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Being an author is no easy task as much as I love writing and going through different plots in my head to find the best one to include in my story. People think that being an author is the easiest job in the world but in reality it is hard. No matter how much one like writing, if there is not a single person to read and comment on new chapters, it feels like failure. It feels like your writing is bad and that’s why no one wants to check it out. A book can either be a success or a failure. If one finds the right audience it can be a huge success if it’s properly written. It can be a failure if no one is interested in reading it and if it is not advertised properly.

I have been an author for more than five years. I have written more than five stories but none of them is a success. I have gone to numerous publishing companies asking for my books to be published, but whenever they read my hard work they just say no without even commenting on them. my family never supported my writing and as much as I wanted them to read and tell me if it’s good or bad they never did. I have updated stories on various platforms but it’s no success. Only a few reads. All my life I only wanted one person to read my manuscripts and tell me if they are good or bad as if it’s not going to work I can just stop all this and look for a new job. For me, writing is giving life to words that I cannot describe by actions. Every manuscript is a magical adventure.

I came inside my packed apartment and threw all my manuscripts on to the floor and opened the fridge to grab a drink. I don’t know which interview was it, probably the 100th one which ended as a failure. I gave a glance at the bundle of papers lying on the floor and let out a sigh. I personally think that my stories are great but none of the others thinks so. I don’t have any friends to ask them to read and tell me even. I honestly loved writing. It was my way of escape as much as I loved reading. I must have re-read my manuscripts countless times whenever a publishing company rejects them. I must have changed plots more than I can count. But still no success. Maybe it’s just not my job.

Ignoring the whole pile of papers and books lying everywhere in my small apartment I grabbed my laptop and started scrolling. I need a holiday. A proper one that I haven’t had for many years. I dedicated half of my youth to writing only to see it failing every single time I tell myself it is ok people are going to love it. What nonsense was I telling myself? I should have just given up all this and started studying for the government worker exams. At least I would have had a job that paid me. The amount in my bank account keeps decreasing rapidly and soon I would have to go back home as I can’t manage my apartment without money. Well, a good cheap vacation would be enough before I go back home for good.

I kept scrolling through the bargain vacation site when I found a good one that is not so far. It seems like a good hotel and it was like $50 for one night including breakfast. The room looked good too with one large bedroom, a small sofa, a bathroom and it even had a small balcony. Considering I’m lucky and that I can catch the train tonight, I paid for a week ignoring the sound in my head screaming that my bank account is going to be empty soon. I started packing some clothes and all the necessary stuff for a vacation. I can’t even remember what a vacation supposed to be. I opened the door of the apartment to go but stopped dead on tracks and looked back at the manuscripts that were lying on the ground. Letting a breath out I packed all of them inside my handbag not wanting all of my years of hard work to go to waste like that.


To my surprise the hotel was actually good and I couldn’t believe at first if the bargain is real. I went straight to the reception and showed them the email I got confirming my payment for a peaceful vacation for a week. Soon they gave me a key and led me to my room. Once inside I couldn’t take my eyes off the surrounding out of the small balcony. It felt like I was part of a cottage deep in the woods. I could hear animals screaming far away and I could slightly catch the glimpse of a river. I couldn’t have been anymore luckier than this. This kind of room for that kind of a price is insane.

I took off my jacket and throw the shoes jumping on to the best. It felt so comfortable and I fell asleep instantly.

‘Who are you?’ a sudden male voice woke me up and my eyes were met with a handsome looking guy who was staring at me. I screamed and got out of the bed asking, ‘I should ask you what are you doing in my room.’ He looked confused and showed me his room key which to my surprise is the same as mine that was lying in the small table next to the bed.

‘This is a mistake. I got this room for a week. They must have given you the wrong key,’ I said shaking my head. He scratched his head and checked his phone before saying, ‘you got the bargain room too?’ I gave a slight nod praying that the hotel won’t kick me out as I already paid my entire allowance for this.

Looking more confused he asked me to follow him to the reception with my key and the confirmation email I got and went out. Quickly grabbing the key and I followed him outside. He was already talking with the receptionist who was smiling at him while checking him out. When I went near him they have already done talking and he looked at me, ‘apparently the bargain room is for two people and we have to share. There are no other available rooms,’ he said shrugging his shoulders.

I turned towards the receptionist and asked in a loud voice, ‘you expect me to share a room with a stranger?’ she gave a sheepish smile and said, ‘sorry ma’am. They must have not yet updated the website about it.’

I couldn’t believe this. The vacation that have been looking forward to became a disaster in a second. He asked me if I don’t have any other place to stay. I shook and said that I paid for a week. To my surprise, he added he’s also paid for a week and that he is quite far from here. As we both didn’t have any other place to crash we agreed to share the room for a week as the hotel was even refusing to give a refund to one of us.

Back in the room I quickly gathered my stuff and put them in a corner. He eyes darted to the bed and then the sofa and the said, ‘I can crash in the sofa.’ Well, I was expecting him to do the same as he couldn’t have expected that I would share the bed with a complete stranger. I gave a slight nod and sat on my bed. As I have nothing better to do and as I’m too self-conscious to sleep, I took out my manuscripts while looking at him unpacking from the corner of my eyes.

‘You are a novelist?’ he asked me out of nowhere. I raised my head and saw him eyeing my manuscripts laid on the bed. I gave a small smile and mumbled, ‘kind of.’ But I was taken back when he asked me if he can read them as he loves to read books. As I have nothing to lose I gave one of the manuscripts for him to read.


It was Friday and I couldn’t believe my vacation is already over. More than anything I couldn’t believe I shared a room with a frigging stranger which is something that I never intended to do in my lifetime at all. We didn’t even share our names but he read all of my manuscripts and even the parts that I’m currently writing. I don’t know if he actually enjoyed them or read them because he was bored. He didn’t comment on anything but always asked for the next manuscript to read.

After taking a wash I came out and started packing my bag. Finally, after a rather peaceful week I on my phone and I had missed calls from my parents and my landlord. I ignored all of them and continued packing. It is a good day and I won’t let anyone of them make it bad for me. I stole a glance at the stranger who was sleeping on the sofa and chuckled. He was sleeping like a kid all cuddled up. Just then my phone started ringing and it was from my bank. I know what they want to tell. The loan I took when I got the apartment is due and I haven’t become famous to pay it back even after five years.

I heard him yawning loudly and I said good morning to him. His hair was completely messed up and he was sitting on the sofa though he hasn’t opened his eyes properly yet. He greeted me back and when he saw I had already packed he asked, ‘you’re going back this early?’ I added nodding my head, ‘yeah, have to catch the train.’

Then to my surprise he said he wanted to talk with me and asked me to sit in the other sofa chair with my manuscripts. I raised my eyebrow asking why. But without answering me he got up, got his purse and sat in the sofa again. Confused, I did as he asked him and sat opposite to him ‘is something wrong?’

He shook his head and asked me looking all serious, ‘did you find a company to publish your manuscripts?’ wondering why is he asking me about it suddenly being all serious I told him the truth, ‘actually no, every company I went to for all these five years they kept rejecting my manuscripts.’ before I could say anything more he interrupted me and I asked me why. ‘well, I don’t know. They only tell me that they are not good enough to be published,’ I added shrugging and being conscious about my writing that he read.

‘do you want to publish them?’ he asked me and I was taken back. ‘of course I do. They are my hard work for five years. They are the work I dedicated my youth for without any support from my family and with all the criticisms I got,’ I said laughing. I struggled a lot to write them. countless times I stayed night after night changing plots, characters and scenarios to give out the best only to get them unnoticed by anyone.

‘I’ll publish your books,’ when the words left his mouth I was so surprised that I couldn’t say anything. He offered me his card and I was taken back again when I saw that, he is the frigging director, Simon Lionheart of the JT Publishing Company. JT publishing company is insanely famous for its books and authors. That is one company that I didn’t dare to go even when I wanted to. For me, going there was useless when even small publishing companies rejected my work. I was speechless and kept staring the business card and then back at him. All I could manage was a simple ‘why?’

‘Honestly, I don’t know why anyone rejected your manuscripts. I absolutely loved them..’ I could feel my eyes filling with tears, and he continued, ‘you have a unique way of writing and attracting the readers. I personally liked all the manuscripts I read and the plots. You are so talented and I can’t believe your talent went unnoticed all this time. From the plot development to character development, everything was beyond perfect. You have carefully thought about every single character regardless of if he’s the protagonist or a mere bystander. You have a talent that some writers would die for.’

I couldn’t control it anymore and I let my tears fall. For the first time in my entire life, someone actually complimented my work. Only when I heard the words I realized how much I wanted someone to tell them to me. Someone to tell me that I didn’t just waste my life like all my family members say. with my hiccups and tears I mumbled to say a simple ‘thank you’ with the bottom of my heart.

‘the pleasure is all mine. Your writing is what I have been looking for all this time,’ he said. He didn’t say anything anymore but let me cry. I felt conscious but I couldn’t stop. Finally, someone recognized my work. Someone really acknowledged them and loved them. someone actually wants to publish them and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I was hopeless and on the verge of giving up everything that I worked for thinking they are all useless. But now, the happiness I’m feeling cannot be put into words. My hard work, my feelings are finally recognized and understood. 

March 06, 2021 04:29

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Arya ...
05:38 Mar 11, 2021

This made me feel like I was on a roller coaster. The thing is I just switched careers from financing to literature. And at the start of your story I felt like like all my nightmares and 'what ifs' are listed down in one place. To be not acknowledged or have no one to read your story is what every author/writer dreads. At the end it felt like it was fairytale. I hope every struggling person gets someone to give them coal on a winter day (chinese idiom). ❤ Also two things messed with the story: First the sentence that said she could hear t...


Naduni De Silva
08:38 Mar 12, 2021

oh.. i hope everything is going ok for u!! best of luck!! omg... i actually thought about those two points but i dont write horror. like i'm scared of horror movies even.. bt i want to write one someday. the director one i actually didn't think about a reason *goes and hides under the table.* thank you so much for checking them out.. ALSO i love both of ur stories *inserts hearts and more hearts*


Arya ...
10:47 Mar 12, 2021

Thank you for reading my story. The last one was attempt at horror which near the end I converted to comedy. 😂 so you you try it too and give your own twist to it. Looking forward to your future writing. It's okay about the plothole. In a few days and few words writing a storty that that has EVERYTHING is impossible. I suffer from this too. ✌


Naduni De Silva
13:31 Mar 15, 2021

true true... i look forward to yours too!! good luck!!


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