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(First off, excuse this message for being long. Remember when I wrote "No" and "Let us Stay?" Well, I decided that I wanted to do a point of view from the mayor's side. Because, well, we see the hero, and what happens after the hero has freed themselves of the mayor. But what was running through the mayor's head? What were they thinking to want to do this? Those questions I've really wanted to answer and have this point of view from, but I thought I should wait. I remembered the mind controllers-new technology only she had access to-and thought this was where I was going to show the mayor's point of view. Also, shout-out to Akeisha Samantha! My first follower. Another shout-out to L.C. Schäfer for liking one of my newer stories, "Just a computer. And thank you, as I have gained my first karma point! When I started this account it was expected to never be noticed, but thanks to you-the reader-it have really become more to me. Alright, and now to this story. I'm pretty sure this will be the last one though.)

"Shel, don't do it!" But it's too late. I've made up my mind. I submit it. And boom. It's made. I slap it on him, and I can control him. I need to hide it. This is a new technology, and no one can know I have it. I run home and begin running for mayor. By the time I am elected, I've already made enough to control the entire town. Not just my old co-worker. I shake hands with as many people as I can, to get them under my control. Of course, I have the big one. The signal. The next thing I do is make a waiting list. If you get into my town, I want to know who you are. Shelly is my name. I, Shelly am the mayor of this town now. Of course, this breakthrough technology should be open to the public. But why would I want that? Total control over the world is all I've ever wanted. You see, when I was a little girl, there was nothing I wanted more than to be a princess. The prettiest princess there ever was, and to live in a castle with a prince charming.

To live happily ever after. As I grew up, that became impossible. You have to be born into royalty. But I had a gift for making and programming things. I could go far with that. That was good enough. When I was thirteen, I started planning for world domination. The only thing that stood in my way was how to make these controllers. I went to college to be a scientific electrical engineer. I joined a lab and made myself a great representation in the town. Without knowing what we were working on, my co-worker helped me. He thought it was for pets. Another run-of-the-mill pet tracker. But little did he know, it was a human controller. For my town, I knew it was going to be a struggle, but an easy struggle. I found that the only thing that was really necessary was to safety-proof the entire town. I could control them, but controlling every one of them at a time was hard. They couldn't really think for themselves. So I had to think for them. Which was tough. Thinking for myself was enough, but a whole town was a lot more work. I was up to the challenge though.

So our little town became the safest town around, to make sure there were no injuries and there was absolutely any way that anyone would question it if other people were called in. Our town was thriving. There was one submission every year to get in that was accepted. After about three years of doing this, I got a new woman in town. She was a scientist too, of biology. She, for some reason, refused to shake my hand. I couldn't get into her house or trick her. She became extremely suspicious very quickly. No wonder, but there was no one in town except me that could tell her. Another two years went by, and this person was stupid. He shook my hand immediately and was under my control instantly. It was great to feel so powerful. And yet, so weak. I felt as if I was incomplete without shaking her hand. I needed to find a way, and quickly. I thought it through and decided to have us form trust. One day, a bulldozer came into the town. It popped some of my bubble wraps! I immediately saw the town panicking, and I was too. But I kept everyone calm and talked to them.

I kicked them out but realized no one should come in. I built a fence overnight with my co-worker, and just like that, I made up a story about the boogeyman. I lifted them a bit, still having them controlled, but much more human than before. And extremely reliant on me. About a couple weeks later, she came after me. At the town hall meeting, I got arrested. My townspeople revolted after I had kept them safe! I didn't deserve that to happen to me! Little did they know, I still had the master controller. I was able to reprogram it a little, and I was able to send messages to the televisions. The prison was under my control. Until I found out how weak it was. They would come in and out of my control, and they found out how I was doing it. My mastermind and genius were smashed, into a million tiny pieces. I could no longer control anyone, and it was all her fault. I spent the rest of my days in prison until I stopped eating and overworked myself. That way I could escape that nightmare. My brilliance should have been shared, and they wasted it. I never forgave her for what she did. When I took her in, she put me in jail.

June 17, 2022 16:58

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