A Brawl Over Some Spilled Water

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Western Fantasy Drama

"'See what happens when you use your anger, it gets into trouble,"' my Master would say if he was here right now. I thought of this as I chokehold one of the orc's friends as chaos unfolds arounds us. By chaos, I mean the brawl that just started a few moments ago. This wasn't supposed to be like this.

Literally everyone in this salon were fighting upon another, except for a few others who couldn't defend themselves. I have had one opponent within my grasp as I continue to try to put him to sleep. Thankfully, the other orcs fought off with either a dwarf or elf at that moment so I had no one to worry about. It was as if the elves and dwarves were fighting on my behalf cause after all I was only minding my business.

The only ones who weren't fighting were the showgirls, whom at this time have been watching this brawl as they stood on the second floor. Poor things are scared out of their wits. The showgirls looked like they were going into the rooms if things get out of hand. Gonna fix this fast.

The barkeep meanwhile was on clean up duty. As he causally walks around dodging all of the fists flying in the air, he grabs those who have been defeated and thrown them out of the salon. Judging from here, it seems like he was used to this. Definitely deserves a big tip tonight by your's truly.

I finally let go of the orc's friend's neck, especially since he is passed out sleeping, and proceed to punch another friend of his in the face without knowing what my opponent looked like. Grave mistake on my part. For despite my best efforts, this one didn't faze me especially considering this orc was huge and mean. The orc looks down at me, as I laugh uncomfortably with a weak smile, all the meanwhile being nervous beyond hell, "Sorry, my bad. I didn't want to fight to begin with".

The muscular orc grabs a hold of me by my bandanna, and snarls at me as his bad breath left from his mouth: "Then why did you just hit me, you little shrimp?"

I responded still nervously, a bit shameful as I held my breath from the strong orc's toxic breath: "Force of habit..."

The muscular orc then proceeded to lift me up and slam me into the nearest table on my back.

'Ow, that's gonna hurt in the morning for sure,' I said this to myself as I grit my teeth through the agonizing pain of my back. I had to even breath heavily considering that took a lot on me. 'This guy is crazy strong and took the wind out of me', I said thinking to myself again trying to get myself back together.

As I try recuperating, the orc of muscle proceed to choke me from where he stand while I was laying defenselessly on the table. I quickly grabbed his hands trying to loosen from the tight grip but it obviously wasn't working on my part.

Next thing I did was try to kick him with my feet, however either of legs could go past my chest nor could reach his gigantic head. I checked my surroundings by using the corners of my eyes. On my right is a glass mug just edging on the table about to fall. Now is the perfect time to grab it and take the advantage. I quickly grabbed the mug with my right hand and with all my might, I slammed the mug across the orc's face.

Once impacted, the glass scattered and orc screamed in agony as some of the glass was in his eyes as well as his right side of his dumb face. The orc of course let go of my neck as he was yelling out of everyone there in the salon. Next thing I did was take my bearings up lifting myself off of the table, and grounded my feet to the floor. I have to finish this one-on-one fight so I grabbed the nearest chair and hit the orc with it across his face. The orc fell backwards and was knocked out unconscious. 'Thank goodness," I said muttering myself. 'Now to finish this'.

I checked around the room as the chaos continues going on. Everyone is really going at it with one another. If anyone wanted to pick a fight with somebody, today was definitely the day. 'I still need to finish this or else a sheriff will appear and put us into a jail cell for a night or two. Don't have to time for that right now,' I said this all mentally.

Just as I'm about to grab my gun from my hostler, another orc decides to jump onto me from behind. 'These orcs never quit, do they?' I asked mentally.

The orc on my back was thankfully the smallest out of the group and lighter than the last one I fought off against. This should be a piece of cake however that wasn't the case. The small fry orc was upon my back trying to take me down to the ground. Luckily, he wasn't any heavier or else he would have had the upper hand. As he was struggling to wrap his legs around mine, I quickly fell backwards using him as a soft cushion. He loudly groaned near my ears as I then rolled over to face him while giving him a knuckle sandwich across hia silly face, knocking him out cold in the process.

'Is that the rest of them?' I asked hopefully not wanting to encounter another orc foe. Apparently not cause one more (thankfully the last one) decided to kick me in the face. 'Gonna have to ice my face later somehow,' I said this all to myself as my face stings right there and then.

The remaining orc then proceed to grab me by the back collar of my shirt in order for me to stand. He next punches me in the stomach which of course took another wind of me. 'These bastards are something else entirely,' I groaned to myself. He then tries to lift me up but I remain stationary.

"No more... Not a single one of you are going to throw me like some kind of ragdoll," I said underneath my breath. I tighten my right fist, making it all red like a burning flame and gave the remaining orc a sky uppercut from where we stood. After the contact, the orc fell to the ground knocked out just like his buddies.

'Now to finish this brawl. Should have ended a long time ago but we are...' I said this as I finally grabbed my gun from my holster but just as I was about to lift it up in the air, a gun went off causing the chaos to a complete halt.

All was quiet for the sheriff have arrived at the scene. He was tall, slender fellow with a serious look upon his face. I groan once again to myself: 'Great, from another thing to another. It's just one of those dog days, I guess. And it all started with just a simple glass of water.'

June 17, 2023 18:28

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