by the aspect of these animals that we deem Okronites, the indigenous people of Okron. The woman believes if we show that we mean no harm, we can develop a truce with the Okronites. Maybe start the first interspecies relationship with another alien species.

I didn't want to risk our lives, but it was the only idea we had. So, the next day, we attempted to make contact.

We've tried communicating with the Okronites, but they can only speak in growls and chuffs, much like dogs. Val used her brief knowledge to try to show that there was no danger, but it failed. 

The Okronites see us as trespassers and want us gone.

Journal Entry 17: October 11th, 2132

Our exploration team of ten has gone down to three. It's just me, Val, and Eliza. We had to hole ourselves in the Virulent as the Okronites destroyed our makeshift home. Initially, we planned to fly out of here but discovered that the Okronites managed to ruin our fuel cells. 

We're dead in the water on this hostile planet.

Thankfully, we were able to send out a distress signal. Hopefully, we'll be able to survive out here long enough to help to arrive.

We can hear the Okronites outside. The hostile natives make frighteningly human growling noises and calls. Sometimes, they mimic the voices of our friends. They are trying to trick us into coming outside.

Val keeps trying to convince us to try and find a way to make peace with the creature. She believes they are worth studying and wants to know more about them. (Eliza and I harshly decided to use extreme measures if Val tries to risk our lives.)

Journal Entry 18, October 12th, 2132

Val and Eliza are gone. I wasn't there to witness the attack, but I saw on the security feed that Val had opened the doors for them. She attempted to talk to them but was killed instantly.

I holed myself up in the commanding deck. I have suffered a nasty bite on my thigh, and I'm bleeding badly. It won't be long before I die of blood loss.

Those things are outside, trying to claw their way in. I am not letting them get to me. I am setting the ship to self-destruct.

This is Captain Edna Warren, and this is my last entry. 

April 23, 2024 15:07

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1 comment

Isabella Montoya
22:45 May 08, 2024

Great story, Ellie! The plot made me want to keep reading this story until the end. Nice job.


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