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Estelle Hoshizora was a precious little girl who lived in a box. She was young and frail-looking, with hair that resembled the winter stream, a beautiful white. It didn't help that her eyes were an unnatural crimson as well. "The eyes of a witch." That's what her parents had said when they left her here. 

Estelle wandered the city of Taevas, belonging to the kingdom of Charna. She looked around the shopkeeper's abandoned merchandise, looking for anything to eat. The girl knew that midnight was the only moment the man would leave his cart. Estelle shuddered at the memory of the beating she had received as a newly abandoned stray, rubbing at the phantom pains of her broken arm. The club was surprisingly painful.

She rummaged through the food bin, coming across things that she would deem as useless or risky. She stopped, however, feeling a heavy metal ball in the old waste. She pulled it out, examining the elegant designs engraved in bronze. "Weird," She thought. "The ball is warm." She traced the swirls and dots, seemingly mesmerized by this tiny object.

As she began to reach the center clasp, Estelle could have sworn that she heard a faint voice, begging to be released. 


Estelle sat it in front of her, next to her bed. Sure, she'd gone out to look for food, but she couldn't leave it! Estelle looked at the circular clasp, tracing it. She could see the ancient Charnan language printed on its surface. However, she couldn't read it. 

Sighing in exasperation, she placed the ball on her bedside. Well, if you could even call it a bedside, as she didn't have a bed. She traced the clasp. "I wonder if I can open it?" The young girl wondered aloud. She curled herself around the mysterious bronze orb, seemingly guarding it as the other street rats were well known for stealing the other's belongings. 

About three hours later, she realized something. She couldn't sleep. Looking in annoyance at the ball, she asked it, "This is your fault, isn't it?" It didn't respond. She knew this, but why did she expect differently. 

She brushed off her rags, almost as if she could brush off the permanent grime off of her clothing. A thought entered her mind, and she smiled excitedly. What if she were to leave to the meadow just outside the city. "Some fresh air should do me good." She said. "Let's go then. I want to see if I can open you."


Having climbed to the top of the tallest building in the city wasn't the smartest thing Estelle had ever done. But it also wasn't the dumbest, so there was that at least. Three times, had she almost fallen to her death because of that sphere. Once she had secured her safety, she pulled it out to glare at it. "The things I do for you." She repeated what her mother would say to her when she was still present. It was because of that sphere that she was unable to scurry up faster.

The white-haired girl carefully made her way to the edge of the roof, not close enough to be able to see the bottom. She held the bronze object up to the light of the moon, large and bright, barely shielded by the clouds as the rainy season would soon return. She once more traced her finger along the decorated design of the clasp. She seemed to hear a voice again. This time, it was louder than before. Estelle managed to make out the faint distressed sound:

"Please let me out."

The girl placed it close to her ear, deciding she may as well ask. "Who are you? How do I open it?" Her voice was quiet, not wanting to scare the little voice. 

"I am the gift of the reborn Sorceress. I am looking for my lady. Have you seen her? She is the only one who can open this clasp. She is the most beautiful and kind of the Witches." 

"I'm not sure... I know a lady like that. Every lady here in Taevas. They are all ugly and mean." Was her response, wrinkling her nose a bit. 

"Taevas? That's strange. Oh, but she must be here! Are you sure you haven't met her?" 

Estelle gave a huff in confirmation. The little voice seemed confused now. "Why don't you try to open it?"

Estelle was dumbfounded. "I can't open it! I don't know how!"

Mr. Voice seemed exasperated. "But the instructions are written right there! Clear as day! It says hold it up to the light of the moon, press the clasp, and twist it! The magic of the Sorceress will do the rest!" 

Estelle suddenly seemed ecstatic. That's what it said! She could open it now! "What are the odds! The moon is large today! But there haven't been stars since forever. I've only ever heard stories of them..." She carefully applied pressure to the center clasp, humming an unknown melody to attempt to contain her excitement. 

When it began to turn, there was an excited hum from the voice inside. "No way! I've found my lady! I'm so happy I could burst!" A joyous giggle escaped the bronze ball as she opened it. A bright burst of light blinded her so much that she'd almost dropped the ball.




That frail girl kept her eyes closed, listening to the soft patter of the rain, water hitting her skin, washing away the dust that stained her face. She breathed in, the scent bringing her peace. 

"My lady! You can open your eyes now! Look! The world knows of your arrival!" The voice, which was much stronger than before, rejoyced! She opened her eyes and stared. Beside her stood a glowing blue boy, appearing to be older than her by a couple of years. He smiled, kneeling before her. 

She gasped, looking forward. Falling all around the city were stars, falling upon the ground and dispersing their stardust onto the streets.

"It's amazing! Thank you-!" 

"Evren, my lady. My name is Evren." 

"Thank you, Evren!" 

She felt an article of warm clothing placed around her shoulders. She looked to see Evren wrapping his sapphire coat around her. "We mustn't let you become cold, my lady. It is time we go home."

She smiled, her crimson eyes lit up by silver starlight.

"Yes, lets."

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