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-... We are running out of time! Don't you understand?

The young man smiled. His eyes were squinted under gently sunbeams. He gave a glance through the window of his high floor's cabinet to a green peaks of ordered trees, their emerald leaves soaked the sun. He let a little sigh but his good mood wasn't changed.

- Yes. I do understand. You are calling to the secretary of General Secretary of United Nations, and I can speak on seventy-five different languages. When, do you want to talk on... Where are you from you have said?

- I've arrived from Atlantis.

- Hmm. That's interesting. Never heard about it. Can you say something on you home dialect I might comprehend to what language family your nation belong?

- But that's not the key. Don't you understand English?

- Ah, let's try.

- We are running out of time and I need to talk about the issue with the General Secretary.

- Sorry, but we are also always run out of time. Too many duties. The General Secretary has very tough schedule and it will be very hard for her to find a time.

- It's the question of the salvation of the whole Planet. I think the United Nations is the organization where people from around the World can discuss and approve united actions?

- That's true. Our organisation had been created just for that. But there are procedures...

- Abracadabra!

- Okay. Tomorrow at 10.00

- Thanks.


The General Secretary was a self-confident, effective woman. She was the modern type of politic who knows the life inside and heads to make the World better. She touched up her stripped neckerchief and turned to the entering assistant.

- My proper secretary, please tell me again, why I must cancel my second breakfast and made the private reception.

- Yes, General Secretary. His name is Noah, and as I could understand from our phone conversation – you know, we were talking in English – he has the superior's facts about dangerous issues to the Earth.

- Where has he come from?

- Atlantis.

- Is that the place Greta came from?

- No. Why he when didn't talk one of Scandinavian languages?

- Okay. Let's try. Let him in.


The old but sturdy man was sitting at the round table. The sun was shining through colored window glass and made weird patterns on the table and the man. His red lips contrasted with the snow-white bushy beard. The words he was saying sounded energetic and definitely. He talks like a man who has a power.

- ... And here I'm talking that we are running out of time. People must action to avoid the catastrophe!

- I'm absolutely on your side! Today's schedule of the session of General Assembly includes two reports on that essential theme. We are already have three committee hard working on the task. They are collecting data and putting together facts.

- But my mission is differed. The time has come. If the humans don't achieve any solution and don't start changes the course of mighty civilizations, the World would never be the same, It could disappear!

- Yes. You are right. We are standing on the edge. How badly that sounds... And what is the point of your request?

- I want to take a speech at the General Assembly. The leaders of Nations must hear the warning and take the steps!

- Of course you might. But where are procedures...

- Abracadabra!

- Okay. Tomorrow at 10.00

- Thanks.


The General Secretary of United Nations wiped here eyes. The Noah has told the essence of the way the World are tending. The participants of the Assembly made a stand of applause. The General Secretary fills the history was making.

- Thank you, Noah, for your speech. It was brilliant! We are deeply concern about the Climate Crisis, and your brave position might head the movement for action through over the World! Leaders, please stop applause, you can ask your questions.

- You have said you've come from Atlantis? That's true?

- Yes.

- Can you tell me what language are you talking on your land?

- Don't you hear I've told you about approaching catastrophe? I want to ask you, leaders, what can you do to prevent the extinction of humans?

- Oh, no, of course we were heard your heart-breaking narrative. Don't you by the way the relative to the Biblical Noah?

- Yes, I am. The last time my ancient took part in the salvation of humankind. That was the alert. That terrible mess and disaster had come to the nations of the World and so many people have died. The old Noah saved the best, his mission was the cleanup of the humanity when the people went the wrong way. Today we are at the same point, but bets are high. If the action wouldn't proposal when the exchange will be total.

- We must act! I'm as the General Secretary of United Nations must say we are going to start the work of new committee which will be composed by the best leaders. Please, let me say. The humanity and our civilization have produced so great institutions as our Assembly, which can act firmly and profound. Please stop applause, I can't hear the Noah's question.

- And what those actions are?

- At first we must make our actions public. The people need to know our efforts for saving our common Home. We will do unprecidently wide survey into the problem.

- I don't understand you are talking about.

- The language bariers could be broken...

- I want to know what the Assembly going to proceed.

- Oh, There are procedures...

- Abracadabra!

- Okay. Tomorrow morning we will continue the session.


Free months latter The Great Assemble after hard and exhausting debates finally choosy the leaders for the Committee of Climate Crisis Investigation which must choose the group for collecting and analyzing the new information. The decision was celebrating around the World.

That day was hard raining. Dark-violent dense clouds fulled the whole sky. A soaked through deliverer has given Noah a wet telegram. It was short:

Telegram to NOAH from UNITED GALAXIES.

We are running out of time. Begin pouring the Earth. New settlers PUMANS on the way from the INTERSTELLAR. You have a year to make CLEANUP.

- I have started already, Noah grinned.

July 11, 2022 09:47

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