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On a Monday morning, I received an email from a floral company that I applied to 2 months ago offering me a job opportunity. I was so shocked by the unexpected email that all I could do was cover my mouth and scream softly into my palms. I have been wanting a different occupation for the past 8 years but nothing seems to fall within my favor. But, now I can finally leave this job and start something fresh and new. I know that Jane my boss will not like the sound of this because I'm one of the best editors at her company but this is a great opportunity for me and I must take advantage. After starring at the email on my computer for about an hour or so I take the courage to confront my boss about leaving this company that I've been in for 10 years of my life. Yes, you heard me right I have been at this publishing company for 10 years! Dreadful, isn't it? Yeah, I know that's why I'm in the process of leaving. As I softly knock on the open door to Jane's office I see Jane eating a jelly doughnut with her mouth full as she speaks on the telephone to someone anonymous. Jane rushes the person off of the phone as she wipes the corner of her mouth that left a powder stain.

"Hey, Jillian, How's it going," Jane says to me while cheesing extremely hard. " I am great, I just thought I could speak with you for just a moment" Jane motion her hands for me to take a seat in the empty brown chair that sat on the other side of her desk which had bawled up paper and candy wrappers that laid across it.

Before Jane spoke she crossed her hands as if she were a 1st grader striving to be on their best behavior. " So, what seems to be the problem, Jillian?"

"I enjoy working at this job, Jane. 10 years is a long time being with a company but.."

Before Jillian could finish the rest of her sentence Jane cuts her off by saying "Oh no, you're leaving this company?"

Jillian bows her head down like a disobedient dog that knows that they've done wrong.

"Do you not know that you are one of my best editors?" Jane sniffles as she takes a tissue from the tissue box that is lopsided on the desk.

Jillian gulps loudly as she tries to find the words to say to her sympathetic boss.

"Jillian, please answer me, I feel like I am talking to that wall" Jane points to an old white wall with an unfamiliar photo hanging off of a rusty nail that is struggling to keep the photo in place. With words finally to say Jillian responds rapidly. "It's just that I want something different for myself. That is all Jane, it has nothing to do with you or this company."

Jane tosses the used tissue onto the floor next to the overflowing trash can that sits beside her desk. "Is it another publishing company? you know that those other publishing companies envied this company because of our magnificent editors."

"It is not another publishing company. It is something much different."

Jane stares at Jillian as if she's trying to read her mind. Jillian softly rubs her two palms on her jean skirt to release the excessive sweat that sat upon them.

"Well, I can't hold you hostage Jillian. If you feel that you must go then go. Just remember to keep in touch, you were like a sister I never had." Jane breaks down in tears once again.

This time Jillian gets up from the brown old chair and walks up to Jane so she can try to comfort her. Jane pulls away telling Jillian that she will be fine. Jillian leaves Jane's office feeling optimistic about her choice of leaving. As Jillian stands over the wooden desk she gathers her belongings as a woman named Candi who is also an editor at the company approaches Jillian to give a warm goodbye. "I am going to miss you, Jill."

Jillian makes the puppy dog face as she pulls in to give Candi a warm hug. "I will miss you too, Candi. I just have to move on."

Candi pulls away from the friendly hug and asks Jillian where is her new job. Jillian quietly says " A floral company but do not tell anyone I kind of wanted it to be a secret."

"How come?"

Jillian shrugs her shoulders while putting the photo frame into a box.

"Well, your secret is safe with me, good luck on the new job." Candi winks at Jillian before walking away to leave Jillian to finish packing.

As Jillian finished putting her belongings into the car she decides to stand outside to smoke a cigarette when she receives a phone call from the floral company that sent the email.

Nervously Jillian picks up the call and answers in a very delightful tone of voice. "Hi, this is Jillian."

"Hi, Jillian this is Kate with Bloom, how are you?"

"I am great I was very thrilled by the email that you sent me early this morning."

"Good, so you accept the job offer?"

"Definitely '

"Good, how about you swing by the shop tomorrow morning for more details about the job."

"Sounds great I will see you then."

Jillian presses the end call button on her phone and begins to yell in a piercing tone of voice. The people on the sidewalk were furious as they walk by Jillian giving ugly stares. Jillian smiles wholeheartedly as she makes her way to her vehicle. Before she drives off Jillian gets a little visit from a friend of hers from nature, a mockingbird that she named Jerry. Jerry sits on the lid of her car starring into Jillian's eyes.

"Hi, Jerry. I am going to miss you." Jillian blows Jerry a kiss as he flies into the beautiful blue sky.


September 01, 2021 21:25

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Michael Regan
23:45 Oct 20, 2021

I found the Jane character a bit 'over the top'. But, overall a nice read.


Jade Orien🍀
04:42 Oct 21, 2021

Ok, thank you.


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