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Historical Fiction

Kamal was engaged in the study of the mathematical algorithm for miniaturizing the work of computer CPUs and despite all his attempts and his supervisor Luther, their attempts failed again and again .

The five-person team was most interested in developing the first-generation PC by making it smaller, faster, cheaper and less heat-dissipating.

"do you Could redesign the transistor , I want him to be smaller than it is in order to put it instead of valves large size."Luther.

"Yes sir, I started working on it, maybe I'll finish it tomorrow."Michael.

"It would be great successful."Melissa.

"It is 1958 that we must enter history from its wide door."Lydia

"For special magnetic disks that can be used as storage memory, the storage capacity must be large and hold the most information .On us  develop this machine."Luther.

"I finished improving IT ،  experiments can be done on it now."Melissa.

"Thank you, this is the work I'm looking for.move on now to study the temperature of the device."Luther.

"Yes, sir. "Melissa.

"We must find a way to lower the temperature of the device, is it new ideas perfection."Luther .

"Yes sir, I think it's about getting rid of vacuum valves and replacing them with transistors that are smaller, longer-lived and consume much less energy and heat than vacuum valves."Kamal.

"But what is the mechanism of action of transistors and what is transistors."Lydia.

"Transistors are about an element that allows the passage of electrical energy in a certain direction, while at the same time stopping the flow of electrical energy in the other direction."Kamal.

"What an amazing technology, we will combine all these technologies in order to have a better computer."Lydia.

"The team, I think it's the time to break."Luther.

"For some of the rest may be more inspiring."Michael.

"What do you  think Michael of idea of relying entirely on transistors in order to modernize the computer."Melissa.

"If we notice, we find that the computer that we use now has a lot of flaws, it is slow , it heats up quickly, it has little capacity."Kamal.

"We want a faster, Antipyretic, large-capacity computer that stores a lot of information."Luther.

"And are transistors the solution."Melissa.

"I assure you you will be surprised by the work of these transistors, despite the simplicity of its work, which is to control the current passing between two of its limbs through very little current or voltage that is directed at the third party."Kamal.

"Just that simple."Lydia.

"The simplicity of the work of transistors is what will make us develop the computer, the current or control voltage connects or separates the current passing between the two ends of the transistor, which in this case is used as an electronic switch or switch and the electronic circuits that work according to this method are called digital electronic circuits, which are used to build."Kamal.

"It's all used to make and develop a computer , as we see, the idea is not new, but how simple things can be exploited to make great things, so you're ready to enter history from its wide door."Luther.

"Yes, sir, we will We develop this device."Michael.

"How wonderful you are, Kamal, you really did well."Lydia.

"Thank you Lydia."Kamal.

"I gave you a day off where you can go home, see your families, regroup, wash your thoughts and come back with new ideas."Luther.

"Yes, sir. thanks for the holiday. you can count on us."Kamal.

Kamal, a Palestinian Arab immigrant, is a smart boy, but he is a genius, he enrolled in high school at the age of ten after he was raised directly from elementary school when his teachers noticed his intelligence and he Run the level tests and raised to the secondary level directly.

Kamal joined this team of technical engineers immediately after graduating from the University he loves modern technology, the first on his batch succeeded with a degree of honor and everyone said that he has a future in the technological industries.

"Habibi Kamal, have you completed your project."Kamal's mother.

"Mom I can't talk about work at home, you know the rules."Kamal.

"Yes, Son, it's okay, I pray for you every day until it Succeed."Kamal's mother.

"Thank you Mom, I really need to Your prayers today more than ever and to taste your food delicious."Kamal .

"Habibi Kamal , i miss you so much already."Kamal's mother.

"And I am also my mother, but where are my father and Hasna and Fatima."Kamal.

"Your father is at work and is on arrival, while Hasna has a semester's exams in architecture , and Fatima is busy with one of her inventions, I don't know exactly what it is and she is eagerly waiting for you to come."Kamal's mother.

"She waits for me, what a feisty one ."Kamal.

"Kamal Kamal, brother, you can not imagine what you invented , I want to evaluate you, let's go down the cellar."Fatima.

"Wait, your brother is so tired, you can't take him now, let him rest a little."Kamal's mother.

"Sorry mom, but you should see my new invention, You'll be amazed at my intelligence."Fatima.

Kamal walked into his room and Lie down the bed thinking about a way to make the new computer work without any damage. 

Think and Think as he contemplates the surface of his room, decorated with Arabic inscriptions, whose brightly colored walls are seen with Arabic drawings .

Kamal loved his Arab culture very much and loved all its ancient scholars such as Khwarizmi, Tabari and Ibn Sinai and find their books fill his small library . And he even tried to imitate some of Their inventions.

And while he was exhausted, his father entered the room.

"Good morning, Kamal Habibi ."Kamal's father.

"Dad, How Are you, I missed you so much."Kamal.

"Me Too son, have you finished your project is important."Kamal's father .

"dad, but it's secret and private that can't be revealed."Kamal.

"Well as he wishes, lunch is ready now your mother and sisters are waiting for ."Kamal's father.

"I'm really hungry and I miss my mother's cooking."Kamal.

"Kamal, I want you to sit next to me today."Fatima.

"Oh, leave your brother alone Fatima."Kamal's father.

"she's so excited for her new invention as she called it."Kamal.

"New invention! Didn't you tell me about it."Kamal's father.

"Yes dad, she has a week and she talks about it, all the time from waking up to sleeping."Hasnaa.

"And now what is the result of this invention does it work or not."Kamal's father.

"I think it's seventy percent successful."Fatima.

"Seventy percent , this is an amazing success , I'm excited to see him."Kamal.

Fatima, Kamal's younger sister, loves inventions perhaps more than Kamal himself.

After the end of the food, Kamal and Fatima went to the cellar to see her invention, and coincidentally it was a miniature transistor that she put into a cooling device.

"So wonderful Fatima, I did not think you!!!!!!… " Kamal is surprised.

"What do you like my invention."Fatima.

"Let's see if it will work."Kamal.

"I'll turn the current."Fatima.

"Wow, it works, that's awesome, you awesome Fatima."Kamal.

"Thank you brother Thank you ."Fatima.

"But how come you came up with something like this."Kamal.

"Because of the TV, it turns off every hour and I have to wait another hour, because it overheats."Fatima.

"And this device helps to reduce its temperature, and how does it work?"Kamal.

"The principle is very simple , instead of the current going in one direction and not coming out, it has to go in a loop and I used a transistor for that."Kamal.

"You're wonderful, Fatima, the same idea, My theory is correct ,  you will succeed, you will succeed ."Kamal .

"About any idea speaks Kamal."Fatima.

Hug Kamal Fatima at length .

"You know I'll make it , I have to go back to work right now."Kamal.

Kamal returned to work and is sure of his success this time in making the new computer work and equipped all the necessary materials for this and began to build a mini-cooling device from transistors, in addition to all the changes accompanying it they need a new device fast, carrying a lot of information and high storage capacity in addition to.

The rest of the team returned to work after Luther called them back.

And the experiments started again and everyone is waiting for his success this time and he really tried the perfection of it once, two and three until he succeeded.

"Kamal It's work, Kamal, look, twenty minutes went by without it turning off."Michael.

"We need more time , let's do the Repeat again."Kamal.

"This time it should take twelve hours longer and see what happens."Luther.

"In the meantime we are developing its software ."Kamal.

"Yeah, that's what's going to happen.it's going to have to be incredibly sophisticated. we're going into history."Michael .

"I hope God fulfills your wish."Kamal.

After days and days of experiments, Kamal's team succeeded in their quest to invent a new fully integrated computer called the second generation of computers.

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Paula Dennison
18:48 Mar 12, 2021

Your idea for the story was excellent. I like that you involved Kamal's family as he worked on his project and that his little sister came up with the answer. Your understanding of technology appears to be above average and this aided in making your story realistic. You need just a little help with using the appropriate English word at times and how to prevent fragmented sentences. After you frame your dialogue there should be something to indicate the speaker like the following example: "I hope God fulfills your wish." Kamal said. or "Ka...


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