Fantasy Fiction Mystery

She was thinking hard on which door to venture into as Claire Home's smirked and eyed the two glass doors. Her father once told her by making a choice you have to research to make the right one. Though, how that helped Claire here was beyond her. There simply was nothing to research. There were only two glass doors to look at.

" Make the right choice," Claire said to herself, staring at the glass doors.

Claire Home's was standing in a empty room inside the Red Wizard tower. Claire's parents sent her here, to Red Wizard tower, at a very early age, 7 years old to be exact, for school and magic training.

The other Wizard orders were to far away from Claire's parents home, located in a small town called Mistville, a small town on the continent of Reome. She would not be able to visit her parents at the other Wizard towers, and she would miss that greatly. Besides the Red Wizard tower had the biggest library for research.

A small test the arch Wizard told Claire. Enter the right door and you will pass the exam and finally become a Red Wizard, but how to even open them Claire thought to herself. The doors had no handles to open them. It looks like Claire will have to push one, since it was made clear she was not to use any magic at all.

Claire made her choice, which was ironically the right door, only logic choice from her father's advice. She pushed on the glass door and it did move, so Claire pushed the glass door further open.

Peering into the room behind the glass door, Claire noticed the room was identical to the room she was already standing in. Claire walked slowly into the other empty room, cautiously. Then she heard a screech.

" Who are you?" Came a young females voice standing in front of the glass door opposite the glass door Claire choose to open.

" I am Claire Home's," said Claire bewildered, " and who might you be?" Claire asked the young female.

" My name is Vivian Smuggle, and this is my test to become a Green Wizard. How dare you barge in so rudely."

Looking at Claire confused Vivian asked,

" How did you get in here through that door anyway?

" I pushed the door and it opened, since I see no handles. Clearly you noticed it too." Claire told Vivian pointing at the glass door.

" What? No, I mean how is it you are behind my test doors? I was supposed to choose a door to go through, not someone coming through one."

" Maybe this is part of the test. Push your door to see what happens."

Staring at Claire intently Vivian reluctantly did so. Then thought out of curiosity to see what would happen as well, Vivian pushed her door open.

When Vivian open her door she saw the same room Claire came from.

" It looks like another empty room." Said Vivian.

" Yes, the same room I came from." Explained Claire.

" What kind of trickery test is this?" Vivian asked aloud.

" I do not know, but I think these doors are portals to each of our Wizard towers." Claire said in amazement.

" Why we need to go to another Wizard tower for a test is beyond me." Continued on Claire.

Steeping inside the other room from where Claire came from Vivian asked,

" Do these doors only go to our towers, not the other Wizard towers?

" I do not know, maybe. Might be other rooms with glass doors for each tower." Answered Claire.

"Well, I guess we both need to go see each others arch Wizard then I suppose." Ordered Claire.

" I suppose your right." Agreed Vivian.

When they both tried to open the wooden doors that lead into each Wizard tower, they would not open.

" Locked. Are we now stuck here?" Said Vivian starting to panic, and pushing and pulling on the wooden door real hard.

" Calm down. There has to be a reason why it is this way." Reassured Claire.

" You mean part of the test? Well, I don't like it. It is scaring me."

" Vivian, look at me. We can do this if we calm down and we both think of a way out."

Vivian suddenly turned towards Claire and angrily said,

" Calm down! How you got here I don't know, but I don't trust it. I believe you are my test."

As Vivian started to chant a spell Claire got worried and quickly ran up to Vivian, and put her hand over Vivian's mouth.

" We maybe each others test, but I know I was directly told not to use magic. So if you are really here for the same test you would not use magic either." Said Claire looking emphatically at Vivian, removing her hand to see what she would do now.

Looking horrified and ashamed Vivian crouched down on the floor, covering her face with her hands.

" Yes, I was also told not to use magic. I am just so confused right now."

" It is ok, we can figure this out. You and me. Plus we now know we are not each others enemy." Claire said, helping Vivian back up on her feet.

Just then, when she was finally on her feet, Vivian hugged Claire and thanked her for helping her.

" My pleasure Vivian. Friends?

" Friends."

They both smiled at each other, but was abruptly pulled apart by a magic force, while the two glass doors shattered to pieces. Both Vivian and Claire swirled around in the air until they both were graciously sited in chairs. The chairs were located in a large study, with two arch wizards standing in front of Claire and Vivian.

" Well done." Came the Green arch Wizard.

"Yes, well done indeed." Followed the Red arch Wizard. " You both passed."

Both looking at Claire and Vivian proudly.

Looking at each other in confusion, Claire and Vivian asked at the same time.

" We passed?"

The Red arch Wizard spoke first,

" Yes, that test was to find out if you make a enemy or make an ally."

" Exactly. It is better to work together and find help and friends than rather create enemies. Only bad Wizards go at it alone, and we had to be sure is why this test was formed long ago." Finished the Green arch Wizard.

" So we passed the test then? Asked Vivian to make sure.

" Of course. If you did not then it would have been you that shattered instead of the glass doors. You see glass shatters when chipped or stressed. I almost thought you lost it Vivian when you panicked." Airily said the Green arch Wizard.

" We would have shattered? You mean literally?" Asked Claire wide eyed.

Catching Claire's shock the Red arch Wizard explained,

" Claire, we can not have bad Wizards going around trying to conquer the world. These tests here prove if you will be a good or bad Wizard. We need to know your characteristics as well, besides if you can learn magic."

Murmuring in a whisper to Claire, thinking the arch Wizards would not notice, Vivian said,

" Would have been nice to know they can kill us if we are bad when we signed up. I probably would not have joined."

" Shhh." Shushed Claire secretly straitening up in her chair, then asked the arch Wizards if they were dismissed.

" Absolutely. You two are free to go. Tomorrow we will hold your ceremony for achieving Wizard hood."

Saying their goodbyes Claire and Vivian came out of the study and into the hallway of the Red Wizard tower second floor. When they walked a few steps Claire stopped Vivian and said.

" Listen Vivian, I am glad we did become friends, but I am with you on how these tests are. They need to be changed. How can you really tell if we are bad by putting us on the spot light like that? Kill us, no prison. A bit drastic."

" Oh yes, I agree. I don't want to die over something so stupid as a test."

Claire hugged Vivian and claimed,

" Then you and I should work together to make these Wizard orders better. Come let us find more to aid us."

Claire and Vivian did just that. They started their own Wizard school, and less dangerous I might add. Both Claire and Vivian became famous head witches, what they called themselves instead of Wizards. They were the first witches ever recorded in Reome history. They even excepted male Wizards, but they were called witches until another head witch, Gabby Chirk, a couple decades later changed that.

They are known by the Wizard and witch community as the " Glass Doors".

The End.

May 28, 2021 10:44

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