Two-Day Times.

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Two-Day Times is what the country calls when the world is in the sun for twenty-four hours and then twelve hours. Only then does the sun slowly set and it is dusk. At this time everyone, even the children are required to stay up until the sunsets. By the time it does then you are pooped. People have trouble staying up through this. You find ways. Adults drink a lot of coffee. Kids get a special sugar drink we are only allowed to have until our parents say we are allowed to have coffee. You drink this during this time if you are pregnant or do not like coffee and you are older.

School is out the entire week. We consider this spring break. We have parades the morning after it is over. If everyone has stayed up through Two-Day Times, the sun will set. Not even a small nap is allowed. Once you turn seventy you no longer count. If you are younger than three you are allowed to be asleep. But unless you are one of the two of those and you live in this country, you have to keep going. Everyone participates. You are considered an outlaw if you have not participated and you get put in jail. In jail, they correct you and you are not the same afterward.

The first one I got to participate in I was four. I was so excited because I was not in pre-kindergarten the entire week. My parents had bought a special drink and everything. I wondered how the sun was going to be up for two days or maybe more. My parents the first part of the first day were normal. But then it turned to technically night. I thought that it was time to go to bed subconsciously. But my parents gave me the drink and it felt like I was being controlled to stay awake. My head hurt and I couldn't do anything about it. I was too tired.

And eventually, after drinking three of these things, the sunset and it was dusk. My parents fell asleep on top of each other and I barely made it to bed. I could not remember anything that had happened after the first day. Until I had fallen asleep. The same happened until I was twelve. My parents no longer wanted to give me the special juice. They said I could just have the coffee. The sun was up, but it was like it was a weird eclipse. The moon most obviously wanted to be up in the sky. It still was. But it was much different than an eclipse because the moon looked small and the sun was much bigger.

I was amazed by this concept. I had never seen such an amazing sky. Our planet in our galaxy, Crynion is a very special planet. We are the most perfect and interesting distance from the sun. The sun in our universe is also green. That makes our sky yellow. It is a very pretty thing to look at. Our night is a deep orange. But we have happy lives. It's very normal to us. Crynion is also a special planet that is able to produce special substances from our moon. Well, the moon we had until I was twenty-four. But that will make sense later. Growing up though, that was the way life was.

I was twenty-one when something went wrong. I did everything right. But for some reason, someone did it wrong. The sun stopped setting. The night became this weird eclipse. And we were stuck like this. Forever in this terrible loop that we could not fix. That I wanted to fix. But how, how could you fix the sun coming up every day? How do you fix the sun being stuck in this loop? I was around twenty-four when there was another sad sign. Apparently, the moon had been knocked out of orbit. It was now going to affect us by having the moonshine the way it used to. But it was still very unnatural. In fact, the sun now just shone twenty-four hours a day. It was bright and miserable to sleep through.

We were starting to believe it could be like this forever. I held on hope. I would go to my window and hope to see the sun going down. That there was going to be dusk one more time. Just not with the moon. Eventually, we got one of our satellites to be programmed perfectly so that there was a moon rocked into our orbit. We now had gone back to our weird dusk sort of situation. But one day, I figured it out. I planned everything perfectly. I just needed a donor. Or multiple in my case. I got a funding page online about how I knew how to fix the world.

People all around the world gave me money to get plane tickets. And once I had enough money, I put everyone onboard planes. This was a massive undertaking getting everyone to the center of our planet Crynion. But eventually, everyone trusted me and what I said. Every person on our tiny planet named Crynion huddled together and move the world down. We were very slowly feeling the planet face down. My theory worked! I was right! Now, all we had to do was move to the side and get the planet to face and move like the moon.

Then we all went to the side. And then the planet moved the right way with the moon, and it became morning. And that night we went to bed and found that the sun had set. It was dusk once again. And now we didn't even have to have the two days where the sun did not set. Everyone congratulated me and I became the empress of the country. Everyone loved me. I was happy that there was dusk one last time. I was so happy that everyone was brought together over this little cause and we worked together to solve a global problem. If we all work together, there can be good outcomes.

March 19, 2022 01:29

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