Fantasy Fiction Friendship

"You'll never know unless you try".

In Ancient Greece, along a humble village by the sea, lived two Proud Unicorns. One was black with a white horn growing out of the middle of his forehead. His name was Demetrius and he was a rather "itchy" young unicorn.

The other unicorn was pure white and had a golden horn growing out of the middle of his forehead. His name was Glitter and he is in love with his own reflection.

A worthy venture, but just let me start at the beginning. Demetrius and Glitter are great friends. Demetrius is a unicorn. He dreams of writing jingles. Glitter is also a unicorn but he adores gazing at his own reflection.

One day, Demetrius gets the "itch" to write something grand! Galloping fast and furious over to the local library, Demetrius spends hours pouring over writing books and tries to compose catchy lyrics for a jingle that might make him famous someday. He fills many notebooks with inspired words that he wishes to sing out loud.

And one single thought is etched inside his heart.

"You'll never know unless you try."

Simple advice only a Mother can give.

When Demetrius returns to the stable to show Glitter a new jingle, Glitter sneers at him.

"You can't do that! You don't have the money to make a real song!", Glitter declares and sparkles.

"Whoa! How dare you crush my dream of being a songwriter! I shall and I will! Just wait and see, you smug unicorn!", Demetrius declares proudly as he gallops back to the library to compose some more jingles.

"Fat chance!", says Glitter as he continues clipping coupons for the a big can of sparkles. Glitter just adores sparkles. He loves throwing them up in the air and running under them. The sparkles are the best part of Glitter's charm. Glitter spends hours looking in the mirror at his own reflection.

"Ah, you handsome unicorn!", Glitter shouts out loud as he throws lots of glitter all over himself proudly. Back at the library, Demetrius' jingle is taking shape. He hums the tune out loud and soon all the women dance the twist.

"Sing it! Swing it!", the women clap and urges Demetrius to sing that jingle with attitude!

"Demetrius belts out a tune from his heart. It goes something like this:

And a one, two , three ...

"Now, you cats or unicorns know, the twelve days of Christmas is not an easy gig. My new seven days of cool will be something really big.'

Women swoon as they dance to the jingle.

"Oh if I were into unicorns, I would not be a swinging single!"

"Sing it!, Demetrius, Swing it!"

Snapping their fingers and dancing!

On the first day of Cool , the teacher's tire went flat.

Imagine that! So, she found one angry white horse and lassos it right away.

On second day of Cool, the teacher walks to school.

What a fool! She finds two children's books, One white horse with an attitude with a lasso around his neck.

On the third day of Cool, the teacher has a great big smile across her face. I guess she forgot she found three grapefruit, two children's books and one white horse that is shouting because the lasso hurt his neck.

"I want coins! Throw some coins my way!"

On the fourth day of Cool, the teacher teaches at school. That's her job! She finds four plastic bracelets, three pink grapefruit, two children's books and one white horse that was quite rude and start to cuss at everyone.

On the fifth day of Cool, the teacher got paid. I want real cash! Not five pounds of cheese, four plastic bracelets, three pink grapefruit, two children's books and one white horse that gets miffed and yanks off the lasso.

On the sixth day of Cool, the teacher made a rule, No hoarding cheese on Friday!

So, she called Glitter on the telephone and says,"I have a present for you. Come on over."

Glitter gallops over and finds six pounds of bright red delicious apples, five pounds of cheese, four plastic bracelets, three pink grapefruits, two children's books and a very annoyed horse with pockets that are empty.

On the seventh day of Cool, the teacher made a rule.

"Be not Greedy as Greed is not Good. Shame on you, Glitter! Go stand in the corner!"

On the floor he finds seven buckets of copper pennies, six pounds of bright red delicious apples , five pounds of cheese, four plastic bracelets, three pink grapefruits, two children's books and one very, very angry white horse!

By this time, Demetrius had the whole place humming.

Glitter steals all the apples, throws sparkle everywhere, and dances the twist with the women. Out of nowhere, there is a crash and the angry horse jumps through the window, galloping away with all the buckets of pennies and laughing all all the way to the bank.

"Coins! Bright shiny copper coins!! They are mine! All mine!", the white horse's voice echoes throughout the village square on the way to the bank.

Unfortunately for the white horse, he did not have a bank account and he must now accept his doom. He must carry the buckets of coins with him forever because the apple store would not accept the pennies.


Glitter looks in his mirror and smiles.

"Mirror, mirror in my hand. Ain't I just the "cat's meow" of all this land?"

The Mirror laughs out loud.

"Honey, you ain't even close! It is Demetrius that has the jingle and the babes, and he is one hot single Unicorn. He has the voice, he has the cool, he rules the school!"

So, the moral of the story is that no matter how good you think you are. You ain't that good. You dream, you sweat, you try, you compose jingles, you show off your stuff, and in the gasp of your last song note, you find just the right blend of notes that capture your song and the best part is...

Your jingle is catchy and cool!

Demetrius could carry a tune and that makes Glitter turn to gold. Glitter did not forsake Demetrius just because he was successful. Friendship is the gold that glitters.

Like they say

"All that Glitters

is not Gold.

You may have the Cash and Bling.

But Demetrius has the voice

and that "cat" sure can sing!"

March 07, 2022 01:52

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