Bedtime Drama Mystery

Luke shot straight up in his bed. He head and neck were drenched with sweat. He tried to adjust his eyes in the darkness of the room.

Mia woke up to his heavy breathing. Luke faced her now.

"Baby what is it? Another nightmare?"

"This was the worst nightmare yet."

Mia moved closer to his side of the bed. She took his hand .

Gave it a gentle squeeze then laid her thick head of curls against her husbands arm. His breathing returned to normal.

"Baby, its alright. It wasn't real. Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, I just want to forget it."

Luke leaned back against his pillows.

He reached for her arm. She let him ease her down beside him.

Luke kissed the side of her face. She smiled.

"Are you sure your ok?" she asked him.

"I'm fine. It was nothing. We have to be up in a few hours."

"I know. But you scared the hell out of me before."

"I didn't mean to. I just want this to end."


The hallway was long and narrow. Luke felt like he had walked and walked for hours but there appeared to be no end in sight. The quicker he went the longer it seemed to take. There was a glowing red light just up ahead. He was sure he could reach it. The walls were appeared to be closing in. Then just as he felt like his legs couldn't carry him one more step, the floor opened underneath swallowing him. Luke tried to grab hold of the walls but it was too late. He was descending into an endless abyss.

He shot straight up and took in the room around him. Again his heart felt like it was beating too fast. Again he sat covered in sweat. He tried to remember what day it was and why he was on the living room sofa. No matter what time he slept his nightmare returned. Luke ran his over the front of his face. Then he reached down on the hardwood floor for his cell phone.

He looked at the time. He had only been asleep for two hours.

Why did he continue to have these nightmares? What were they trying to tell him?


Luke showered, dressed and headed for the kitchen. He glanced at the microwave oven. 5:47 pm

Mia should be home any minute. Luke went to the fridge and opened the door. He looked over the selection of left overs, water bottles and three different yogurt flavors that Mia liked so much.

Luke grabbed a giant glass bowl covered with tin foil and took it to the table. After he retrieved a fork, he removed the foil, stuck the fork inside the bowl and began to eat the cold spaghetti from the other nights dinner.

When his wife walked in the den, Luke was standing in front of the flat screen TV, she shook her head. He grinned at her.

"You could have at least heated it up."

"I like it cold. You want some?" He lifted the glass bowl in her direction. She made a face.

"No thanks. I picked us up a pizza. I had to stay late again and had no idea what to make. You probably don't want anything."

Mia hurried out of the room.

Luke found her at the counter, she was separating the slices from the box. He stood there just taking in her beauty. Mia placed two slices on a paper plate. Luke set the bowl on the kitchen table and came up behind her. He placed his hands around her waist then slowly kissed the back of her neck.

"Oh no. You already had yours this is all mine."

She laughed as he turned her to face him. He stared at her. His deep brown eyes could always make Mia forget about everything.

"You know how much I like pizza."

She grinned. He did too.

"Yes I know. You probably like it more than me."

Luke knew this game. Mia raised a warm and cheesy slice off the plate and placed it in front of Luke's mouth. It smelled incredible. His mouth watered. Mia continued to grin.

"Go on have some. You know you want to."

He took a big mouthful then stood there and chewed.

She watched him enjoying himself.


"Oh yeah, its better than good. You already know that. Can I join you?"

Mia thought it over.

"Well you do work hard and I'm sure that spaghetti was disgusting."

Luke shook his head. He made a sad face.

"And I find you very attractive. But if I'm going to share, you must do exactly as I say."

Luke waited for Mia to place more pizza on a plate for him as he took two glasses from the cabinet above the sink.


They ate till they were full. Talking about their day and how much they both needed another vacation. They made love than fell asleep in each others arms. Mia heard Luke whimper. She thought it was the TV. She sat up quickly. He appeared to be in distress. She shook him several times before he finally woke.

"You have to tell me what your dreaming about."

"No, what good would it do?" Luke leaped off their bed and left the bedroom. Mia could hear him running the water in the sink. She wanted to help but he wouldn't let her.


For five more nights Luke had nightmare after nightmare. Each time Mia tried to comfort him he only grew more distant. She was beginning to feel like she was losing him. Mia asked a few of her friends if they knew much about dreams or a good doctor that had answers.

With a phone number in her hand Mia called the Dream and Sleep Clinic. Her good friend had found her their number after Mia explained how badly Luke was behaving.

A sweet sounding lady answered on the third ring.

"Good afternoon, this is Kim. How can I help you?"

"Hi, I need to make an appointment."

"Ok, have you been here before?" Kim asked.

Mia cleared her throat.

"No, the appointment is for my husband not me. But I would like to accompany him if that's ok."

"Sure I don't see why not. Can I have his date of birth please?"

"Yes, Its 5, 15, 79... his name is Luke, do you really help people?"

"Not me personally, but the doctors do yes. What days were you looking for?"


Luke wasn't pleased with Mia but he agreed to go anyway. They sat together in the canary yellow waiting room. Luke tapped his foot nervously as Mia looked over the forms on the clip board that lay on her lap.

"You have to stop that. Its making me nervous. Its not like their going to draw blood. I'm sure they will just ask you a bunch of questions."

"Still it feels strange going to a doctor over my dreams."

"Nightmares Luke. You have been tired, irritable and I just want it to end. Don't you want the same?" He looked shocked.

"Of course I do. I'm not doing this to ruin your life."

" I know that. But you have to get a handle on it now. Before its gets any worse. Please, you said you would try."


Luke sat on the other side of the deep mahogany desk. Dr. Andrew Reid had a thick head of coppery red hair, a long thin nose and bright hazel eyes. He pushed his eye glasses up on the bridge of his nose. He looked down at the papers upon his desk which contained what he knew of Luke.

"So Luke. Besides your medical history, I will need some back ground on you. Have many cups of coffee do you drink?"

Luke wondered what this had to do with anything.

"Two or three."

" You should probably switch to decaf. How much television do you watch on any given day?"

"Not much. I work full time."

"Ok, bare with me. How many days have you been awake? How many hours of sleep do you consider normal?'


Once the questions were answered, Luke was asked to close his eyes and take several deep cleansing breaths. Dr. Reid crossed the room and came to stand in front of his patient.

"With your eyes remaining closed, think back to the first night the dream occurred. You can see yourself after you awaken from the dream. You are in your own room and Mia is beside you. Nothing to fear. Can you tell me how you feel?"

"Warm, I am always warm when I wake."

"No Luke, your feelings about this dream. Scared, anxious, sad, perhaps worried you will dream it again. Chose one word only."

Luke let out a long sigh.

"Anxious. It will happen again."


Mia and Luke returned home. She waited for him to get comfortable before she asked him what if anything he had learned about his dreams. Luke explained to her that Dr. Reid expected him to do homework for the next few nights. He wanted Luke to begin and continue with a sleep routine. He explained this would help him get relaxed and ensure peaceful dream free nights.

Mia had her doubts.

Luke stopped drinking coffee, stayed away from screens in the evening and would go to bed at nine for the next seven days. It did little at first but over time he noticed he was calmer and had more energy during the day. Luke took notes whenever he dreamed and then Googled and researched the meanings behind his dreams. It was months later before Luke slept dream free. That is without his occurring nightmares.


The truth is we all dream. Each and every night. Some of us find dreams interesting while others find them scary. The very thought of not having power over your own thoughts can worry most of us. For hundreds of years doctors and scientists have studied our dreams. They can write books and make movies about them but they still remain a mystery to this day. Dreams are universal. The one thing we humans have in common.

Good or bad.

Scary or interesting.

Dream or nightmare.

Whatever they truly are we are fascinated by dreams.

So close your eyes and sleep sound tonight.

September 29, 2021 16:20

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