This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

We all were huddled together, anxious breathing engulfed the room, we didn't know what would happen, every moment was crucial. The candle kept flickering, even though we were in a seance, we dismissed it as the work of the wind as the ouija board lay motionless.

Whether it was a bad idea or a terrible idea, we all didn't know that, all that we knew was we were eager to call upon a spirit, it seemed like an exciting thing to do. The worst possible outcome we had expected was that nothing would happen and we were satisfied with it.

I clutched at Avery's hand, she looked back at me with a frightened expression, I guess I annoyed her or maybe scared her, maybe she thought for a moment I had been possessed but I didn't seem to care what she thought, the tension in the room was becoming unbearable.

The room was dark, illuminated only by the light of the candle. Minutes passed but the Ouija board showed no signs of movement, no spirit thought us worthy of it's time and despite the fear building up inside me, I felt partially insulted too.

We didn't know what to summon, call us naive but we went head on with this thing, it never struck us that an evil entity, far scarier than our imagination could be summoned, we were in this for fun and decided to call out whatever would respond to us.

But nothing responded to us, I was growing skeptical of this thing. Maybe ghosts didn't exist at all, they were only a figment of our imagination perhaps or maybe there was something wrong with the ouija board or perhaps we were doing this whole thing wrong.

As these thoughts continued to grapple my mind, there was a slight movement on the ouija board, tensing all of us further, we felt we would break into panic but we just sat there, staring at the ouija board, waiting for whatever was trying to communicate with us to guide us.

But after that movement, the ouija board lay still, was the ghost playing tricks on us?, maybe not, maybe it didn't find us exciting enough, but what was exciting in a ghosts mind?

A chill ran down my spine as I thought of all the possibilities, I didn't want to think about it but this whole thing suddenly felt a lot scarier than it had initially felt. It was perhaps good for us if the spirit did not think of us as exciting or worthy, we had dodged a bullet perhaps.

Melania thought of saying something, she thought the spirit was waiting for us to ask something so that it could reply but we all stared at Melania, our gaze angry, hiding the fear we felt creeping into our souls.

We were in no mood to do such a foolish thing, if the spirit wasn't communicating, it was good enough, a sign we should just wrap things up and head home. I prepared to get up but as soon as l made my intention to leave, the candle flickered violently.

Melania told me to sit down, I knew right then that there was no leaving from this now, I had gotten into it willingly but leaving it wasn't up to me. If leaving wasn't up to me, I was trapped by the spirit right?

That thought made me tremble. Avery tried to calm me down and I tried to control myself, for a while I just wanted to flip the board and be done with this silly thing but nothing inside me made me move an inch.

The planchette moved slightly, we all looked at it in horror as if it held the key to our fate. My mind went blank, I couldn't think nor did I want to think what the spirit might communicate or what kind of a spirit it was.

It stopped around the letter M, all of us with the letter 'M' in our names tensed up slightly but then again it moved, our gaze fixed on it, trying not to miss out any letter. It stopped on the letter A. We all gasped in horror, all of us had that letter in our names but before we could ask anything else the candle flickered slightly once more before it went out completely, leaving us all gaping at the board in dark.

Nothing was visible, stark silence surrounded everything. We were all left in the dark with our thoughts, our minds wandered off to all the endless possiblities of what could happen but still unable to grapple with the situation we found ourselves in.

A hand clutched my hand, I felt it was Avery. I didn't know how to provide her with comfort when I felt none myself. I was trembling with fear and I knew she could sense my fear, I had never been this vulnerable infront of her.

I gripped her hand tighter, something felt off, it felt a little too rough to be Avery's hand. The nails were longer too nor were they smooth, Avery always had perfectly manicured hands, these felt like claws!

I heard someone gulp, I was sure it was one of us, our throats were clenching with fear, we didn't know anything about the situation we found ourselves in. The hand gripped me tighter, I felt discomfort taking me over, I broke out in cold sweat and tried to wriggle my hand away but the grip was too strong to let go.

Since when did Avery become this strong?, that question poked at my mind along with an eerie sensation that it was something else altogether. That thought sent a shiver down me that made my hair stand, I could feel myself shivering even though it wasn't cold.

I tried to get up but a force pulled me down, I felt as if I was stuck in a nightmare. My anxiety was screaming at me to leave but it didn't have the answer on how to get away from there. I felt a strong grip on my left ankle as if somebody was pressing down on it.

As my fear surged, I thought of nothing else but to leave. I willed my frozen body to crawl out slowly till the door but just as I began to crawl a bit, a force slammed me down on the floor. Pain coursed through my body, I felt as if my whole body was being eaten away.

I heard a crunch sound, it made me tremble more but I was sure no one was biting me, then what was it?, my mind didn't want to think of all the possibilities, it was too scared, too tired, to be frightened more. My head throbbed and a small trickle of blood ran down my nose, the slamming had more impact than I had earlier imagined.

For a while nothing happened, I felt no grip nor heard any sound. Everything seemed to calm down but then suddenly a force grabbed my left ankle and pressed down on it, I heard a loud crack and an intense pain rattled my body, I could bear it no longer and screamed in pain but the grip didn't loosen.

I could hear heavy breathing, gasps and crunch sounds but I was still unsure what was happening around me, everything was dark but if it was visible I was sure everything would have seemed dizzy, it felt as if everyone had disappeared.

I was in such intense pain that I didn't realize earlier that I was being very slowly dragged away, my body seemed to have lost almost all of it's sensation and I didn't know where I was being taken or what horror awaited me but I knew for sure that we had summoned something that shouldn't have been summoned, some things are best kept away.

October 26, 2023 17:00

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Roger Scypion
17:40 Dec 19, 2023

Excellent scary story! Well written with a fantastic eclipse of suspense and unknowing terror in the dark.


Sarah Saleem
13:18 Dec 25, 2023



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Danie Holland
10:36 Oct 27, 2023

Being dragged away by something unknown — Very creepy. Some things are better left kept away! Thanks for the story!


Sarah Saleem
11:19 Oct 27, 2023

Thanks for the feedback!✨️ I kept the nature of the entity as mysterious because that adds to the horror.


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