Kids Funny Mystery


EmiliaEMILIA. Darling, it’s one am,” said Audrey checking the clock whilst squinting through her tiredness. “Actually, one thirty-three am.” 

Emilia was twelve years old, but the past twelve months had been extremely tough. She lost her parents in a car accident, both were detectives, and she was now living with her parents’ best friend Audrey Sanderson.

Audrey had two children, Jackson, now 19, who was living up north whilst in university studying Forensics and Crime Investigations. 

Her other child was Rose, Emilia’s best (and only) friend.

It had been tough for Audrey too, who had lost her closest friends.

Emilia had always been a “clean freak”, or that’s what her Dad used to call her, anyway. However, since the accident, she had been diagnosed with OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 

Audrey had often told Emilia her brain worked “like a fire alarm going off, but without a fire.”

Both Audrey and Rose were really patient and understood her needs.

In fact, Emilia had not left the house for months. Rose would often bring school work for her to do and Audrey, a teacher herself, provided at-home classes.

“But the floor was full of bits, Aunty Audrey.” Even though they weren’t related, Emilia had always called her Aunty. “The lines were vertical and I like them horizontal.”

“I know you do, sweetie, it’s just late to be vacuuming.” Audrey had been slightly distracted as Rose appeared rubbing her eyes.

“Emilia, if you can’t sleep maybe you could sort the photo album out like we talked about. Put it in order. I’ll help.” Rose always knew what to say. “I got this, Mum.”

Rose collected the photo album and placed it on the living room table. Audrey went up to bed whilst the children stayed up. 

Since Emilia had been living there, the house was spotless. Every book on the shelf was lined up accordingly, and all the furniture was placed in just the right spot.

The photo album was a joint effort the girls decided to do yesterday, to place the photos in order.

Straight away Rose glared at Emilia as she had wandered away as soon as the photo appeared of Emilia’s parents.

One Year Ago

“Are you sure don’t want to come with us, Emilia?” Emilia’s mom asked with jubilation.

“I’d love to, Mum, but I promised Rose we’d go to Jenna’s. Rose said she had a surprise for me.” Mixed emotions stemmed from Emilia’s voice. “But the detective event is on all week, so I’ll go tomorrow with you!”

“Yesss, of course you can. Your dad and I are super excited.”

“Now, Emilia, we’ll be back around seven and bring back your favourite food, pizza!” 

“I can’t wait, Dad, have a super day at the detective convention.” 

That was the last time they spoke and the last time Emilia had smiled. 

A terrible car accident prevented them from reaching their destination.

Rumours had surfaced that it was the work of a local gangster, Archibald “Mad Hatter” Hatton who had ordered their so-called accident! 

He was called Mad Hatter due to the outrageous hats he used to wear.

Emilia’s mom and dad had been investigating the evil mastermind behind the local crime sprees. They were close to arresting him at the time.


As the girls began organising the photo album, Emilia glanced across the street and noticed someone entering the empty boarded up street.

“That’s odd, I thought no one lived there” steadily heading toward the window.

“There isn’t..” Rose putting her hand on Emilia’s shoulder. “You’re right!”

“Shall we tell your Mum?” pulling Rose’s left pajama sleeve down so it was symmetrical with the right one.

“No, I’m going over!” tying her shoes even before Emilia could gather her thought.

Despite Emilia’s plea not to go over, Rose decided to anyway. Emilia’s agarophobia meant Rose would go alone but she would be watching from afar holding a flashlight to warn Rose of any danger.

The sparkling stars set the sky slight.

Rose tiptoed over the road before stopping in the middle.

“Why am I tiptoe-ing?” which was the same thought Emilia had at the same time.

Rose looked around the house but to no avail. Shrugging her shoulders in the direction of Emilia across the street. 

Then she heard a rustle and one of the boards blocking the door opening. Rose had her back to Emilia.

Emilia tried flashing the light on and off frantially trying to alert Rose.

Within a flash an hoodied assailant dragged Rose inside much to Emilia’s terror.

She didn’t know what to do periliously walking up and down around the room. She had to save her friend.

Could she tell Aunty Audrey? Should she phone the police?

Emilia took drastic action, she decided she would have to save her!

Approaching her front door she suffered panic attack and vertigo. Trembling with fear she ran across the street with her flashlight!

Heart beating so fast she was surprised the whole neighbourhood was up looking out the window at the noisy drumming.

Investigating the scene of the crime as such - she noticed the board in the door was loose. She crawled through what seemed like a human door-flap.

As she headed into the house the dust was everywhere. She knew she would have to get the hoover out when this was over.

It was dark but her flashlight, albeit dimmed was helping her see ahead of her.



This was a nightmare for Emilia. She had walked into a cobweb. Frantically, wavering it off.

“Emilia!” a soft voice appeared from the living room

“Rose? Are you ok?” brushing off as much of the cobwebs as possble. “Can you see any cobwebs on me?

“No. This is Trisha!” There stood a girl around twelve/thirteen with greasy tied back hair.

Rose went on to tell Emilia that Trisha was homeless and ran away from her care home. She had nowhere to go.

Emilia empathised but was distracted by the dusty room.

“Trisha, come back over with us. I’ll speak to my Mum tomorrow and see what we can do.”

Sneaking Trisha into they gave her some blankets and a pillow.

As they were to head off to sleep, Rose turned to Emilia,

“You left the house! I’m so proud of you. Will you leave the house in the morning?”

“Of course Rose..” Rose smiling at Emilia’s newfound strength . “…I want to go back over the road and hoover the house!”

July 07, 2023 16:45

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Kaelyn Klaus
18:15 Aug 04, 2023

Very well written.


KG Green
20:48 Aug 05, 2023

Thank you. That's very kind of you. Hope you are well.


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Mary Bendickson
05:22 Jul 08, 2023

Hoover to the rescue. Typo: "enrering the empty boarded up street" Thanks for reading/liking my tacos story.


KG Green
07:05 Jul 08, 2023

Thank you Mary. Editing it last night - not a good idea. Tired eyes. It's a project I'm working on called The Eccentric Detective - I've just tailored it for the prompt. Thanks for reading


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