As the last petal falls pt3

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Drama Friendship Romance

curious, but at the same time scared.

“Ok, go on”

“Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He asks.

Chapter 5.  Status update

“What!?” I said with wide eyes, he must’ve thought that was my way of rejecting him because he just started walking off.  But I ran up to him and grabbed his arm.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that, I do want to be your girlfriend, because I do have feelings for you and I care for you” 

“Really?” he asks as if to say he didn’t believe me.

“Yes, really,” I say, reassuring him.

“Ok, good because I was about to run off and cry,” He admits.

“Well then i would feel really bad if i had rejected you, so i’m glad i didn’t”

He looked at me with concern but I just laughed. He was adorable and he was mine. Suddenly I saw my best friend Eliza, I ran to her and took her hand in mine.

“Hey-” she says at first, but when she sees me she stops.  She at first glares at me but then smiles embarrassed.

“Oh it’s you, oh and ben, what is the occasion?”

“Well it isn’t really an occasion but It doesn’t matter if i’m here or not because I am now his girlfriend”  I say proudly.

“Wait, what?!” she says shocked.

“He asked you to be his girlfriend, that’s so cool”

“Um, you do know that I’m also here, right?” Ben asks.

“Oh, yeah sorry but congrats on asking my best friend to be your girlfriend, also if you hurt her or cheat on her or break her heart, I will end you”

Ben’s eyes widen and he nervously chuckles. “Don't worry, I don't plan on doing that ever.” He winks at me. I feel butterflies when he says that and Eliza’s expression changes. 

“Well, I got to go, see you later, bestie! Oh wait, also Mckenna wants you for something too, btw, I don't know what.” She then leaves. I look at Ben and he curiously looks at me back, but I shrug. “I’ll catch up with her later I guess.” Ben nods. “Okay then, shall we go out now?’’ I nod and we go to the party and have fun. I turn around to see a guy smiling while staring at me, and I recognize him as Austin, he’s in all of my classes, not to mention I had a crush on him before but I knew he would never like me back. I smile back at him but then Austin’s face suddenly changes and he looks sad. He walks away, leaving me staring at where he was at. Could he be the one who wants to ask me to the Masquerade ball? No, why does it matter now, I'm with Ben. I turn around to see Ben already STARING at me confused.    

“Are you okay, who were you staring at, you were zoned out for a long time,” he says while laughing. 

I shake my head. “Um, no one, it doesn’t matter, let's go outside!” I grab his hand, letting our fingers hold each other, but Ben can tell I'm lying. He can see right through me, like glass. In a way I kinda am glass, fragile and sensitive. I take a deep breath and inhale the fresh air. 

“Do you want to go Ruby, because I’m totally fin-” 

“No!” I say loudly, which startles him. “I mean, I'm really tired, this party really drained me, you know what I mean?” 

He nods. “Yeh, I'm so tired too. Um, so, um,  do you want to come over to my house tomorrow after school?” he says while blushing. “And it's fine if you don't want to.”

I blush hard too. Ben just invited me over to his house, but this time alone, and asked me to be his girlfriend on the same day! Best day ever. I realize Ben is still waiting for my answer, and I clear my throat. “Um, sure, that's cool.” I cringe. SO much for being cool, calm and collective. He takes me in his car and drives me back home. We sit in silence, but a comfortable silence. I sneak glances at him, and he too smiles until we reach my house. I step out but before I go to my house, he grabs my wrist.

“My house is actually really close to yours, I can technically walk here.” My heart beats faster hearing that. That means I could see him anytime, but I don't want to be too annoying. I never had an actual boyfriend before, except for last year, but we don't talk about that. I smile. “Thats cool, we can see each other often!” He smiles then leans in to kiss me, and I kiss him back. I can see my mom watching from the window, and I step back embarrassed. “I-Ill see you tomorrow.” I then dash into my house, feeling bad for leaving him hanging. My mom excitedly bounces towards me, obviously curious like always.

“So What happened?” she asks obviously not accepting the fact that she was being nosy.

“Ben asked me to be his Girlfriend!” I said. 

“Wow sweetie that’s amazing, but don’t you think your a little too young for that”

“Of course not, mom, weren’t you anything like me when you were my age?”

“Well sweetheart times change, things aren't like they used to be.”

“Mom, please don’t lecture me” 

I didn’t try to hear the rest of what she had to say, I just went up to my room  and closed the door.  I ran over to my bed and plopped down.  Then I went on my social media bio’s and switched my single status to in a relationship, it was weird but it felt good to finally have someone to call my own. Like a little glimpse into paradise having someone to love and care for you like a best friend would.  Everything seemed good until I got the text.

Chapter 6. The Next Step

I got a text from Ben, that's what the notification showed me, so I clicked on the text and read hey Ruby I actually don’t know if we can be dating because Mackenna actually told me that you have some history with this guy named Austin and that you are still hung up on him, but we can still be friends, when you sort this out text me… O M G what! Mackenna had told him that I was hung up on Austin, no way I stopped liking him a while ago, But why would Mackenna do that, unless Mackenna had a crush on Ben! Of course now it makes sense why Eliza told me that she wanted to talk to me, Mackenna wanted to tell me to back off so she could have Ben all to herself, News flash sweetheart he has a girlfriend, well had a girlfriend. But because of her now he dumped me.  I could feel tears welling up in my eyes but I tried not to let them flow because I didn’t want to be sad, not when it wasn’t even my fault.  I decided to text him back  hey just got ur message but i do want to clarify that Mackenna is making that up because I haven’t liked austin since two months and i really really like you because you are one of the best things that have happened to me, i send it and wait for his response.  I see typing and then the text is sent. Can u prove it? I don’t waste a minute even though I'm in shorts and a hoodie. I walk out to my jeep and hop in, then i Drive down the street to Ben's house.  I walk up the driveway and knock on the door.  

“Ruby, what are you doing here?” He asks.

“You said to prove it” I laugh but it’s forced.  I don’t give him time to answer. I run into his arms and kiss him, he twitches but then softens and kisses me back. As soon as I pull back, I walk into his house and plop down on the couch. 

“So, you have a nice house” I say obviously trying to steer away from the fact we just made out.

“You really like me, don’t you?” He asks. 

“Yeah, I do.  I wanted to show you that I don’t have feelings for Austin anymore” I say, fiddling with my fingers.

“Well I believe you, No one has ever done anything like that for me”

I just stare at him, trying to process if this is real or not because right now this all feels like a good dream.

“I want to make our relationship public”  I say hoping he’ll agree.

“I don’t know, what if people don’t think we’re good together. Or they just can’t accept us”

“Yeah But What does that matter, if we’re in love then why does it matter what people think?”

“Uh, i-it doesn’t I just thought maybe that was a problem you had” 

I just looked at him.  I didn’t know if I believed him or not. 

“Do you not want people to know that we’re together?”

“No of course not I love being with you and I want the world to know but what if people can’t accept us.”

“But why wouldn’t people accept us?” I was intrigued. 

“I mean there doesn’t seem to be any reason but what if. you know”

I just stand there staring at him but then suddenly my phone dings and I check it Ruby where are u and why aren’t you at the house? Crap! I forgot to tell my mom that I was leaving the house now she’ll probably ground me. I text her back sorry I forgot to tell you that I went over to Ben's house to sort something out but I'll be back home in a few. 

“Was it important?” he asks.

“Was what important?”

“Your text” 

“Oh! That. my mom texted me” I say.


“Listen I gotta go sorry but i’ll see you tomorrow”


I open the front door and step out into the cold fall air.  I walk over to my jeep and hop in starting the warm car up and turn on the seat warmers.  As I start driving I have thoughts about If Ben actually believes me about the Austin thing. I mean he said he did so why question it further.  It doesn’t make sense though, because obviously Ben could always ask Austin if we liked each other and he would say no…unless he still likes me.  Ew.  But I didn’t want to think about that because I really like Ben and I don’t want to lose him, but Austin is also very cute but….No! I finally pull into the driveway and hop out of the car…I check my phone and I’m surprised to see that it’s 8:58, I didn’t think I was gone for that long.  Since I was gone so long I try to sneak into the house unnoticed, but of course my mom is like a drill sergeant, needs to know where anyone is at any time,  So as soon as I get into the house my mom flicks on the light and greets me.

“So, where have you been?” she asks me with an angry smile.

“I was at Ben's,” I say trying to keep my cool.

“YOU WERE AT A BOY’S HOUSE!!!” she exclaims, eyes widened.

“Mom, stop acting like it’s that big of a deal when it’s not”


p.s this is all i have right now because i have writers block srryy

February 08, 2023 21:29

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12:57 Jun 10, 2023

I hate that stupid writer's block. Your story is going good, come back and finish this.


Maddie <3
10:44 Aug 24, 2023

thx for your support


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