" The Blindfold "

28 Nov 2020.            

House no.136

   I woke up at 6:00 in the morning and put up my blindfold. Stretching my arms, I went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth,took a shower and got ready for work.

   I left my house house at 7:00 am with a loaf of bread in my hand cause I was getting late for work. Outside my house there was a beggar, poor shivering beggar, lying there in the cold with tattered clothes. Hunger had made him hold his stomach with both hands. 

But I saw none of this and moved forward, I was happy with this gift. 

   Well I walked up to the main road and waited for a taxi. As soon as I hired a taxi and sat inside it, there was a knock on the window, I pulled down the glass and saw a little kid looking at me with pledging eyes, maybe he wanted some money for food and before I could give it a thought I found that there was no one out there and so the taxi raced past the blocks on the road. 

   Few minutes passed, the driver was driving pretty fast and he didn't cross any red lights or didn't stop anywhere cause he was also wearing the gift and both of us never saw any traffic signal or traffic intersection. I wanted to reach my office and he wanted to take me to my office, we both were happy. 

        Another couple of minutes passed, when I jumped on my seat and realized that our vehicle had hit someone but no it might be a wall. So, we raced past the point and didn't see any blood or a cramped body on the road nor did any traffic officer stopped us. Why would they? They were the first to receive the gift and after all nothing had ever happened in the first place.

     I reached my office on time and the entrance I saw the guards kicking and beating someone but they must be practicing in the air, "What I good exercise!" I thought. Then I sat in my office, took coffee and Just did some work on my laptop. 

   There were some job applicants, I read through C.V's and there were mostly girls with good looks and good family backgrounds. I wondered why there weren't any applications from poor people who come with such poor backgrounds and cry for the job and dream of high posts not remembering their place in the gutters. Bloody beggars. Well, I approved the female applicants. After all, I had gotten rid of those beggars , thanks to the gift.

       Then the whole day went good, I took coffee, slept, talked with my beautiful clients and assistant and also did some work. Well, today there wasn't alot of work somehow but that's a good thing, isn't it? 

       At 02:00 pm at noon, I went back and at our way back, the ride was even smoother, we had nowhere to stop and yeah we got bumped into the walls in the middle of the road but not a problem at all. I reached home. Still, there were no beggers crying for help, no poor home people, no weeping kids. Everything was good. 

   I took a peaceful nap till 05:00 pm. Today, there weren't even any distributing azans(prayer calls) from the mosques, so it was a peaceful nap and then I ate some snacks and went out for some evening walk. Again, a peaceful walk with beautiful, merry faces around and nothing to worry about. I met my neighbor Mrs Kamal in the park and we sat on a bench and talked and talked. Well, after some time, I walked her to her home and went back to my house. I turned on the T.V , there were no Islamic channels, no bearded-molvis speaking like Satans about hell and suffering. There were just music and movie channels and news channels were also peaceful. There was no coverage of poor and why would there be any? The city was peaceful, there weren't any poor people left, no deaths of homeless people. I had surveyed the streets myself. And there were no middle-class poverty or unemployment issues. 

      After all the world had become peaceful. All regards go to the amazing gift. I would never remove my blindfold. It was so good. 

      I was free so I opened social media. I used facebook, instagram, twitter. There were just posts from friends and all the good people were there and there were just good talk and harmonious posts. I chatted with my friends and everyone was happy. Why shouldn't be happy? Afterall, the social media had become save for use. 

      No rebellious speeches and anthems from poor, middle-class people. No political issues, no irritating religious posts, no videos from bearded-molvis speaking of don't know what kind of imaginary world and speaking against modern world and just nothing except merry-friendly posts. Everyone around the world was happy. This gift had revolutionized the world. 

       Pakistan was peaceful and with beautiful rich people. No one could have imagined that this kind of invention could be made. "Stone Heart" was really a good company and they were all across the media for their invention 'The Blindfold'.

       After using social media, I watched a movie, ordered some food online, ate food and went to bed at 10:30 pm. 

29 Nov 2020.              

House no. 135


     Yesterday night, I heard some strange voices from my neighbor's home and saw some people taking some stuff in a truck. Well, they might be helping him shift the house. And I heard some screams and shouts and a bullet fired but I was sure that he must be watching a movie. Afterall, nothing could go wrong. I had my "Blindfold" and the world was peaceful. 

December 20, 2019 11:05

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