Mystery Drama

Willow sat in a chair beside Santiago in front of a fire pit. They had been married for one month. Willow and Santiago met in College. Willow was a Freshman, and Santiago was a Senior. She fell for Santiago instantly. Santiago thought she was too young for him to date her. Santiago thought of her like a little sister who followed him around. Sometimes, Santiago would hold her hand, but that was as far as it ever went. Santiago graduated and started his career in clean energy technology on the West Coast. They didn't see each other for years until she ran into him at a mutual friend's party. "You have grown up," Santiago told her as he admired her petite frame. They dated for one year, and then Santiago asked her to marry him. Willow looked at her tall husband. His green eyes seemed even greener against his brown skin and jet-black curly hair. Santiago was talking about his best friend, Diego. "Diego wants us to come to his classical guitar recital at six tonight," Santiago said. Willow didn't want to go. Two hours of soft guitar music would put her to sleep. How could she say no?

Diego had won the Grammy for Classical Spanish guitar. He played their wedding for free. "How can I refuse you, my hansom marindo." Santiago laughed. "Good, you are learning Spanish fast." Santiago leaned over and kissed her. "My Grandmother was Dominican. I didn't know her, but I am a Black and part Latina woman." Willow told him. Willow stood up and twisted past him. Santiago smacked her behind. She laughed. Willow went into the kitchen and made vegan tortilla soup. Santiago loved it. Santiago came into the kitchen. "That smells almost as good as you," Santiago mi amor. He commented as he looked into the pot.

Willow gave Santiago a bowl. Santiago filled it to the brim. Willow made herself a bowl, also. They sat at the kitchen table and ate.

"I must be the happiest man in the world to have found you again," Santiago told Willow, looking into her honey-colored eyes. "We were blessed. Most people never find each other again after all those years." Willow felt as if she was going to cry. "It was a miracle that neither of us was married or had children." Santiago held Willow's hand. Willow looked at Santiago's watch. "We need to get ready to go to Diego's concert." Willow ran into the bathroom. She quickly removed her clothing and got into the shower. Santiago joined her. After the shower, they quickly dressed. Willow called a car service to pick them up. Santiago didn't believe in owning a car. He didn't want to contribute to climate change. The driverless car alerted Santiago's watch that it was in front. They got into the car.  

Willow looked out the window at the skyscrapers.  

Santiago was part of last year's 2025 team that put gardens on all the rooftops. When they arrived at the concert hall, Santiago helped Willow out of the car. They walked into the building and were seated. The crowd erupted with applause when Diego came out on stage. Diego searched for Willow in the audience. He invited Santiago in the hopes that she would come. Diego saw her glittering like a star in the night sky. Diego started to play a love song that he had written for her. Willow yawned. She could feel Santiago giving her a disapproving look in the darkness. Willow felt the music lulling her into a deep sleep. She woke up on a soft white leather sofa beside a fireplace. "Are you hungry, my love?" said a soft male voice. Willow sat up on the couch. She saw Diego walking towards her with a bowl of something that smelled good. "I made you some vegan tortilla soup." He said as he put the soup on the table before her. 

Willow needed clarification. Where was she? "Diego, how did I get here?" She asked. Diego laughed. "We live here." He said as he sat next to her. Diego leaned in for a kiss, but Willow moved back. She scanned the room. Willow saw a wedding picture of her and Diego on a shelf over the fireplace. Diego touched her forehead. "You feel a little warm. The doctor said you would feel better by the end of the week." "Better?" She asked. "Yes, we went sailing. You started having chills. You have the flu." 

Diego gave Willow the bowl of soup. "Eat some of this, and I will get you some orange juice." Diego went into the kitchen. Willow didn't know what was happening. She was married to Santiago. She stood up and walked to the fireplace. Willow felt dizzy. She picked up the wedding picture of her and Diego. They were standing on a beach in San Diego. "This is wrong," Willow said. She remembered her standing on the beach with Santiago, taking the same picture on their wedding day. Diego came into the living room. He saw Willow staring at the wedding picture. Diego put the glass of juice on the table. "You must lay down and get some rest." He commanded. Diego touched her arm. Willow pulled away. "I'm not married to you." She told him. Diego frowned. "I'm married to Santiago." Diego breathed out. "Sweetheart, you have a fever." He said, reaching for her again.

"Where is Santiago?" She screamed. "Santiago is on tour in Madrid." He stated. "On tour?" "Please let me help you sit," Diego told her. Willow reluctantly allowed him to help her onto the couch. Diego sat next to her. "Santiago plays classical Spanish guitar." He paused. "Remember he played at our wedding." Willow shook her head. "No, you play guitar." She told him. Diego laughed. "I never played an instrument in my life." Willow was quiet. Could it have all been a fever dream? Diego touched her face. 

"I should be offended that you would dream about my best friend in such a way," Diego said. " I know it was the fever." Willow didn't say anything. "Eat some soup before it gets cold." He told her. Willow ate the soup. It tasted like the soup her grandmother used to make for her. "I have to do some work," Diego informed her. "You work in clean energy." She said.

"Si." He said. Diego leaned in and kissed her. Willow didn't pull back. 

Santiago woke up alone in a hotel suite in Madrid. Everything seemed off. He had a dream about Willow. They were happily married. Santiago picked up his mobile phone. He looked at some pictures. Santiago saw a smiling wedding picture of Diego and Willow on a beach. "That can't be right." There were also videos of him playing guitar. Santiago remembered a guitar concert, but he wasn't playing it. "Think." He said out loud. It was Diego playing guitar at a concert. Diego was playing a song he had never heard him play before. Somehow, the song made them switch lives. Santiago didn't know how, but he would get Willow back.

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