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Drama Friendship Romance

The bell rings, and everyone rushes out of the school building. Except me, I was the only one that was stuck in detention. At least I thought I was. I look over as I hear the doors slam open, and jump at the echoing sound. Then she walks in. That girl, the one who makes my heart skip beats when I see her. She looks at me and our eyes meet, it seems as if the whole world slowed down when I catch a glimpse of her eyes. Her glare is intense, but it doesn't matter to me, those eyes are the reason why I fell so hard for her.

"Willy, Leo, take your seats." The vice principle says to us, which breaks me out of my trance. "As you both know, skipping school is not allowed. It doesn't matter if your boyfriend has a new car or the newest game came out and you had to be first to get it." He started, I hid my face. "That doesn't mean you have to skip school. Couldn't either of those waited?" The vice principle asked. Willy raised her eyebrows.

"No." She says simply. The vice principle face shifts into a frown.

"And, no mine definitely couldn't wait, if I wasn't there, all the games would be gone, and I wouldn't get any." I complained. The vice principle got loud.

"I do not care! Your school academic is more important than those things. Without education you can't get a good job, or get a scholarship into a good collage. Without education you might as well be a ape." The vice principle said. We both rolled our eyes simultaneously. "Well I'll leave you to your thoughts." He said and proceeded to walk out. There is a ominous quietness that hits me like a bag of bricks.

"So... Willy huh?" I ask her trying to be cool.

"Yeah? That's my name." She snarls at me. Failed.

"So your boyfriend got a new car? Let me guess convertible, mustang, baby blue?" I asked her, knowing I was right. She stops what she was doing and looks to me.

"What are you, a stalker?" She asks me, my face burns red.

"No of course not!" I snap back. "I just sold him the car is all." I tell her again folding my arms on the desk and resting my head.

"Wait that mustang was yours?" She asked me surprised.

"Yeah. Well technically it's a hand me down from my brother. I just got something better," I tell her not looking up.

"So what are you like super rich?" She asks me, which irritated me quite a bit. The only reason why people talk to me is because my family owns half of Port Town. I hesitate before I answer her.

"My family owns half of Port Town. My dad is the Governor's best friend." I tell her. Her eyes grow wide. Those beautiful eyes.

A half hour passes, and I burry my head in my arms, on my desk. I watched as my breath fogs up a spot on the desk. The ticks of the clock is all I hear until the sounds of the fake clicking sounds her IPhone is making with it's volume up.

"You son of a-" I hear Willy shout in almost a yell. my head snaps up and I see her shaking she is so... sad? Mad? I can't tell, until I see a tear drop fall onto her desk. It splashes like a wave crashing against the rocks. I feel an ache appear in my chest.

"Willy what's wrong?" I ask her.

"Nothing I just have something in my eye." She snaps back.

"How many times has that line been used in movies?" I asked her. "And in every one of those, they lied. So why don't you just tell me what's going on?" I ask her. She turns around and looks at my fully now. Her eyes gleaming in the bright sunset. Her tears shining brightly in the sun that was now resting on her face.

"Why it's not like you care." She said.

"I do care." I said in almost a whisper. She stopped, and looked at me.

"What did you say?" She asked as she too lowered her voice.

"I said I do care about you. I want to know what's wrong, because I want to know you."

"No you don't." she said in a whisper, closing her eyes, the tear drops staining her skin, as they slide down her face.

"Yes I do. You know I've never had the courage to talk to you the past four years we gone to school together. Now I have that courage, I have that courage to tell you how I fell about you." I start and stand up walking to her. She also stands up.

"Leo." She starts.

"I don't care if you with Travis Trekke, I want to tell you. Willy I-" She pressed her finger against my lips.

"Don't. I don't want to know until we leave here." Her voice was soft, and creamy, her skin felt like velvet against my lips. I wanted to hold her hand, and never let go. This was the first time she touched me, I flushed red. I grabbed her hand and put it down with her other arm.

"Well Travis Trekke and I are not together anymore, he decided that he was going to invite my best friend for a ride, and they rode alright." Willy said. I shuttered at the image that popped into my head.

"He's not even that attractive, I don't understand girls." I tell her. She sits back down and laughs.

"I didn't know you had such strong feelings about him." She said and laughs again. She went from crying to laughing. She looked like a goddess as it seemed the sunlight made her glow. Her long, brown, straight hair fell on her back, and around her shoulders. In my mind she was a goddess.

"Hey Leo. Let's do something fun." Willy says to me, I cock my head to the side and look at her with a funny expression.

"What is there to do for fun... in the library?" I ask her. She frowns and looks around, then points to the statue in the middle of the library. My eyebrows raise and I again look to her.

"The first person who get's to the top has to do anything the other person says for the rest of the hour we are here." Willy says, my frown turns into a smile.

"Oh, your on." I tell her, and dart to the statue.

"I didn't say start yet." She calls after me and starts running towards the statue.

Half way up, I look besides me and I see her catching up quickly, and soon she was passing me.

"What are you a monkey?" I ask her out of breath.

"No I just took rock climbing classes." She says slyly.

"Oh. That's just not fair." I tell her eagerly climbing faster. No sooner than those words escape my lips she finally sits on top of the statue, as I rest my upper body on it's shoulder. This statue was the founder of Port Town. "You cheated." I tell her pouting.

"No I didn't. I just had the upper hand. Ha. Now you have to do anything I tell you. But first lets get down form here." She said, as she started climbing down. I slid my way from the shoulder down to the hands, and then slid on my back down the leg. "Well you sure beat me to the bottom." She calls as she is stepping down. Then I see it, her right foot missteps. She starts falling, as she loses her grip on the fingers of the statue. My eyes grow wide as I hear her whimper. She sips a gasp and I dart towards her direction trying desperately to get to her before she hits the ground. As she reaches the bottom I catch her.

"Gocha." I tell her as she lands hard in my arms. I fall to my knees, and rest her on the ground, as my arms are now aching. My knees have linoleum burns from skidding, and my arms caught all of her body weight, from falling. It felt like my arms were going to fall off. My heart was beating out of my chest. And I saw her chest rise and fall fast as well.

"I thought I was going to fall all the way down." She says as she looks to me. Her eyes I've seen them a hundred times, but this time I was close. So close to her I could see the freckles in her eyes.

Her eyes. They had a black outer ring, like light beams, the orchard color leads to the inside of her iris. The green beams turn into an amber color. There are four little dark brown freckles on each side of her pupil. The black hole that is her pupil, turns into a lighter black almost like a dark green color fallowing the pupil's ring. Her perfectly shaped eyebrows, and the light violet eyeshadow compliments her eyes even more, as the mascara makes her lashes longer than what they were. The eyeliner that fallows the top of her eye along the eyelid, make her eyes pop. This women was the definition of perfect. All I knew, that from this moment on, she was the one I wanted to be with. This women with the green freckled eyes was the only women for me. Without looking or thinking I grab ahold of her hands. She looks down and looks back into my inky blue eyes.

"Willy, your eyes. Their beautiful. Your beautiful." I tell her.

"Is this what you wanted to tell me?" She asks in a soft voice again.

"No what I wanted to tell you was that I-" I was cut off by the Vice Principle walking in the room.

"Okay you two cuddle time is over, time to go." He says.

"But it's early. We still have an hour left." I tell him.

"I want to go home, and in order for me to do that you have to go home too." He says and leads us to go out. "Did you learn anything from your affairs today?" He asked us. I smiled and chuckled under my breath.

"Yea. I did." I say and get up still ahold of Willy's hand, and help her to her feet. She giggles and walks out with me. Her father was waiting outside the front of the school.

"Leo, wait." She says and tugs on my arm. I wince, as the pain comes back and the adrenaline goes away.

"Say it." She says, and I look into her beautiful eyes again. "I want to hear it." She says and puts her arms over my shoulders. I grab her waist and pull her in. I could feel her breath on my cheeks. "Say it." She whispers in my ear, her breath catches my ear, and I shiver as goosebumps cover my body.

"I love you Willy." I tell her as she to shudders as my breath washes over her ear. She looks at me and I look into her eyes. "You are my perfect goddess." I tell her she smiles and as we are inches away, I take initiative, and I tilt my head to the side leaning down to get a perfect angle, and I press my lips on hers. She holds onto the back of my head, fingers intertwining though my shaggy brain hair, and I press my hands flat out on her back and hold her close. This was my dream come true, to finally get to do what I've dreamed of doing for the past four years. As we pull apart unlocking each other I smile and lick my lips. Her lips were so soft, just like her skin, as I lick my lips I can taste her lips still on mine. She tasted so good.

"That was... electrifying." She says as she lightly touches her lips.

"Yeah. Want to do it again?" I ask her, she didn't even answer, in fact without hesitation she grabbed my head and smashed our lips together again. It feels as if I'm floating.

"Willy. Oh God I love you." I tell her. Suddenly I feel myself being shifted side to side. Opening my eyes I see my buddy Julian shaking me side to side.

"Dude you are so in trouble. You got detention." He tells me. I look down and I see a pink slip under my arms.

"Shit." I say. It was just a dream? Dammit I think to myself. I traverse to the library where the detention room is in and I enter handing my pink slip to the vice principle. I see someone in there as well as myself.

"So it was all a dream, and dreams don't come true." I whisper to myself. I sit down not looking at the other person there. I plop down and let out a heavy sigh.

"Awh, what's wrong Leo?" I hear a buttery voice ask me, my eyes grow wide and I dart my head to the voice. I can see the green orchard color of her deep and entrancing green eyes. With her long lashes and her violet eyeshadow complimenting her freckles that were precariously placed in her eyes.

It was her! Willy. This dream, let's hope it comes true.

August 10, 2021 16:34

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Destinee Soto
18:01 Aug 16, 2021

Thank you to all who liked my very first story on here. It gives me a little boost. I was very surprised by the amount of likes I got on this it's not one of my best, but still thanks so much.


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