Title: Wrong Mental Operations

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Crime Drama Horror

Not very far away from this city lived once in the year 1921 a land-lord of considerable wealth of those old times when even few thousands meant a lot of money. He was a rich man with

Several acres of land lent for cultivation. He gave the land but in

The bargain the labouring farmers had even to leave girls from their family to entertain his hours of the night. He had been married twenty=eight years back but by this time he had become awfully tired of his wife whose constant tantrums only

Became a constant source of head-ache to his peaceful life of

Drinking and sleeping with new girls.  He called a necromancer

And a wizard to have his house steered of this foolish wife.

                                 She asked him what for he had called that

Devilish looking monster he only told her that he was necessary

for prayers and good luck to welcome his house. He ordered the goldsmith to make several jewelry sets for his wife and wanted her to get lost on an elusive field making her strongly believe that his love for her had remained all the time in warmth of full love for her. She was his darling all these years.

But he went into his farmhouse and there he had a private life

That only he knew.

“Do you understand what are you to do? She must go away it is absolutely imperative’’

The dark night came that very evening. Outside the farm house

Cluster of bats had descended and even the black owls occupied the arcade and the ridge of the roof top. He began the ritual of burning several incenses, cow dung and the shit of owls was also thrown into the fire. He began murmuring the whole night:

‘nome lome mephostophil come devastate

Nome lome mephos come devastate:

All all evil end in smoke

All all evil end in smoke’”

These things went on happening for full one month and Jashnana came to know what her husband Feroz Kantawala was going on doing.

              A strong doubt entered her mind when she saw a big blot of stain on one of her dupattas. 

“Why there is a dot on this dupatta? What the hell this loafer

Husband is doing! Bloody fucker by birth! Oh my Lord dear something certainly seems to be fishy. “

These thoughts did not leave her mind. She could not sleep the

Whole night and several nights she would be walking in sleep.

She became frightened of her man and the farm –house gave her enough of mental torture.

                                          There after he had been invited at some business conference at San Francisco, State. He bid her

A good bye and even kissed her cheeks telling her to take enough care for her. She also had brought a bouquet for him

Wishing him a good journey and best of luck during his stay


               But this was only a thin filament of a drama. While he

Was out that black magician was sending poisonous gases that

Quietly entered her bedroom. Few days had just passed when

One night two tall black people entered her room to tighten her

Neck with a long hanging cloth brought by them.

                 Mr. Feroze Kantawala had left India to fly to San Francisco so that the necromancer got a free opportunity to

Even strangle her. When they entered inside the room, she

Came to know their wicked intentions. She watched them in the dark room which had only night lamp on.

  Before they attempted to attack her she herself had a revolver and she shot them, but in the air.

        Just at that moment of time Mr. Kantawala had come

Back. One does not know whether he had really gone to States or it was only a bluffing drama.

                          As soon as she saw him she faced him and shouted you bloody bastard what were you up to? I will show

You what does this notorious game really meant for you? She pointed a pistol at her husband and was ready to shoot him but

This she could not do. Kantawala had come with five goondas

Who attacked on her and she was there and then strangled by

The five colossal group.

The Police arrived just at that time. Jashnana had already given mobile call,.

 Mr. Kantawala was very efficiently handcuffed and sent to the

Jail. He got a life imprisonment and the whole house was reduced into turmoil.

 It is man himself responsible to make his life of troubles and hell like or happy and peaceful for himself and his family.

 It’s the genes that lead to sense and sensibilities or a life that

Becomes a dungeon of hell.

As he sat on the floor of the prison cell he began to remember the past events and he felt his conscience biting him and even tearing his entrails. She had been a faithful and a most sincere wife who had never indulged herself into extra-marital relationship but he was a philanderer, mad for more and more woman. What was he,planning to get her killed for no fault of hers. She was a true and

noble woman who had even endured his extra-sexual molestation's of several woman. He felt daggers entering his heart. He had been

unduly unfair to this noble wife. How shameful man of lowest levels he was. '" Tears began to flow and he was crying now as the most repentant man so sorry and he thought his sin could never be redeemed.Just at that very moment Feroze younger brother came to see his brother. He had come along with Jashnana and the hospital surgeon Dr Rajesh Desai. She had been immediately shifted to St' George Hospital where she had been placed in an Perambulator to prolong her life. Dr Rajesh Desai was successful in placing one of the nerves replaced in her neck. Serroz had taken a pivotal role in saving the life of his sister-in-law and this boy became a primary instrument in bringing his sister-in-law and his brother united in one pair that was made that moment soon after. The cause of crime became null and void. Feroze Kantawala realized his heinous way of life. He promised to lead once again an honest life as an honest loving husband to his wife. Thus he resolve to lead a happy life with none else but his dear wife.

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