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The voice on the loud speaker could be heard by everyone, a low solidarity tone, echoing across the horizon for all to hear. It was a state of emergency when the news came out, humanity at risk. There were no sounds of normality for a long while until now. Slowly the people were edging themselves out of their homes to hear what was being said by the voice in the loudspeaker. Thousands upon thousands had lost their lives, everyone was at risk of spreading it, no one could be trusted and no one wanted any trust. The voice came out again on top of the highest building,

'Humanity to you all, waiting and controlling yourselves, it has now paid off dearly, this waiting was a long time, the records need to be set straight, the warning came too late from the beginning, and now it is time to enlighten you to the way ahead. Humanity, this is that time to set the records straight, each and everyone have one choice and one choice only before the end.'

There was silence for awhile, the crowds were full, all spaced away from the other, the weather was warm as the majority had light sweaters on. The voice over the loudspeaker was clear, echoing each syllable in precision. Their bewildered faces staring up as the voice continued,

'Humanity, this is a time of change, no more will you be allowed to do what was accustomed, the rules will have to be obeyed, failure to do so, will be a heavy penalty to all.'

The people looked up and towards each other in amazement, as the large screen monitors turn side ways to address them, each had their mobile device switched on, some were recording each word that was being said. Only one bystander was standing in the back row, and began edging back away from the crowd, he was a pioneer and a scientist. Donald Sinclair could not take it anymore, he knew something behind the monitor was lying to humanity, but he dare not say anything until he could provide some proof to convince them of his way of thinking. Donald set him self back to his house in the wilderness away from prying humans, it was not much of place to call home as it was full of different mechanical instruments that he has invented.

The rest of the day for Donald was full of excitement, he was on a verge of a new invention that would change the way humanity lived. But, he was not about to give away his secret too soon, which is why he why he hid him self from public view.

Meanwhile, back in the open of humanity, the loudspeaker was finishing off talking about the rules to be obeyed, after a long pause the monitors were switched off, and the authority police were busying themselves move humanity along. They all knew they had to disperse, it was a mournful and slow process. Some of them got into their vehicles to head back, others walked or took rides from others. There were monitored helicopters making sure the place was clear and free from any humanity on the streets.

Back in the laboratory home of Donald, he was busy, his dog Pep was always by his side, inside the glass lab adjacent to his living quarters was a machine that he could not wait to test. He closed all the doors apart from the machine which was situated in the extension part of the laboratory. The dog, Pep with him wagging his tail,

"It is o k Pep, this is going to work."

Donald sat in to the seat of the machine, Pep was seated behind him, he pulled a lever in front of him, switched a few buttons and the timer, a tumbler of liquid was poured into a cylinder, there was a flash, followed by a jolt, the ground shook for a few moments, and everything disappeared.

Meanwhile, in the square, humanity were dispersing, the monitor helicopters saw the flash and were heading towards Donald's place. As they approached, the place was completely destroyed, the machine where it stood was a deep whole and the glass had shattered all around. The monitor helicopters hovered more and then left.

The next morning, Donald's place was the same, the place where is dwellings stood was no more, an empty place and no sign of Donald. The same morning, a single monitor helicopter came, staking out the plot with its' computerised scanners, it was there for a while before leaving. The person behind the voice arrived, he was wearing a long dark robe and holding a special wand, it was lit and with that the person set the whole place alight, Donald's place which stood his dwellings was set alight in blazes. He was no where to be seen and no one knew.

As several years, the person behind the voice was already controlling the people, the rules could be broken so long as he was leader, this Donald knew but no one from whence he was. After Donald's disappearance, his place now belonged to the leader, the voice, who now occupied the dwellings with its' computerised helicopters and robotised machines guarding it and keeping humanity under control. The place was never the same, humanity were now completely hypnotised and at its beck and call.

Humanity was never the same again, Donald never came back and the voice robotised recruitment were in control. A month had passed by, the environment remained the same, but this night, a shining star appeared in the sky and heading towards Donald's place, as the star came nearer earth it began to take shape, it crash landed miles away from Donald's dwellings. It took days before the door of the machine open, it was Donald but a much younger Donald in his late teens. He looked about him and noticed the change in the area, the machines had taken over his place, the people were trapped in their own homes and as Donald began to take heed of his senses, he realised he had to go back into his contraction.

June 09, 2020 12:17

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1 comment

Elle Clark
08:09 Jun 18, 2020

This has such an interesting premise! I think it’s a time machine that he’s using? I assume to see if he can go and fix the problem before it began. I want to know more about this! I would proof read your grammar as I kept getting pulled out of the story when some of your tenses were mixed up but I really enjoyed this, well done!


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