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Hasmie 34, 19725

Hello Mona, 

It has been far too long since we last spoke. I yearn to hear your voice again, not through the flimsy onsight hallo-projector, but in person where I can embrace you and our lovely daughter. How is our child, Monikla? Does she still dance in the twilight?

Hasmie 37, 19725

Mikla, my love,

It has indeed been too long. I was not sure if I was to be able to speak with you this mark. Your message got through the earliest hima of the morning, a miracle by Akani. The receptors have only been receiving the most few of signals. I can only implore Akani that this word shall get through. Monikla, our beautiful child, still dances on, but there is more. Another being of beauty is on their way.

Hasmie 41, 19725

Greetings, my Mona,

It is lovely to hear. Beautiful, oh so beautiful. Do portray to me, is our child a girl or boy.

Hasmie 47, 19725

Mikla, dearest,

The child is yet unknown. The Whamedocer shall visit on the div aftermos the morrow div. For now, I wish you remain in health. Be secure.

Antwine 3, 19725

Mikla, beloved,

Our child is male, like you and yours. You will be kano now, father to boy. It is wonderful, yes? We are now a complete coesta. The Whame came upon our unit. He blessed daughter and son. Monikla, the desert of children, asked him to paint her face a twile. She misses you too. She longs to be with you and aspires to be like you. She is always blethering about how she will become a twile-toneca, after the fashion of her kanay.

Antwine 7, 19725

My beloved Mona,

The news is comforting and all very dear. My amers live well and content. The only more I could wish for is to be with you, but alas, I have the remainder of the mark before I return from my shift. The doing is dull and dirty, but must be done. If the periculum attack with none to defend then many shall come to harm.

Antwine 12, 19725

Mikla, dream,

You are strong, truly unassailable, but need not worry. Even with the growing troubles in the edge we are safe and we await you. There is less than a mark left, then you are to return to wife, daughter, and son. I shall cook a great feast of welcoming and Monikla will surely dance the way of the twilight for us to view. We will celebrate as a coesta. We will be together. We love you. We miss you.

Antwine 16, 19725

Mona, my jewel,

I count the divs without you and only further wish your vision come with haste. My love, oh my love., the task of the twilla is to protect, yet I can not protect you and Monikla from this distant rock. I have never possessed such discontent for my position than now, not even as I was made clean the effluvium pits as initiation. I desire nothing more than your well-being. Please, Mona. Be safe. Take caution. What seems minor may not be. Several have already suffered.

Antwine 17, 19725

Mikla, my gem,

Fear not for us. We are secure. I brood more for you. The land in which you are stationed is less than safe. The periculums are a greater threat than any edge dweller. They impel the border with great frequency. Myriads of twilles and civilians in common have been struck down by the beast. I am protected. You are a protector. I need more worry for the one lacking lee. Stay strong Mikla. Keep caution. Return to us.

Antwine 23, 19725

Mona, precious,

I heed your word as I wish you heed mine. The worlds are not safe be it one edge or another. Many of monsters have struck down many of people. Even as I speak further movements are made. Attacks occur with increasing frequency. A patrol, not far, has 18 inoperable of the div prior to last. Even as I speak I fear for my own, but more so for you. I urge you be prudent. The dwellers are another beast: man. They have lost much and have left none but rage. Be safe, my dearest, be safe.

Antwine 25, 19725

Mikla, my soul and spirit,

I will protect our daughter and unborn, I ensure you that. They are under my care and that of the community. Everyone is joyus at the new addition to our coesta. Many have approached with congratulations. I embrace countless numbers as I stroll the streets. The most delighted, of course, is Monikla. The darling child, exuberant as she is, chatters without end about the new one. She and her little friends toil away creating dolls and other playthings for the new child.

Antwine 27, 19725

Mikla, my light,

I miss you so. I dream of the div where you can sing to us again, your sweat melodious tune. Shant then our daughter dance and new son hear your voice true. With each passing div my longing for you accrues. 

Antwine 32, 19725

Mikla, dearest,

Why do you not respond? Is all well?

Antwin 34, 19725

My love,

Do you perceive me? 

Antwin 35, 19725

Mikla, dear,

It is the twelfth div of which I have not received message. I worry for you, Mikla. There is not an issue on my side leaving me fear a plight on your own. I can only hope you are still well. I write now, hoping you will one div receive.

Anywine 37, 19725

The baby’s room is near complete, but requires a few more fine details. I can not acquire the desired effects here so instead will head to the west market. I have asked a friend to watch little Monikla. I will return with the final pieces by Genrise. I love you, Mikla.

Passen 13, 19725

Mona, dear soul,

Are you still there? My love, my love, please receive.

Passen 17, 19725

Mona, my world,

There was an attack. They caught us unaware. The firstmost wave. I fell early on. They sent me inland with the other inoperable. We...We were the lucky ones. It was nothing collated to the next. The villagers, we remain due to their benevolence. They helped us heal. The others...The others are gone, Mona. Just be well, Mona. Announce that you are well, and Monika, and the baby. Please. Word of the dwellers purveys. Please, Mona.

Passen 20, 19725


Please, Monna. Tell me that you live.

Passen 25, 19725


I beg you.

Passen 27, 19725


Passen 30, 19725


Passen 34, 19725

I miss you.

November 26, 2021 17:52

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