Crime Fiction Suspense

One morning in Mumbai city, Aditya was ready to go to his office. His wife gives him a tiffin,

"Hurry up today again I am getting late". Aditya speaks in a hurry. 

'Did you take your phone?' His wife asks him 

'Oh no please bring me fast' Aditya

Urmila brings her phone 

'Oh dear my phone it’s not charged at all' Aditya 

'You must not have put it in charge last night' Urmila 

'Ok fine I will charge it in the office' Aditya 

'Well wait a minute, there is a job' Urmila 

'Now what I already got too late' Aditya 

Urmila brings another tiffin from the kitchen and gives it to Aditya and says, 

"Give it to Roshan"

"Hey that blind, you in vain getting worried for him "Aditya

"No, he was sick last night, so how does he make breakfast in the morning, poor guy, so I told him that I will send breakfast for him in the morning, now being a neighbor you can help so much. "Urmila

"He is not a poor thing, I think he pretends to be blind, does not see how he wanders around here "Aditya walks towards the door 

"Well, why would anyone do that?" Urmila

"I don't know what these crazy people are like, so stay safe ”Aditya goes out, closing the door.

Aditya went to his neighborhood flat, it was quite dark, he collided with a table placed in front of it

'It is just his name is Roushan, but it is dark everywhere' Aditya grumbles in himself

Roushan comes out of his room


I am Aditya your neighbor, I brought breakfast for you, heard that your health is not good, Aditya

Aditya offers breakfast to Roushan and speaks "it is very dark here"

Yes it mostly remains the same atmosphere here

Well you know it has also an advantage, Roushan 

What ?!!, Aditya

This reduces the electricity bill, Roushan speaks with a smile

Aditya pretends to laugh And then asks, "Why do you live alone? There are some helping homes for people like you, no.  

Yes, I went in one but they fired me

"Why ?!," Aditya asks eagerly

"My The movements seemed strange to them” Roushan speaks in sarcasm

Aditya does not understand this joke and takes things seriously and asks ‘What did you do'

"Yes, I will tell you all but do I have this breakfast before?" Otherwise, it will be cold and it seems like you have a lot of time today, Roushan

"No, I just came to give Tiffin, I also have to go to the office, so I will go now" Aditya

Okay, and say thank you to your wife, Roushan

Yes, Aditya

Aditya comes out of his room and thinking about Roushan while going down the elevator

This man I was already suspicious of but now believe there is something wrong, Aditya mumbles 


He was unable to stop thinking about Roshan even in the office, he remembers that one day when a dog was sitting in front of his flat, Roshan came to know without telling and he went from the side of the dog, of course like a common man. By remembering more things about Roushan, Aditya feels that he is not blind but is pretending to be blind. 

He quickly searches recent crime in his computer which is done by blind people only He gets some news articles which states that a month ago a man killed a woman and took her eyes out. He was a psycho killer who used to go to people and pretend to blind to collect information about them and remove the eyes.

The suspicion of Aditya increased further as it was only a few days before Roshan came, it was almost nine o'clock in the night, and Aditya was about to leave the office and suddenly it becomes dark in the office, it is known that the office the generator went bad and the city electricity also went away. 

When he takes out his phone, he remembers that he forgot to charge the mobile, the mobile was shut down he gets very angry on his own and comes down with a friend. He saw very much Strange and scary scenes.

The whole city seemed to be wrapped in darkness, all the shops were also closed, it seemed a little bright just under the street lights which was very far away, his friend left from there and then he stayed a long time for an autorickshaw. The autorickshaw appears as he leaves for his house in a rickshaw and asks the driver 

how the electricity of the whole city went together?

auto driver

don't know sir have heard that there has been an accident in the nearby powerhouse


It’s just the electricity, why all the other shops are also closed ?!

auto driver 

As soon as the powerhouse of the city exploded most of the electronic machines got spoilt. And when it got dark, the shopkeepers closed the shops.

On the way home, Aditya sees how upset people were without electricity.

Some candles and lamp lights were visible in the surrounding houses. Some people were standing outside the house, some on the terrace and there was also the sound of crying of children. He speaks after seeing all this-


It is hard to understand that we are living in the 21st century, the era of science

auto driver

Sir, without electricity people here behaving as strange as their breath stopped


It is really difficult to live without electricity nowadays

Auto driver

Sir, I still know many places where people live merrily without electricity

Aditya tells the auto driver to run faster as the darkness of the city was reinforcing the doubt in his mind 

After some time Aditya reaches the building of his flat, his flat was a little away from the market and there were many trees nearby, due to which it was looking even scarier in the darkness. 

Aditya coming out of the auto and sees the building. There was a little candlelight coming on the dark windows, he suddenly gets nervous and quickly goes up the stairs to his floor, on his floor he sees that the door of his flat was open, the suspicion for Roushan in Aditya's mind had increased even more.

Aditya quickly goes to his flat as soon as he goes in, Roshan gets hit by him. He gets angrier after seeing Roushan in his house this time, Aditya angrily holds the collar of Roushan Saying--

 what are you doing here at this time


Hey Adi what are you doing, I just came to return the lunchbox you gave me this morning


you got night time throughout the day to do this work ?!!


I went for some work since morning and all this dark and light would be for you not for me


Do you think I’m a fool! I know you are not blind. What have you done with Urmilla?


What did you mean?! Leave me first and go and look at your wife it’s 10 pm, she might be sleeping at this time.

Roshan frees his collar with a force, Aditya is a little calm after seeing Roshan's confidence, he takes Roushan to his bedroom in the bedroom Urmilla was sleeping with an eyemask

Now understood something, you always misunderstand me just because I do not talk to most and that too I do because no one wants to be a friend of the blind, I feel a burden to people, from behind speaks Roushan 

Aditya breath peace and feel very ashamed of himself and speaks to Roushan

'sorry I'm sorry I have read a news article and this power cut the darkness outside also filled the darkness in me for you


Now there is a light rises in your mind?


yes yes, absolutely, and once again sorry!


No matter, any way you had doubts about me right from the beginning,


yes, that…. 


Okay be careful, maybe your doubt of me become true next time! 

Aditya smiles they both talk a while about the power cut problem and then Roushan walkout


Think like a positive person, look at the bright side 

Don't put too much darkness inside your head    

Then the light comes on, Aditya changes his office clothes and comes to the drawing-room till 11 o'clock, he thinks that tomorrow he will give some gift to Roshan, only then his eyes will be on that tiffin It was that who brought by Roushan 

Aditya picks up the tiffin. There was something in the tiffin, he opens the tiffin. There were some laddus in it. He takes a laddoo and goes to his wife. He turns on the room light and sees that his wife's eyemask was wet, he immediately removes the eyemask, then he sees that his wife's eyes were not there, but there was a cotton swab that was drenched with blood. 

Aditya removes the blanket, Urmila's entire body had turned blue. Aditya Seems like a jerk, he throws a ladoo that he had eaten half and runs to the Roushan’s flat, there is no one except a chit on the table in which it was written, 'We have a tradition here that we do not give empty tiffin, so I also put something in it, I hope you will like it

It was written in lowercase letters,

sometimes the darkness inside us leads us to light, 

Aditya does not understand what to do, only then he starts looking blurred and he falls.

May 07, 2021 17:17

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