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Without a doubt it would have been a cheerful mixed drink party as the sage goes,'' A decent starting makes a decent closure. "We gradually moved toward the room gazing at one another worriedly. "Where are generally the individuals?", I inquisitively asked myself. My mom and I were welcomed into a much-obliged giving gathering at our neighbor's home yet to our absolute skepticism, none was in sight.

        Abruptly, we heard another sound inside the room. We looked to see if there was anyone but our efforts were futile, slowly and cautiously we entered. We both had expected good fortunes but the unfolding events were a perfect example of a melee, a bomb just waiting to explode. Tears of despondency cascaded down my chubby cheeks as a grotesque image filled my mind in an agonizing situation.

        Suddenly, I had a yelp that rattled the windows and before I could say jack Robinson, my grip was held simultaneously and wailing was the second-best option of the fracas. Help…..help….but to no avail as my ugly assailant had gotten the better of me, I hated it the more after realizing it was a woman. The sheer force of her voice caused my massive bosom to quiver like a giant jelly.

              Questions crisscrossed my mind but none could ever be a fitting response to calvary." What if my mother was killed?" the much-hyped adrenalin could not work much perfect for me as if I was a replica of biological dysfunction. For a minute there, I was bored to death and my story could only be reminiscent of the Trojan war and dactylic hexameter. I thought of the many action movies we used to watch in Manhattan to help me outwit my rival but home alone came cross, gosh Kevin was young, he couldn't fight the old man, furthermore, that was fiction, this is real….my voice was choking and blurred, the whole scene was a tragic melodrama. Never before had I been challenged by a feminist but despite her ugly demeanor, she was nasty and tough, she fought with strong gusto and bravado, a hallmark of a true warrior and king.

             After treating me to several slaps and kicks, I could only hear her sounding contrary to a mushy –gushy I thought she was. Despite the pitch murkiness that had inundated the house, I knew about her adjusted body; her protuberant nose coordinated with her profound vulpine eye under shaggy eye-temples, her legs were wobble and weak, had enormous and red eyes like the Massachusetts women, as though that isn't sufficient, her hands were spread consequently to report to the world her uncovered imperfection of unhealthiness. She led me away despite my resistance, pushed me inside a room that otherwise looked cubicle with glowing lights and an attractive aroma.

                     I could not believe what I saw. The house was packed to fullness and many were throngs who were clad in their traditional regalia and singing Christmas songs, Looking across the house, I saw familiar faces who like me pays allegiance to the moon and stars in the sky. Nobody knows exactly when night becomes day but you know when it is daylight. I thought this the most soul-searching, epic, and legendary story next to Jesus' birth in a manger. Tears of joy welled up my eyes but I blinked them in a bid to stop them because I figured it out later that all was a trick done to me to keep me out of my wit, it was realized that I was the most fearful boy of my peer. This did not augur well with my educational rise to stardom and academic flair. 

                    My turn to speak came and I could hardly utter sentiments of true allusions, by now dry tears, disappointment, and happiness in one face formed my ruddy face. All the happenings which seemed like a dream were a reality! I remembered many words, things to say to a congregation, and mostly to speak where my English teacher, pastor-yes our church pastor, and classmates were gathered. I knew I was one of the best students in my school without a doubt but even the strongest in the world could cow with a surprise. My birthday celebrations for years have taken a low event ceremony so it came as no surprise to the shock of beatings and later celebratory mood and clasper.

To me, I needed to know the ring leader of such action, making me suffer and endure such a classic prank for a later birthday party wish which was supposed to be a thanksgiving party. As I looked to the auditorium, the smiles, cheeky and embarrassing ones glared towards me in a pit-bull creole. Were there supposed to be such ideals as shameful as this one? I asked myself. Stories like literary writing works of Great philosophers came across. I thought of how to talk about Chinua Achebe. I remembered Wole Soyinka. Nelson Mandela also came into my memory. Then I deliberated on what to say. Things Fall apart!

Okonkwo was well known throughout the nine villages and even beyond. His fame rested on his solid personal strength and abilities. As a young boy of eighteen, he had brought fame to his community by throwing Amalinze "the cat". He was undefeated for 7 years but it is this man Okonkwo who challenged him in a match that all people agreed was the fiercest of all. By now claps filled the air as astonished guests and villagers were taken aback by oratory panache. I had narrated a literary legendary story read by my dad when in high school.

I knew somewhere through my thick skin that all was done to prove my bravery and in such play, it acted amazingly strange that my birthday party would be clandestine into an arc of growth and maturity by both my parents and classmates and school teachers. There were love and songs in the hall. Everybody especially my classmates and friends had learned a better way to celebrate their birthday parties. Mine set a precedent for future examples. Most of the time I lied to myself but in reality, I knew this was the best party I had attended. So I will live to remember it not because it was a day worth remembering but a day never to be forgotten.

January 12, 2021 11:37

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Merel Cooijmans
14:11 Jan 21, 2021

I really liked it! The change of emotions is really nicely done. Only, it took me a while to get into the story. A little more context and discription of the surroundings right at the start of the story would have helped with that. I loved the "plottwist", because it was written from one perspective.


Dan Odhiambo
18:10 Jan 21, 2021

Thank you Merel i appreciate am new here and i will live up to the changes am striving to be the best,let me ready yours too


Merel Cooijmans
19:56 Jan 25, 2021

I would love your commentairy on my stories too :)


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