I have an incredible recollection. I can recall the most minor facts from something that may have happened weeks ago. I know things that happened in full detail from a year ago. I used to have the worst memory. I could recall nothing unless I had a small notepad. And the worst part was that I wanted to be a police officer. So bad, that I did it. I decided to become a police officer. And then I started to learn to memorize things much better than before. I would read entire training books and know what the answers were on the tests I had to take. It was fantastic. A lot of people asked me if I would be a detective. But I refused. I wanted to be an officer. So I am. And I was very happy. My life felt complete, for the most part. It was easy in a small town like this one. On a random July day, however, everything changed from that.

I was patrolling the streets in the early morning when I got called a block over. I was the first at the scene beside the witnesses. I took everything into consideration. Checking everything about the scene. There was a robbery happening. I ran into the building, and I started to put on the whole, "you have the right to remain silent" speech. Then my fellow police officers showed up. They quickly checked him, and then put them in the car for further inspection. It was early but extremely hot. I rolled down the windows, and I turned into the station within five minutes. I trotted inside, waiting for the detective to come. I had a coffee and brought the robber into a waiting cell. It was what we used for moments like this. Rarely did we have this happen, but in the case it did, it was always there for us to use.

A lawyer was coming too, and I was to be the police officer in the room. Serves as protection, if the robber got wild. We inspected everything he had, and he did indeed have a weapon on him. The detective was there thirty minutes later. I pulled the robber into the room, and we waited for a lawyer. Once the lawyer was here, five minutes after the detective came in. A whole pad and paper. It reminded me of going anywhere before I had my great memory. I went into the room, and right off the back, I knew that everything was a lie. After they said, "that is all we need to know," I told the detective and lawyer about everything I had seen while I was at the scene of the crime. They listened and wrote down everything I said, checking that it was being recorded.

The detective seemed to understand, and he said that all of what I had said contrasted with what he had said. They needed a witness. I remember seeing my bank accountant around the other people who were outside of the building. Looking frightened. I tell them to wait a few minutes. I call them into the station, and luckily they agreed to come in to discuss what they had seen. They were visibly scared, but once we had made them comfortable, everything was fine. We got a lot of information out of my bank accounts, and almost all of their story lined up with mine. Some of it got blurred, but the main part was recalled and was even able to recall seeing me step out of my car and run into the building.

It was a mystery at some points in their story, however, they said it happened and that there were some people who were threatened. I was not there the whole time, so I just remember the ending. So the first part was really difficult. We had to call on another witness, one of my bank accountant's coworkers. They said a much different story than my accountants. So what happened was getting confusing, as we had two different stories of what happened. One where the robber came into the bathroom and threatened people, and one where they came from the bathroom to the counter. We had no clue about this mystery. We had another witness, the last person who was there at the time of this robbery. The very last person. This one confirmed that he did not go into the bathroom. But came in from the bathrooms.

When we got the robber to come back in, and confirm they never went to the bathrooms, they claimed that they did go into the bathrooms. We were split in an official half, as we had no clue who to believe. And then we went into the building. We had to check the bathroom security camera. I programmed it and saw that there was the one co-worker, the one who we called after my bank accountant helping somebody, the robber, into the building. They shook hands, and then they went out running. Pretending to be scared. We had our mystery solved. There was an accomplice, someone who betrayed two of their workers. We could not believe how this was and there was not anything that they could say to us. We had them in jail until the hearing.

Months later, on a crisp September day, the court decided that they were to serve in jail for another year before they were allowed out. And it was me who marched them to their own cells. My memory, my photographic memory, was the thing that practically saved the day. It made me reconsider if I really wanted to be a police officer anymore. And after a month of thinking and months of schooling for a change in profession, I was officially a detective. I was still like a police officer. But underneath that, I was a detective. I test my memory more than ever before. But if it was not for this robbery, I would have never even thought about using my skill like this. Using it to make a difference in the world.

May 19, 2022 20:02

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