Dirty business

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Fiction Contemporary Crime

It’s been about an hour since I was waiting in the tea house. I get my phone out of my bag and check again the message he send me this morning.

I will explain everything. Meet me at Charlie’s at 4 o’clock.

I’m not in the wrong place. However, is 5.15 and he’s nowhere to be seen. I give him a call. Voicemail. I let out a sigh and put my phone on the table. The waitress comes towards me, putting on her face her best smile. I take a quick look on the menu she had left on the table when I entered.

“What can I bring you?” she asked.

“Earl Grey please. For two.” I reply giving her back the menu.

I take a glance around the shop. The place was so small, only four tables serving. And when he sends me the address, I couldn’t imagine that this is a tea house. It looks more like a regular store on the outside, totally different from the inside. I lost myself looking at the beautiful paste colours on the walls and the floral wallpaper. I relax a bit and try to put my thoughts in order. It is a hell of a day. I woke up this morning only to find out that I’m wanted for a theft I didn’t commit. And I’m more that a hundred percent sure that this rumor was spread by the same man I’ve been waiting here.

The sound of the door open brought me back to reality. I turn and spot a tall man, in navy blue checkered suit enters. This man was my rendezvous.

I see how the waitress’s face changes when she gave her one of his signature looks, how boastful. His eyes were scanning the room until they found me on the far end, sitting on a corner table.

“Hello beautiful.” He says while sitting on the chair opposite me.

“Nice place.” I comment. “You know how to lie low.”

“It’s part of the job.” He shrugged.

The waitress came with a tray with our tea and a plate with some scones and sandwiches. We both wait until she vanishes back to the kitchen.

“So, Richard, give me a good reason not to shoot you here and now.” I said calmly, pouring tea in our cups.

He took the cup carefully in his hands and took a small sip.

“Electra, darling. Why such in a bad mood?”

“You dare ask?” I breathed. “I know this is one of your tricks and I want everything to be sorted right now.”

“That depends on you.” He said with a devious smirk on his face.

“What do you want?”

“One last job, together.” He took another sip. “Nothing fancy, just like in Monaco.”

“Monaco?” I snort. “You’re very lucky this knife is not sharp enough to stab you.” He was getting on my nerves.

“And why do I need such luxurious treatment? Everything went well at the end.”

I stab the scone on my plate with the knife.

“Why? Do you remember everything that happened in Monaco?”

“Yes, it was- ”

“The maharajah! I had him ready, and he would have signed the contracts in a snap of my fingers until YOU showed up and blew up everything.”

Our eyes were locked to each other’s. He remained on his seat without a word, waiting for me to let all my rage.

“And let me remind you that until we leave Monaco, I had been shot three times because of you! This is what you call a success?”

His face fell. He was responsible to protect me, and he failed. I had trusted him, and he let me down.

“I promise, this time will not include any shooting.” He replied under his breath.

I couldn’t see him like this. He is always radiating power and confidence and now his face is darkened. Maybe after all he still wants us to be together.

“Damn you Richard, I’ll do it. But this time I want the truth about everything. And I will study the plans before we proceed.”

His face light up upon hearing my answer. He takes both my hands in his and holds them just above the table.

“It is times like this that I want to give up everything and run away with you.” His thumbs were rubbing the upper part of my hands, it was so soothing.

“You are well aware that it can never happen. No matter how bad I want it too.”

We were taken in by a large group of high-profile people that wanted their fortune to become even bigger with any means necessary. So, they were recruiting different sorts of people with certain talents, such as forgers, con artists, smugglers and thieves. Every time they spotted something that must be included to their collection, that’s where we come in. Me and Richard were deep in debt and our attempts to use our talents were not always successful when we were playing solo. We met each other on our first mission and since then we make a good team. Well, most of the times.

But the last job was a disaster for me. After we came back from Monaco, I asked the big guys that I want to get out of this as soon as possible. Of course, I had signed a secrecy agreement and I would be instantly killed if I ever say anything of this to the media or anyone else outside. I just wanted a normal life. And now they want more from me and they knew exactly the person to send to persuade me.

I love Richard, in an unusual way, but I do. And I know the feeling is mutual. Unfortunately, this was against the rules, and those guys were not kidding. We got our first job when two former members were shot after they discovered that they have an affair between them. That was an extra motive to be discreet and not raise any suspicions.

“So, shall we meet tonight? I can bring all the plans and details for the job.” He said breaking the silence between us.

“Yes, but first you have something else to do.” I smirk. I have plenty of countries where I’m wanted but I’d like to have one less if you don’t mind.”

He let one of my hands, took up his phone and types something fast.

“Consider it done.” He smiled at me hitting the send button.

We ask the waitress for the bill, and we get up to leave. Just before the exit, he offers me his elbow and I pass my arm around his. The door behind us close as the waitress get out of the kitchen with the bill at hand.

January 10, 2022 18:21

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Michael Danyluk
21:49 Jan 18, 2022

There's like 3 errors in the first two paragraphs lmao


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Charlie Murphy
18:49 Jan 15, 2022

Great story! Will there be a second part?


Francis Hill
03:38 Jan 16, 2022

I agree. Part 2?


E. Roux
17:39 Jan 16, 2022

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Truth is, I was thinking of making a complete story when I was writing the above so, yes I'll continue on that.


Francis Hill
23:05 Jan 16, 2022

Make sure to let everyone know when it's ready.


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