How It All Started

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It was on the 25th of December that I was born. I was born with skin as white as snow, eyes as purple as amethysts and hair coloured cocoa, while being as smooth as silk. I came out scared and worried of how I would adjust to this new environment, but I never cried. Mother and Father never cared. All they cared about was of how they would pay their bills. It wasn’t a surprise that people would call my parents cheap and filthy human beings. I would sometimes even wonder if they were ever human beings at all. Despite that, let’s go back to where I started. I came out calm and quiet, which usually mums and dads are happy about, but my parents were worried, but of course not about me. They were actually worried about if they had to pay for my funeral if I had died1 They started panicking or that’s what I had been told. All I actually remember is both of them holding me in the air and pacing around the room sobbing like babies. In fact, they were so busy being babies that they almost dropped their own baby. Who in fact was a real baby. I still didn’t cry, which made them cry even more. 1 hour had passed, but my foolish parents had still been crying. Finally, after the doctors had sat my parents down, my parents understood that I hadn’t died, but I was actually just shocked. They sighed in relief, while I sighed in grief. After my mum gave me to the doctors to shower me, she slept for a while in the hospital bed. After the doctors had given me back to my parents, they asked my parents,”What are you going to name her”? My parents looked at each other and asked the doctors if they could name me as my parents were tired from delivering the baby, which was me. The doctors were surprised, but extremely happy as they would now have a child that they would be able to call their own. They looked at my eyes and then my birth date. They thought of Lilac and Angelina. Lilac meaning purple and Angelina meaning Messenger of God. The doctors and nurses in the room got happy and wrote the name on the sheet. They named me…………… Liliana. When my parents heard this name, they got excited and happy, but then suddenly their smiles turned upside down. They pondered about how long it would take to call me, so they told the doctors and nurses that they would call me Lil. The doctors and nurses just nodded, but actually were bursting from their insides. After my name was set, Liliana Loiolain, the doctors set my mum for discharge. My mum panicked. She wanted the special treatment and the special care, but if she was discharged then she wouldn’t receive it, so she came up with a cruel plan. She wanted to drink coke. A lot of coke. She told my father to buy a dozen of coke bottles, which my no brain father bought. Once my father gave her the bottles of coke, she drank them up as fast as she could, but little did she know that the doctors would catch her in her act. After finishing the ridiculous amount of coke, the doctors came in room 1515, my birth room, and then injected my mother with anaesthesia. Suddenly, as the doctors were leaving they noticed a red sign behind my mothers bed. That was when one of them came to see what it was and found the 12 bottles of coke. My father suddenly freaked out and started to lie. “Oh. Where did that come from? Oh no. Umm…. Did you guys put that there”?, my shaking father asked. The doctors answered a simple no and then collected the bottles, which they took to put in a bin. After that my father thought everything would be fine, but then the doctors came back fuming. Steam was literally coming out of their ears. Well not literally. Then one of them came up to my father and started yelling at him for trying to harm a human being. The other doctors called the police, who eventually looked at the CCTV footage and found out my mother was at fault as well as my father. After my mother awoke the first thing she saw was 2 police men towering over her. She screamed for a few minutes, but then my father calmed her down. Her screaming was so loud that I woke up from my sleep and I was in the baby room next door! That was too much for me. Then my mother stood up from the bed and the police men arrested her. I was just staring at the ceiling and wondering what was happening. After my not so smart mother had been escorted to the police station, I was in the hands of the doctors now. Although they wanted to keep me for a while, they couldn’t. I was born in France, but my mother was pregnant in England, which meant I was supposed to be sent to England. To be exact London. The main doctor, Doctor Trainer, was a female who wanted children dearly, but unfortunately couldn’t, which was why when my cruel parents were arrested she wanted to adopt me, but there was a stop preventing her to do that. As of law I was forbidden to be adopted until I was 5 years old. Once Doctor Trainer heard this horrific news she was shook, shattered and finished. Just a few hours with me made her realise that I was the one for her, but as much as she wanted me she couldn’t as I belonged to a family already. Then when my family was taken away she still wasn’t allowed to be with me. Why? Because of a stupid law! Despite that she still tried everything in her power to adopt me, but with all her hard work she still wasn’t able to. Soon word spread out through the hospital, Centre de Santé COSEM Miromesnil, that I was the gifted child with bad fortune. This was a boiling point for Doctor Trainer, who shattered those disturbing thought bubbles of others and cleared things up. Soon the orphanage in London came to pick me up, but little did they know that Doctor Trainer had a surprise for them. She had figured a way to keep me. She had researched for months, specially until I was 2 month olds, and found many facts which she could use to battle the orphanage with. When the orphanage ladies had arrived to the hospital Doctor Trainer set up a meeting with them, so she could show and convince the ladies from the orphanage to allow me to stay with Doctor Trainer, which the ladies soon did agree to. Doctor Trainer stayed professional, but had fireworks popping inside of her. She signed the papers without any hesitation and took me to her house as quickly as she could. It was full of toys just for me. It even had a room just for me. It was everything I could’ve wanted. For 7 months I stayed there and called Doctor Trainer mum once I was able to talk. Doctor Trainer was ecstatic about this matter. She would always cry whenever I would call her mum. Once she even scolded me for making her cry, which made me laugh as I could barely understand anything. As I slept with Doctor Trainer one night she got a call that she hadn’t expected to see in years. The ladies from the orphanage. They had called to talk about the contract, which stated that I would be taken after I understood what had happened the night my biological parents had been arrested. That meant I was not to be held captive until I was of 11 years old. If not at least 12 years old. Doctor Trainer answered the phone call and talked to those horrible ladies, who explained that the law had been changed due to some recent events and that som laws including children were also change. One was about my situation, which meant I was not able to be with Doctor Trainer as soon as I turned 1 years old. This shattered Doctor Trainer to bits. She fell to the floor leaving the phone dead silent. After that night she never left me alone. She would cry and squeeze me tight or she would laugh and have the most fun time with me. Until my 1st birthday. I was excited because I saw a cake and huge amount of people. Suddenly, when I was about to cut my cake with Doctor Trainer some ladies in white came in. They were the ladies from the orphanage. They gave Doctor Trainer a contract and forced her to sign it, which she signed and then they snatched me away from her and forced me inside a car full of darkness.

Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours had passed, but the huge car had not stopped. Suddenly, when I woke up from my deep sleep I started to whine and cry for Doctor Trainer. I kept saying,”Mummma! Mummma! Heeeellffff”! When the evil ladies from the orphanage heard me, they grabbed my hand and started injecting me with anaesthesia, soon I was asleep and I could not feel anything. Hours had past and we had finally arrived at the airport. Although they’re were many planes to board on, they didn’t board any of them. The ladies from the orphanage boarded their own private jet. Or should I say a stolen one? Before they boarded the jet, they hid me in a container as big as a full grown adult. Luckily they were smart enough to put holes in there, otherwise I would have died on the spot. It took us almost 2 hours to get to London, but we landed eventually. As soon as I had awakened we had arrived. I was scared. Terrified. Petrified. Each time I took a step, the guards took a step. Whenever I would cry, they would write it down in a strange notebook, which creeped me out. Although I was just 1 years old, I had a mind of a 4 year old. I could talk, walk, run, read and write. I knew every nursery rhyme there ever was. I knew all the lines from my favourite books. The ladies from the orphanage thought I was a stupid, dumb child, but little did they know that I had memorised their plane tickets, their phone numbers, their names, their faces, their bodyguards and basically their everything. I had remembered something Doctor Trainer had always told me. Never be too afraid to never remember the things around you. Because, when you don’t remember the things that help you then nothing can help you. 

That's where everything fell and know all I can do is sit here and talk about my story. The story that I am telling as a ghost.

October 27, 2023 07:38

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