He walked into the past

Into the whole,

Where she could not enter

She met him on long bridge

In the middle –

He passed by glancing at her

And that was his lifetime.

A longing to belong to the whole –

He turned his back

To walk into the beyond

Crossed the bridge,

Beyond the mountain –

Still whispering from everywhere !!

He met her multiple times.

And then

Walked away into Nothingness.

Aadne felt a presence, always felt it. A beautiful, pleasant, comforting, loving presence. A warm aura around her, constantly moving with her in the space. She lived in Anahata. She had moved here this time. Different centres in different times. There were multiple arduous journeys she had to make to get to Anahata.

There were times when Aadne realised that she felt different each time and in each place. She had missed Anahata every time narrowly. When she did she knew but up until that alarm went off she could never realise the moments gone, dissolved in the macrocosm.

But “Aadne” had never ever realised her being up until this time in “Anahata”. There was a feeling of déjà vu this time. A wheel that was set in motion from the some other time. She had always been on this journey to meet “Adara”. He belonged to a different realm known as Arhat where Aadne used to live once upon a lifetime.  

When she did think of Arhat, strange emotions churned up in her. Bittersweet moments mixed with sudden rush of emotions. It almost felt as though she wanted to escape out of it clutches. An invisible magnet pulling her more towards solid ground. She remembered being there multiple times.

Each and every occasion she thought she had her freedom from Arhat, she found herself back there. Immensely powerful forces drawing her back there. One of those times she was provided an insight from just looking into the lotus pond by the side of the big house she was born in. This pond where she had played even since she was a young girl.

Someone had made a swing hanging from a kind of willow tree. This used to be the Aadne’s spot. It was hidden away. She was always in her world, her head in the dreamy clouds. But it gave her immense solace to rest her ever-thinking head on that swing and lull away the thoughts that never  seemed to stop.

Aadne had seen Adara in Arhat and that very moment she entered the zone of contradictions and confusions.

Adara was sure-footed and confident in ignorance. He did not like being told what to do and what not to do even. But he was extremely perception conscious as was she. He pretended to be someone else in front of the others.

Aadne floundered and was confident in her perception of ignorance. She got to feel an impostor all the way, everywhere she went. She invented all reasons for not getting away from Arhat. It was many years before she mustered up her own self and made attempts, yes one too many. Each time she felt walled and holed up in her own tunnel that she had to crawl through. But everytime she went through the tunnel she came into another one.

This was how it was till that transcendental moment. That day when she was sat on that swing looking out into the lotus lake, she knew love for just everything and everyone. There seemed to be no reason not to shower that feeling around. And then she was in Anahata. Actually she was told that she had transitioned from Arhat into Anahata quite quickly.

Though there were moments when she felt like she was slipping back to a lower realm when she was shaken up and had lost all of that confidence. The wheel though kept turning and Aadne knew she was on the move.

But in Anahata she felt his presence. Adara was there around somewhere. He just was not showing himself to her. There were days that rolled into one another and a constant feeling of looking for him was at the back of her churning mind and thinking brain. There was a twisting and turning of her insides when she thought how she had to leave him in Arhat. She was told that she was not supposed to look back and that pleasant lotus pond next to the splendid home was not somewhere she would return to.

Today Aadne had come to the beautiful location in Anahata – interestingly this was known as the “Light of Love”. And then she saw him – her flawed Adara but she was just as flawed as he was.

They came together, the connection of Arhat was made. No one needed to tell them. They knew each other. As though they were destined to meet yet doomed to separate. A sort of temporary meeting place with the end in sight. Maybe for the very same reason Aadne and Adara constantly felt they were individuals of one entity yet ripped apart by their dynamic opposite nature.

Adara was always flaunting his perceived image but yet kept repeating that they could never be separate. Aadne felt stifled but only if she had known that Adara was there to transcend Anahata and move out into higher realms. Later when he had gone she would recognise that she had unspoken words that he would never hear her in this realm or that he could never really see that now she realised that Adara had been authentic to her. Yes there were his human flaws but still she had them too. Aadne yearned for Adara to appear before her so that she could apologise to him. Those times she felt transported back to Arhat wallowing in the muddy lake where the lotus flowers had grown.

When realisation dawned for Aadne she had spontaneously moved into the Light of Love. There she saw her Adara. Her Adara had passed all of the realms – become one with the Cosmos. It was going to be another long journey for her. The eagle in Aadne was yet to soar. 

February 03, 2023 18:51

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