My name is niza. I am eighteen years old. I come from a small African tribe known as the khazuma people. I have often thought that with any luck at all I could have been born an elf, because my ears stretched out like one, but I had to be content with what I had. I have no family because they are all dead. But enough of the hullabaloo story. Let's fast forward to the year 1938 were i had to work as a servant not a chauffeur. I sat down at the back of the bakery when someone threw a rock at me. I was knocked out of my fantasy.

"Hey boy"

I turned. It was Mr Bradley. He owned the bakery store and had two mean daughters who always thought they were beautiful, but they were the ugliest being on earth.

"are you deaf boy" he scolded.

"get these supplies to Mrs Wright" he said as he dropped the box forcefully on the ground.

I stoop up immediately from the floor I sat on earlier, I wouldn't want another Rock thrown at me. I picked up the nicely tied up box which had bread in it, carefully placed it on my shoulders. I was almost out of the alley  when I bumped into one of Mr Bradley's daughters.

"watch where ya going you skunk"  

Emma cursed.

As she spoke, saliva spilled out of her mouth revealing her ugly teeth. I didn't want any trouble so I just gave a fussy look and crossed over to the next street. Mrs wright's house was across the street. I rang the doorbell immediately I got there. 

"who's there"? Screamed Mrs wright. 

I wondered if she wanted me to scream back at her. That'd be awkward. I thought to myself. I stood there for a while until she opened the door. 

"Oh Niza boy" she smiled 

"Goodevening ma'm" I replied. 

Mrs Wright was obese, that made her sluggish and sometimes she forgets things. I helped her take the box of loaf into her house. I doubt if she would have been able to carry it all by herself. 

"thank you niza, you're a good person" she said. 

I gave a firm nod as I took my leave. 

I quickly crossed over and headed straight to the bakery. As I passed by, I saw Mr Bradley and his two daughters chattering and making unpleasant noises. 

I noticed Nella look at me in some strange way while I passed. I made a funny face to her as I rushed into my room immediately banging the door behind me. I chuckled.

I checked the wall clock on my right. It was almost 8pm. I yawned evasively and fell into my bed.

I woke up the next morning to a bang on my door. I woke up and lifted my head and almost screamed. My muscles were two steps beyond stiff and sore ; I tried to swing my legs out of bed. Swing was a bad idea. I managed to get out of my bed and walked slowly to the door. I wasn't surprised when I saw Mr Bradley standing outside holding a small piece of paper.

"Do you know what the time is, little boy". He asked.

"N.. Noo" I stuttered.

He looked at me with his eyebrows up and handed the piece of paper to me.

"take this, go get some items for the bakery"

He turned to leave, then suddenly he stopped.

"and boy, do not take long or you'll have to starve today". He added. 

I didn't wait for Mr Bradley to come back and start reigning insults on me. I quickly washed my face with some water I left on my table and raced out of my room. I got to the store and quickly picked the correct items but on my way back home I decided to stop at the park and sit for a while. Too much time passed. I stayed on the bench and waited. In the distance I could see the parks famed marble arch. But that wasn't what caught my attention. I saw a snowbank and I could see something glowing due to the sun's reflection on it. I got up from the bench and walked towards the snowbank. I reached into the snow pulling out the shiny object. I examined it and it seemed to be an amulet. I put it into my pocket immediately and headed home. I knew I had spent a lot of time at the park, so I moved stealthily in an attempt to evade Mr Bradley. I guess it was my lucky day. I quickly placed the items on the table where Mr Bradley baked and rushed into my room. I took out the amulet from my pocket. It looked old and ancient. At the front of the amulet a strange image like that of a god was on it, and at the back was the Roman numeral three. 

I couldn't make any sense out of it, so the next day I took it to a store owned by a diviner. When I got into the shop, I didn't see anyone at first so I decided to take a look around. I saw magical and ancient items ranging from amulets to totems, potions and weird symbols arranged on each shelf. I was about to pick up a totem when I heard footsteps. 

"don't touch that" said the old lady with a very weird accent. 

I turned immediately. 

"what do you want boy" she asked. 

I took out the amulet from my pocket and gave it to her shivering . 

"hmmmm, may I ask how you got this?". 

"I.. I.. Found it hidden in a snowbank" I replied. 

She held the amulet as she walked towards me and placed it on a small round table.

"You know you are too young to have such an object" she said. 

I stood staring at her. 

She walked round the table twice holding the amulet in her right hand. 

"This is a ha'ari amulet" she said

"But a spell has been cast on it" she added. 

"A spell"? I asked 

"What kind"?. 

"The one that drains your soul each time you make a wish". 

"Make two wishes but be warned, it's consequences are out of this world". She added. 

I took the amulet and left immediately. It was almost 7pm when I got home. I rushed into my room and placed the amulet on the table. I stood over it, then I wished that Mrs Wright would loose some weight. 

Immediately, the amulet sparkled lifting itself from the table and fell onto the ground. I rushed out of my room holding the amulet, as I was about to go into the main house I heard a scream from Mrs Wright's house as she switched on the lights. I smiled. 

I barged into the living room where Mr Bradley and his two daughters were having dinner. They looked at me confused. 

"what the hell" said Emma

"you stupid boy" Said Mr Bradley angrily. 

"where have you been"? He added. 

I stood staring at them and didn't say a word. Emma stood up angrily and walked towards me raising her hands getting ready to slap the life out of me. I held her hands before it got to me face. 

"I wish you never spoke" I said it forcefully with tears in my eyes 

She moved back terrified. She tried to speak but words failed to proceed out of her mouth. She mumbled. 

Immediately the amulet fell from my hands releasing a very bright light. I felt my spirit leave my body and then it fused back into my body. I gasped. 

I looked over to my right and saw Mr Bradley holding Emma in awe. Then he looked at me shaking and said. 

"who are you"? 

"I'm the Ha'ari" I said with a deep voice 

I wasn't young Niza anymore. I was different. I could tell because something else was inside of me. That night I left the Bradley home and never returned. 

April 02, 2020 14:53

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