'The Mystique High School', my dream high school which I always wanted to attend especially because of its dance classes. Mystique High School offers the best dance classes in my country and I love to dance, it's my life. I always wanted to learn dance institutionally from the best professional dancers, which only Mystique High School offers. But I can't afford to read in there. Not only that although I love to dance but I never learned it institutionally! My father died in an accident when I was 4. Since then my mother does per time jobs besides her main job. She works really hard but hardly earns to bear these extra expenses. Our life is somehow managed with what she earns so it's hard for her to bear the extra expenses and to send me to one of the best and expensive school of our country is impossible. I go to a high school where our government gives scholarship. Somehow I managed to get a scholarship that's why I am able to continue my study or else it would've stopped long ago. The high school where I study is situated a little bit away from the city and to go to my school I always had to pass my dream high school. Like always I am passing from there, I let out a sigh seeing my dream high school exactly the same which I dream of every night but wait there is a little bit change, but what? A poster, there is a massive poster in front of its gate. I tell myself that maybe it is some kind of notice for the students of that school and I've nothing to do with it. But my heart doesn't accept it. And fortunately I listen to my heart and go to see what is written in it.

"Dance Scholarship''

This is written in the top of the poster in bold letter. My interest grows stronger seeing the title so I move forward to read more about it.

"A dance competition is going to be held only for the student who doesn't read in this school. The winners will get chance to read in this school on scholarship. To know more go to the information desk."

"That's a great chance," I think. So I go to the information desk, a lady is sitting there. I go to her and ask,” Can you tell me more about the dance competition?” . ”Yes, of course,” she says and hands me a paper containing some basic information. “To participate you will need to fill up a form,” she further says with a smile. So I take a form and fill it up with all the necessary information. After filling up the form I give it to her. “Thanks,” I smile. “You’re most welcome dear,” she returns the smile, “For any inquiries call in the number mentioned in your identity card.” The lady then hands me my card and reminds me that I have to bring it on the day of competition as I nod. Before leaving I mutter another ‘Thanks’ to her.

Don't know why but I am really excited about the competition. Normally the word 'competition' makes me nervous but today it is making me excited and happy. Maybe it's because of the reason that at least I am getting a chance to try for entering my dream high school.

I've joined high school for about a month and in the whole month none have seen me so happy like today. I am really excited to tell about it to my mother and so am waiting for night. As the whole day she remains busy at her work so I only see her in the night. But time isn't passing today; it’s going really slow, slow as a tortoise. No, even slower than that!

Somehow I pass the daytime and then finally it is night." My mother may reach home any time," I think and doorbell rings. I excitedly open the door and my excitement increases when I see my mother standing at the door. Finally she's here! After my mother enters I close the door and sit beside her. She notices my excitement and happiness. “Is there any good news, honey?” she asks while keeping her bag in the side table and then sitting beside me again, “You seem really happy and excited. Is there something you want to tell me?” She shouldn't have asked me this because as soon as she asks me I start speaking excitedly in the speed of a train! “MomtodaywhilegoingtocollegeisawaposterinfrontofmydreamcollegeandmycuriousnaturemademereaditandIgottoknowtheyareheoldingacompetitionforschlarshipandIamtakingpartinit,” I somehow manage to utter in-a-go without breathing as my mother chuckled seeing my childishness.

And as expected she didn't understand a single word. So I explain her everything again and she seems more excited than I am.

Sitting in front of the TV after dinner and watching a show with my mom is the best part of my day. But today I am not enjoying it.  I am thinking that on which song I am going to perform and what will be my dance style. I am a little bit worried about everything as I am not able to decide anything. I am so engrossed in my worries that I don't even notice that my mother is sitting beside me until she pokes me. She asks “What are you thinking? No, not thinking worrying. What’s bothering you, Ann?”.

“Mom, I can’t decide anything, not the song, nor the form and neither the steps,” I whine. “That’s it?” she asks and smiles, “Let me help you.” After discussing for a while we both agree that I should do a contemporary lyrical dance on the song ‘Slow Me Down’, we also decide that I will wear my favorite white and blue colored dance outfit on that day. She is the best mother one can ever get.

I start my practice from the next day. The competition is only after 5 days! These five days I practice the dance steps a lot of times. I even miss some of my classes only to practice dancing. My mother helps me a lot for my practice; she tells me which steps I should practice more, which steps I should change. She encourages me a lot; she helps me to increase my confidence. If she wasn't present here for me I could never take part in the competition. After working hard for these 5 days it's finally the day of competition.

We the participants are given two hour to practice our dances before the competition. We are taken to a huge hall top practice but the guardians aren't allowed to come with us. Only the students and their dance teachers are allowed. But as I don't have a teacher except my mother I take my mother inside with me. But entering the hall for practicing dance isn't a good decision at all. As I see everyone dancing I become scared. Their steps are amazing and perfect. They have dance tutors who are helping them to prepare their steps more perfectly. Whereas I prepared my steps learning from internet and they aren't perfect at all. And this all is making me nervous and scared. But my mother doesn't let it be so. “Your dance is awesome as well, darling. You are a natural born dancer and will win the competition. Just believe in yourself,” she encourages me to perform otherwise I would've left the competition. But because of her encouragement I perform. After waiting anxiously for an hour it’s my turn.

The music starts and I start performing. The beats of the song is making my body move automatically with it. I don't know what I am  performing, I don't know if my steps are perfect or not, I don't know if I am performing the steps in correct time or not. My mind is completely blank, my brain isn't functioning properly also I am really scared and nervous. All I know is that I am performing. Even after my performance my mind is blank, even while watching everyone else performing my brain can process nothing.

Finally it is time for the winners name to be announced. I am sitting with my mother listening to the name of the winners. I guess I am better now and my brain is functioning too. They announce the name of the person who is third, it isn't me. Then they announce the name of the person who is second, it isn't me either. After they declare the second prize I lose all my hopes. “Mom, let’s go home,” I request her sadly. “But the first position is still to be announced,” she says me, “Sit down. Let them announce it then we’ll go.” But I cut of her, “There is no use of it as I can never get the first prize.” However, she says, “The opposite may happen too.  Have courage dear. Don’t lose hopes.”

And at that very moment they declare the name of the person and unexpectedly it is me. Did I hear it right? It’s me? I won? No, I can’t. Maybe it’s someone else. I think I misheard. But then they announce my name again. It is indeed me! I look at my mom she is looking extremely happy but at the same time giving me a ‘what the hell is wrong with you’ look. I am too shocked that I am not even able to move. I somehow manage to move my feet and let it carry my body to the stage. The Principal of the college hands me a certificate and a medal. “Congratulations,” he smiles. “Thanks,” I manage a smile. I hope it didn’t scare him. And then they click a picture with me. After taking pictures they guide me to the mike and ask me to say a few words. I stand in front of it. I try to speak but I can’t. This moment is like a dream come true for me. I can just feel tears forming in my eyes. I run to my mother and hugged her tightly. After all it is all because of her, if she wasn't here I might have left the competition even before performing. “Thanks for everything, Mom. I love you,” I say to her without breaking the hug and while shedding tears. I can feel that she is crying to. These aren’t just tears of happiness. This are tears of pain, hardship, dreams and obviously happiness included. And this is a moment, an emotion I will never forget.

August 18, 2019 18:54

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