A Squire, His Princess & The Dark Wizard

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Coming of Age Fantasy Inspirational

WRITER NOTE: This is a retrospective of my main character Terance Tavf through his eyes in Chapter 68 of The Blacksmith's Nephew. A major spoiler ahead so proceed with caution; unless you have read the book, then enjoy.

I went into that dark room as fast as I could. 'The Dark Wizard will pay,' I said this to myself. I brought myself down the small flight of stairs and stood at the near center of the room.

In the circular dark room, I could see a staff holding altar on my right slightly, another altar holding a clear orb looking like a bubble to the slight left of me, and while in front of me was a chimney of some kind up the small section of stairs.

The door behind me closed, and the owner of the hand whom closed it was the Dark Wizard himself. Gerlard shut it while holding Ruthie in his right arm.

“Let her go Gerlard!” demanded I while walking towards them.

“What’s the magic word?” asked Gerlard as he slowly walks forward with my Princess.

“Please let Ruthie go!”

“Now that’s more like it… Here you go…take your precious Princess,” said the villain as he pushes Ruth forward having her fall towards me there to catch her before she fell from a step.

“Ruthie, are you okay?” I asked to the love of his life.

“I am now…now that I finally have you here,” smiled Ruth. I couldn’t help but smile after what she had said.

“Awww…would you look at that? You and her…in love,” said the Dark Wizard being sarcastic while still walking forward ever so slowly.

“This ends now,” I said as I had Ruth go right behind me while we walked backwards to the direct center of the room.

The villain replied with a smile: “Hahaha, this is not over. Soon I will regain all of my magic and power once the full moon is at it’s highest with or without marrying the precious Princess.”

“You will be finished before that happens,” I replied as I stood my ground and drew out my gifted sword.

“Just who do you think you are!?” asked the annoyed and enraged evil sorcerer.

To that, I confidently replied: “I think you know who I am… I am Terrance Sunite, the son of King Elijah and Queen Teresa… Rulers of the once Southern Kingdom from Rissindell… I’m the one who is destined to defeat you…and bring an end to your wrath.”

Ruth was very surprised from what she just heard coming from my mouth. Of course, the most shocked was the villain himself.

“No…no, no, no, that’s impossible,” says the villain in frustration. “Everyone was killed all those years ago.”

“My uncle survived by escaping your clutches,” I replied proudly. “He carried me to the Northern Kingdom without you either noticing or knowing about it.”

“Ha, yeah, I remember that old man now… he’s the one who was foolish enough to face against my minions alone and got himself killed. He is now resting in ashes after his stupidity back on the beach. Here I thought he was just a simple short old man with a nephew who’s a little wannabe. I guess I was right. He was after all very weak minded and wasn’t strong enough to face me or my mages! He’s just the same as your mother and father who were pathetic and naïve to think they ever stood a chance.”

“You take that all back!” I demanded while gripped my present sword tighter than ever after listening to what Gerlard just said.

“Terrance… my boy, you don’t have to fight me… Just convince you and your girlfriend that you both would join me. Together, we three can be the Rulers of all the Three Kingdoms!”

“Fat chance…I will never join forces with the likes of you.”

"Me neither,” said Ruth standing right next to me.

“Then so be it,” replied the Dark Wizard.

Gerlard then steps into the center of the room with the two of us and lifted out his hands as flames emerged. The flames surrounded the three of us which eventually trapping us in a ring of fire. Its flame stood about ten feet tall towering over the three of us.

Gerlard drew out his personal weapon, the serpent scythe, which appeared through his remaining magic onto his left hand. The scythe he held was a purple metal rod with the length of five feet. It had a surface texture made to look and feel like a snake’s skin. The weapon also had a sliver steel sharp blade on the top side of the rod that curved up to two feet and at the top of the rod was a red metal spear tip. There was even a second red metal spear tip on the other side of the rod from where the blade is.

From here Gerlard looked like the grim reaper. Yet instead of wearing a black robe, he wore a red tux with no hood and was also looking life-like.

I quickly drew out his first sword as I hand it over to Ruth, while still holding my other sword.

“Just like old times,” said Ruth with a smile while retrieving the extra sword from me.

“Expect this time we’re fighting together,” I smiled back. The two of us give each other a nod and turned our heads towards the common enemy. We both waited for the Dark Wizard to make his first move.

The villain charged at me and I encounter it with my own blade. Ruthie made a swing but the Dark Wizard blocked it by using a reflecting spell. The villain then span around and swung the scythe towards Ruth who encounters it with her sword. Meanwhile I went for the legs yet the Dark Wizard was too quick and reflected my attack.

Next, the Dark Wizard came back to me and gave me deadly blows. One, two, three; Left, right, left. The villain then turns around facing my deae Princess who was standing in front of him now impaling him in the gut with the sword. The Dark Wizard looked down from where the blade was and then looked at Ruth. He smacked her with the back of his right hand causing her to let go of the sword, and fell to the ground.

“Ruthie!” I shouted as I quickly rushed to her side.

The villain grabs the sword, takes it out of his gut, drops the weapon and quickly heals myself with a recovering spell. He then slowly backs off and exits the fire ring leaving ustwo there in the center.

“Are you alright milady?” I asked concernedly to Ruth.

“Yes, yes love. I’ll be fine. Thank you my knight in shiny armor,” replied Ruthie.

I became furious upon seeing this, especially with a loved one getting hurt in front of me. I then turn my undivided attention to the Dark Wizard who was still behind the fire.

I shouted in resentment: “Alright, enough is enough! Now come on out and face me you vile villain!”

“As you wish,” said the Dark Wizard as he then begins to laugh again. But then suddenly, Ruth and I could hear hissing after that laughter.

There before us came a giant red-belly black snake slithered out from the fire and into the ring. It had a length to about 20 feet and it’s fangs were at least a foot. It had seemed that the Dark Wizard had transformed himself into this horrific beast.

“Another snake, great…” I said this all to himself with annoyance. I even rolled his eyes. My fear of snakes was gone at this point.

I quickly runs ahead and fought against the giant snake. As I fought off the snake, the flames rose another 10 feet. This made the room much hotter and brighter which cause me to sweat and heavy breathing.

The snake backs it’s head several times and tries to attack to me. Luckily, I was dodging the attacks very quickly. Ruthie immediately picks up my first sword from the ground and charges at the snake hitting it’s lower lip given from a sky uppercut. The snake cries and gave us a stir look. It back it’s head again, this time attacking Ruth who quickly move out of the way as I took a downward swing onto it’s upper lip. The snake cries again, hiss and backed it’s head once again trying to attack the both of us this time around. The two of us quickly dodged the attack, with one at each side of the snake’s head.

Without hesitating, I quickly stabs the snake in the face before its eyes and shoved my sword with a downward spike through its jaw. This made the deadly creature’s head stay there in place.

“Ruthie, quick…do the final blow!” I shouted as the snake was fussing around.

Ruth tightens her grip ever so tightly on the grip of the sword. She shouts: “For Uflornia, and for the country of Rissindell!” With all her might, she swung her sword cutting the snake’s head with a downward strike.

The snake cries in agony as its body twitches being tossed around. Eventually the head went quiet, the body stopped moving, and the flames deceased. The giant snake then became a big pile of ashes and the room was clear. Ruthie and I have done it! We have defeated Gerlard the Dark Wizard!

“We did it,” cheered Ruth hugging me and then looking at me afterwards.

“Yes, we did. But hey, guess what…” I said with a smile as I looked deeply into Ruth’s beautiful blue eyes once more.

“Yes? What is it?”

“You’re still beautiful.”

“Why thank you dear.”

“Also this.” I then lean in and gave Ruth a kiss. This took the Princess off guard, but she closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

Her lips were soft and sweet. I've always had dreamed of kissing her for the longest time and it finally came to be.

We stopped kissing after a short while and I looked back to her saying: “I wanted to do that for the longest time.”

“Well, it’s about time you did,” replied Ruth.

The two of us smiled and held hands as we walked out of the dark room heading to the throne room where everyone else was.

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