The Secret Of Monarch Lake

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Fiction Mystery

The story goes, on a hot summer's night five friends decided to play a harmless game of truth or dare, which didn't go as planned.

As each friend chose truth, one of them chose dare. The dare was to go to Monarch lake light house and spend hour inside.

Abby took the dare.

Abby walks to the light house unaware her friends are following her.

Abby's friends Sam, Logan, Luke and Allison recently told Abby the light house is haunted, the truth is, it's not haunted, but Abby doesn't know that.

As Abby gets near the light house, her friends quickly rush to get there ahead of her.

Abby made it to the light house, she opens the door. The door squeaks, Abby jumps. She goes and tries once again, and opens the door.

Abby goes inside the light house. She goes up the stairs. She is at the top of the light house. Abby goes to the balcony and leans over.

Sam, Logan, Luke and Allison jump out of their hiding place and scare Abby.

Abby jumps, she trips over the balcony ledge and falls all the way down to the ground.

Sam, Logan, Luke and Allison watch in horror as Abby falls to her death.

Sam, Logan, Luke and Allison head down stairs and out of the light house, they find Abby's body beside the rocks.

Allison begins to cry. Logan shuts her up. They look around to see if anybody is watching them, no one is.

Allison wants to go to the sheriff to tell him what happen, but Sam, Logan, and Luke don't want to go. They convince Allison to keep this a secret. She reluctantly agrees.

They make a pact not to tell anyone what happen.

Allison as heartbroken as she is leaves her best friend lying on the ground all alone.

Sam, Logan, Luke and Allison leave Monarch lake light house with this terrible secret.

The next morning the keeper of the light house finds Abby's lifeless body.

The news of Abby's death reaches the people. They are all completely devastated.

The sheriff didn't investigate Abby's death. He ruled it a suicide.

Abby's parents took the sheriff at his word, but not Abby's twin sister Alexa.

Alexa never believed Abby would take her own life and didn't understand why her parents took the sheriff's word.

Alexa decided to do her own investigation. She put the pieces together of Abby's last day alive, and what she discovery would rock Monarch lake to its core.

Alexa would secretly turned Monarch lake's residents against the four suspects and it was non other than Abby's friends Sam, Luke and Logan.

Alexa's revenge would take five years to implement. In the mean time life went on as normal for everyone expect Alexa.

After the investigation into Abby's death was over Sam, Luke, Logan and Allison graduate from high school and went their separate ways.

Five years later Allison would return to Monarch lake with her terrible secret and face Alexa's wrath.

Five years later

Five years after the death of Abby, Allison returns to Monarch lake and the reception she receives is not good.

Allison gets icy looks as she walks down Main Street. She doesn't know what has come over the town.

Allison hasn't seen Sam, Logan and Luke since graduation, she hopes they are happy to see her, but as luck would have it, that's not the case.

Allison knows Sam never left Monarch lake. She's been keep tabs on him. Allison doesn't know what happen to Luke or Logan.

The things Allison has found out about Sam is very worrisome to her Luke and Logan.

Allison found pictures of Sam and Alexa in Sam's social media accounts, but what is troublesome is where the pictures where taken.

The pictures were taken at the light house.

Allison made a promise to herself she wouldn't return to Monarch lake, but after the pictures she found of Sam and Alexa, she had no choice, but to come back to protect the pact.

Allison continues to walk down Main Street, when she sees posters of a smiling Abby. Allison stares at the picture for a long time. She remembers when the picture was taking.

The picture was taken during the 4th of July celebration five years ago. Allison smiles at the memory.

"Well look who finally came back."

Allison turns around and comes face to face with Alexa.

"Hi Alexa."

"What brings you back?"

"I miss my family."

"I miss my family especially Abby. You remember Abby don't you. My sister, you best friend."

"I miss her too."

"Do you ever think about her Allison?"

"I think about her all the time."

"I bet you do."

I'm sorry Alexa."

"That's the first time you said that to me in five years."

Allison tries to hug Alexa, but she backs away.

"Watch your back Allison. Sam, Logan and Luke had to learn the hard way."

Allison is startled by Alexa's words.

Alexa walks away from Allison with these parting words.

"I know the truth Allison."

Allison is left there stunned, she turns around and walks to her house.

Allison hears whispers among the people, they are saying "its all your fault. You did this."

Allison runs home and finds her mother in the living room. She walks up to her mother and tells her what she heard.

Allison's mother tells her "Sam confessed to Abby's death and then he went to the light house and jumped off the balcony. He landed on the very same spot where Abby was found."

Allison began to cry, after years of keeping tabs on Sam, she had no idea he would do this.

Allison asks her mother "when did this happen?"

Allison mother replies "last year."

Allison is surprise because she's been keeping tabs on Sam.

She is now wondering if coming back to Monarch lake was a trick.

Allison's mother walks up to her and tells her more bad news.

She tells Allison "Luke and Logan met similar untimely

deaths after confessing to Abby's death."

Allison gets up from the couch and runs out the door. She runs to the light house.

Allison doesn't know why she's running to the light house, but she knows she has too.

Allison's mother tries to call her back, but it's useless.

Allison mad it to the light house. She goes to the place where Abby's body was found. She kneels on the ground and begins to cry.

"Abby, I never meant for this to happen."

Alexa walks up to Allison and attacks her.

Allison tries to fight off Alexa. Alexa is too strong. Alexa punches and chokes Allison until she passes out.

Alexa drags Allison to the top of the light house.

Allison wakes up and finds herself tied up and hanging over the top of the balcony. Allison begs for her life. Alexa is hearing none of it.

"Sam, Luke and Logan begged for their lives, but as the saying goes an eye for an eye."

"Please Alexa. Don't do this."

"You did this to my sister."

"It was a game of truth or dare that went wrong. We never meant for this to happen."

"You should have told the truth five years ago, but you didn't. You let us all believe Abby took her own life, but she didn't, did she."

Allison still begging for her life manages to untie herself, she reaches for the railing. Allison gets herself back onto the balcony, where she fights with Alexa.

Allison punches Alexa repeatedly, then she runs downstairs and out of the light house, Alexa is running right behind Allison. when they both get outside the sheriff and her mother are waiting.

Allison finally tells the truth about what happen to Abby, and she tells the sheriff "Alexa killed Sam, Luke and Logan."

The sheriff has no choice, but to arrest Allison for Abby's murder and Alexa for Sam, Luke and Logan's murder.

Allison accepts responsibility for Abby's death.

August 19, 2021 20:18

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