Coming of Age High School Friendship

'I can't believe Im doing this...' I said this to myself as I'm walking towards Tracy after she has been signaling me for quite some time. I dont blame her after all I'm her date as of tonight for our high school Sadie's dance, which is something completely out of my comfort zone mind ya. I probably should explain how it all came to this.


'Gosh darn it, my mother was right: Tracy is the prettiest out there,' I said to myself as I watch my Sadie date dancing there with her friends to "Dancing Queen" by ABBA. Tracy was wearing a cute and beautiful pink dress meanwhile I wore a black suit with a pink bowtie. I was hanging out with my buddy Ivan who also happen to be my best friend as well. Ivan wore the same attire expected his hair was red and he had freckles all over his face. He was accompanied by his girlfriend Mary who too was best friends with Tracy. Mary also wore a pink dress similar to Tracy but with long sleeves. Ivan and her have been together since freshmen year. The four of us are in the same class. Now here we are, just several sophomores enjoying the night of a Sadies night along with everybody else in the school. The theme of this year's Sadie's was Pinktastic and I don't think I need to describe it more than what it is.

The reason Ivan and I weren't dancing is because we ain't much of dancers ourselves. Sure, I do dance but only when no one was looking. I have two left feet for heaven's sake and I wasn't willing to make a fool of myself out there. After having our dates dancing to a couple of songs, I noticed Tracy was signaling me to come over to the dance with a smile and wave. I shaked my head left and right. I had no desire to budge for I was completely stationary and comfortable where I'm at. 

Ivan looks at Tracy signaling and then turns to me asking: "Come on Stuart, go over there with your girl."

I responded: "Says the one who isn't dancing his own girlfriend. Plus Tracy isn't my girl anyways."

He chuckled and then replys: "Mary hasn't signaled me yet so I'm in the clear for now. Tracy is totally into you and don't you dare deny you aren't into her as well."

My face got red very quickly for what Ivan said was true. Tracy and I have been into each other lately. Yet I was the one who made us in the friend zone because I was very nervous when it comes to girls. Sure, I can toe to toe with any one in Lacrosse with no problem, but when it came to females, I don't want know what else to do. I mean sure I have a wonderful relationship with my mother and Ms. Lu, as well as Tracy herself, but I didn't know how to go about when it comes to a intimate relationship. I obviously have a self-conscious mind when it comes to these things.

I still haven't replied to Ivan as I then watched Tracy continue to signal me to come over. This time, she was casting an invisible fishing rod and reeling it in with me as the fish. I still ain't budging but I gave a smile and shake my head yet again. 

Ivan nudges me lightly having me to step forward. I turn giving him a funny look as he witfully says: "You might as well go or she going to do that the whole night."

He makes a solid point. With me knowing Tracy for so long, she would continue on pursuing me to eventually break my shell and come over. That's what I love about her: she always was her nerdy and spontaneous self that I find enchanting. So after a couple of attempts from Tracy's gestures and a gentle push of Ivan, I was actually heading to the dance floor walking towards the girl of my dreams. One who also happens to be one of my best friends.

I finally arrived to where she was, and when I did Tracy made a curtsy. After her cute and friendly greeting, I made a bow towards her. She then lends her hand out as I took it. 

Once I grabbed her hand, she pulled inward which caught me completely off guard. As she did that, I almost kissed her accidentally. When I saw I was nearing her lips with my own, I turn my head at the last millisecond. I then quickly stand up and look towards her face. She didn't seemed to notice for she was now dancing with me and I was dancing with her in the middle of "Girls Like You" by Maroon 5. 

And what would you know it the next song happen to be our favorite song. It was Walk The Moon's "Shut Up and Dance With Me." We obviously sang the lyrics together as we dance our best moves to it. I did a sort of moves such as the moonwalk, the shuffle, and even the sprinkler. She let me twirl her around as she made me to do the same. We had a blast dancing there and for once I didn't care about what anyone thought of about cringeyness which is another reason I love her. Tracy never stop being herself. I could learn a thing or two from her. 

After the song ended, it changed to a slow dance. This time being: "It Must Have Been Love" by Roxette; a classic song from the 80's. Ivan must have requested for me. I turned my head towards him and he gives me a smiling nod with thumbs up reassuring it was him. Mary was even there with him just enjoying this phenomenon. 'Wingman of the Year," I said to himself. 

I turn my attention to Tracy and lend out my hand this time. She took give and we began to slow dance there. I placed my right hand with her left hand as she placed her right hand on my left shoulder while I land my left hand on her right hip. We then circled around, humming the tone as we listen to it. My group and I had great taste when I came to music especially with the old classics. After the first bridge, she says: "Thank you Stuart."

I look at her and replied: "For what Tracy?"

She replied softly: "Well for being my date and my friend."

I responded: "Yeah, you're welcome. Anytime; anything for you. I-I just..."

She then noticed my lost of words. Tracy asks: "Is everything okay?"

I reassured her by saying: "Yes, everything is okay. I'm just nervous is all."

"There's no reason to be nervous."

"Not when I'm dancing with the prettiest girl in the entire school."

She looked at me with a confused look: "You really think so?"

I replied: "Not only me, but my mom, dad and even Ms. Lu think so too."

She smiled while saying: "Awww! You all are very sweet. Thank you. Please be sure to let them know I said thanks."

"You bet." 

We danced in silence but only for a short bit. Just as soon as the song was about to end, I go: "I have a confession Tracy..."

Tracy looks at me and ask: "Yes Stuart, what is it?"

I replied: "Remember when you gave me that red envelope?"

She replied: "Yes, the one where I asked you to be my date?"

"Yeah, that one," I replied

"What about it?" wondered Tracy there in front of me.

I mentioned shyly: "Well I remember you saying you've been having feelings towards me and I know I've said it was best to be friends but..."

"But what Stuart?" Tracy asked me this as she was looking directly to my eyes wanting to see what I was trying to say. Her gentle green eyes were looking at me waiting for a response. Once the song ended, I finally said: "I think I'm in love with you Tracy..."

February 26, 2022 06:48

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