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Fiction Holiday

This is going to take weird turns, so be ready.

*Warnings: Abuse, Curse Words, I think that's about it*

A little girl running around, squealing, being chased by a... man? "I'm going to catch you Olivia!" he yells, his voice deep. "Never!" she calls back. Who is this man? Why is he chasing her? I sit up in the hospital bed... wait, hospital bed? I look down at my hands, scarred and holding, a paper turkey? When did this get there? I look to my left, where there's... um... what are those, paper maple leaves? They look horribly made. Another squeal from the girl causes me to look over at her. The man almost caught her. I look down at my hands which are cutting up... more leaves? Jeez, I don't remember being this bad at crafts. Well, at least I know that... um... wait I don't remember anything. I begin to hyperventilate, causing the little girl to stop running, and look at me. "Mommy are you okay?" Wait, mommy? Fuck I have a kid? I don't even know anything about her. Well, she's... fuck how old is she? My thought process was cut short by a scream from the girl. "Gotcha!" the man calls out. Wait, shit, who is he? Is he trying to kidnap her? Fuck, what do I do? Should I- "Aw, you caught me, daddy!" Oh thank fuck, he's her dad. "Hey Baby," he cooed, scooting closer to me on the bed. Wait, when did he sit on the bed? He touches my cheek, but I don't feel comforted, I feel, on edge, my body unsure of whether to fight or fly. "You know I didn't mean to push you into the fire, right? It's just that my anger issues get out of hand, you know I love you, right?" Wait, what? Fuck what? Just go with it. "Yeah," I say numbly. What the actual fuck is going on here? Ugh, I'm tired, so fucking tired. Eh, this is a hospital, I'm sure they'll understand me going to sleep. I adjust myself, moving the craft materials off of the bed. I close my eyes, letting myself fall into the peaceful abyss of sleep before nightmares.

"YOU FUCKING WORTHLESS BITCH!" The man yells... Steven, that's his name, Steven. "Fuck Calypso, can't you do something right for once in your goddamn life?" Wait, who's Calypso? Me. I'm Calypso. What did I do? "I'm sorry Steven! It was an accident!" I hear myself yelling this, but fuck what did I do? My head whips to the side, and I feel a stinging pain in my cheek. "Don't speak to me like that!" He yells at me, "What the fuck, Steven?" I'm so fucking confused? What did I do? "You bitch!" He yells back, and hand are on my shoulders and I'm falling. Where am I falling? A fire. It hurts, I can't think straight. When will the pain end? What did I do to deserve this? How did I hurt him so much that he did this? Why would he do this to me? Isn't he supposed to be my husband, the man I love, the one I decided to bear a child with? I scream in agony, writhing in pain.

My head whips up, fuck that was a horrible nightmare. No, not nightmare, memory. I have to go to someone about this.

3 weeks later

"Jury, have you come to a decision?" The judge asks. One of the jury members stands up. "We have found the defendant, Steven O'Neil, guilty." "WAIT, NO! NO! CALYPSO DON'T DO THIS TO ME! I LOVE YOU!" I hold my daughter closer to me, tears welling up in my eyes.

He turns his attention to our- no not our, he's lost the privilege of calling her his daughter- my daughter. "OLVIA PLEASE! I LOVE YOU, SWEETIE! DON'T LET MOMMY DO THIS! TELL MOMMY TO STOP" She looks at him and calmly, too calmly for a girl that has just lost her father, says "Your a meanie, you hurt mommy." Despite the seriousness of the situation, I turn to her, letting out a chuckle. "FINE! BE LIKE THAT YOU WORTHLESS BITCHES! ONCE I GET OUT, I'M GONNA FIND, AND KILL BOTH OF YOU!"

I sigh as he's being dragged away, looking at my daughter. I look at Olivia, laughing at her sticking her tongue out at her father's back. I set her down, grabbing her hand and leading her to the door. "Come on sweetie, when we get home, maybe if you and I work hard enough, we can enough decorations for thanksgiving! Then we can make cookies!" She looks at me, her face lighting up "COOKIES! YAY!" She grips my hand tighter, pulling me out he door, all the way to the car. She gets in, bouncing in her seat. "COOKIES!" She yells repeatedly, clapping her hands to the beat. She begins to sing a song about cookies, and I laugh, pulling into our driveway. Luckily we lived 5 minutes away, or I would have to be dealing with that the entire drive home. She unbuckles herself as the car stops, running into the house, all the while yelling her song about cookies. She and I make cookies all night.

We never really got to make those decorations..

Okay so I'm done writing the story but it won't let me turn it in cause its only 885 words long so I'm just going to talk here until it gets to 1000 words so you can ignore this part.

Words: Eight hundred Eighty-Five

Please if your reading this, please no hate about the story I have a weird mind, and this story went there and I'm sorry if this is offensive but please no hate comments but I would love some constructive criticism, but there's a difference between constructive criticism and hate comments so please don't refrain from telling me if there are not enough details, or if I made a grammatical mistake!

Thanks for reading!

Stay safe!

Stay awesome!

I pray for you in these horrible times!

October 11, 2020 17:47

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Regina Krieger
00:45 Oct 20, 2020

I loved the confusion at the beginning....I could imagine waking up and not knowing what was going on. It was very believable,


Fiona Denofrio
00:18 Dec 03, 2020

Thanks! Nothing like that has ever happened to me so I really didn't know how to portray it, but I thank you for your feedback!


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Ari Berri
16:46 Jan 19, 2021

This is an awesome story! One suggestion, though: Break it into smaller paragraphs. That will make it easier to read. Also, don't put your age in your bio, they won't give you a chance to win a contest. Nice job!


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