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 Is love at first sight real?

Autumn didn't believe in love at first sight or well she didn't until an event changed her entire life. She was attending a local concert nothing really special, but some of the bands were truly talented. The last band of the night was just about to play as she had made my way to the front of the stage to get a better view as well as sound of the band. The lights dimmed and they made their way onto the stage, when the lights came up everyone was chanting the bands name and clapping. She closed her eyes in order to focus more on the music rather than the looks of the band. Half way through the performance she opened her eyes to see the lead singer stopped right in front of her just starring.

Their eyes connected instantly it felt bolts of electricity were going off inside of her. His gaze never wavered from her eyes once things started to feel too intense Autumn turned her head in an effort to break whatever connection was going on. Her heart was pounding through the rest of the show, her chest tight as if it was constricted by some invisible bandage. The show ended as the crowd made their ways either outside or over to merch tables to buy t-shirts or meet the bands, Autumn headed outside in order to get some fresh air after the intense stare down from the singer. Once outside she took a deep breath of the crisp fall air letting it fill her lungs. Briskly she walked over to the side of the building before leaning herself up against the wall tilting her head back she closed her eyes in an attempt to figure out what had happened between her and the singer.

Being lost in thought she was startled by the sound of someone clearing their throat beside her. Opening her eyes and looking towards the sound she saw it was the lead singer from the last band. He smiled at her as he stuck her hand out in order to introduce himself to her.

“I'm Jeff I didn't mean to startle you,” he said as Autumn shook his hand.

“It's okay, my names Autumn. You were great tonight by the way.” She said smiling at him.

“Well that's good to know have you seen us perform before tonight?” Jeff asked not looking away from her at all. Autumn shook her head, “Actually no I don't usually come to local concerts, but I buy local artists music. I have your guys CD.” Autumn stated trying to avert her gaze from his.

“Well I'm sure you have more fans to mingle with than just me so I won't keep you.” Autumn said sweetly before trying to walk around him. Jeff side stepped in front of me looking me directly in the eyes just like he had during his performance.

“Have you ever noticed at the end of Porky Pig cartoons, how the picture always closes to a circle at the end?” Autumn tilted her head trying to figure out where he was going with the cartoon thing.

“I've always heard that when people meet the person their destined to be with, their vision irises in on that person. Honestly I've always thought it was a load of crap, but that's whats happened to me with you.” Autumn gave him a questioning look like he was crazy. “You think I'm joking don't you?” Jeff asked looking at her. “If you don't believe me than how come you couldn't look away either?” She looked at him, and his stare had the same intensity it did as when he was on stage.

“Maybe I couldn't look away because I think your attractive” Autumn stated she had never been a believer in love at first sight or any superstitions.

“Really that's it I'm just attractive, you don't feel any kind of connection between us at all?” Jeff asked stepping closer to her.

“I never said that. I just don't believe in superstition is all.” “Well what if it isn't superstition what if it's real?” “I would say prove it, but I don't think you'll be able to do that.” “Why do you say that?” “How on Earth are you going to prove to me that we're destined to be together exactly?” Autumn watched Jeff as he was trying to think of a way to prove to her. He took a step towards her which now put him completely in front of her.

“Maybe this will help,” he said, and in an instant his right hand was on her waist and his left hand hooked behind the back of her neck. Jeff leaned down and pressed his lips against her own for a moment she was in shock but than gave into the fullness of his soft lips kissing him back. Autumn felt like explosions and fireworks were going off inside her body as well as her mind. Slowly he pulled away retreating his mouth from hers. Autumn kept her eyes closed for a moment trying to process the feeling she had just experienced. When she opened them Jeff was right there searching her eyes pleading silently for an answer.

“What about now? Do you feel a connection between us now?” Autumn knew she couldn't look away from Jeff, there was something between them. She wasn't sure if it was love at first sight, but there was no denying what she felt for him. “See,” Jeff said kissing her forehead, “Even you know it.” Autumn smiled at him genuinely in that moment more than she ever had at anyone before.

“Okay so maybe your right that we are meant for each other, but we know nothing about each other.” “That might be true, but we can learn as we go.” “Your willing to take that chance on someone you've just met?” “I'm willing to take the chance because I can feel it in my soul that I've known you my whole life I just hadn't found you until now.” Autumn bit her lip before agreeing to take on chance on being in a relationship with Jeff.

Autumn also learned that the iris effect Jeff had explained to her could be defined by science. When humans see something they like their vision does in fact narrow in on the object while the pupil expands to get a clearer view of the desired object or person. Although she still preferred to believe that it was love at first sight that brought them together instead of science.

November 18, 2019 16:15

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