The Invitation

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Crime Horror Sad

Amy woke up on a Monday morning with lots of energy. It was the last week of high school. She would go to college shortly afterwards. She brushed her long red hair. She put on a long sleeve dark green button up shirt to match her sparkling green eyes with a black skirt coming down to her knees. She drove to school in her blue mini van. She got to school and talked to her best friend Lucy. Lucy followed Amy to her locker. Amy opened the door to her locker ro get her books for her first class. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw a black envelope with small bold red letters on it. The letters spelled out Nightmare Gala. Amy slipped it into her pocket to read   later. Lucy and Amy separated ways to go to their first class. Amy´s first class was forensic science. It was her favorite class. Half way through the class the lecture became boring. Amy already knew all of this. Her mind went back to the strange letter in her pocket. She asked to use the restroom. The teacher said she could. She went into the bathroom stall. She tore the envelope open. Inside it was a letter that read: You have been chosen. Party at 10:00pm tonight at 456 Hill Lane. Do not be late. Do not tell anyone else about this. Amy stared at it for a little bit. She was curious about the party. She did not know who lived at this address. Amy contemplated on whether she should go or not. She wanted to go out of curiosity but she also knew it could be dangerous. It was suspicious that it said not to tell anyone else. Her curiosity got the best of her and she decided she would go. She went back to class. Soon it was lunch time. Amy always packed her own lunch. She packed a peanut butter sandwich and carrots. She decided to ask Lucy to come with her even through the invitation said not to. Lucy looked at the card. ¨Are you sure we should go? It sounds a little creepy¨ Lucy said a little scared. Amy reassured her it would be fine and she agreed to go. Finally the school day was over. Amy took a long shower and then did her homework. It was 2 hours until 10:00 now. Amy brushed her long red hair again and put on a red sleeveless dress that clinged to her body. She drove over to Lucy's house to pick her up. Lucy had a black dress on that complimented her long black hair and blue eyes. The skirt of the dress was covered with black lace. Lucy got in the car with Amy. They drove up to a black house. It had no windows. There was a door with blacking paint coming off showing the original white color of the door. There was no door bell. Amy knocked on the door. A boy about their age answered it. He had dark raven black hair. His eyes were red. Amy and Lucy thought they must have been eye contacts. ¨Invitations please¨ he said with a wicked smile on his face. Amy showed him hers. ¨And yours?¨ he asked Lucy. ¨She is with me. She is my friend¨ Amy quickly said. His smile disappeared and his face darkened. ¨I said not to tell anyone and you bring someone uninvited here¨ he said in anger. His red eyes started strangely glowing. ¨I am sorry. We will leave¨ Amy said nervously. ¨No, it is too late now. You both should come¨ he said in a stern voice. His eyes went back to normal. ¨Alight¨ Amy said. He opened the door and let them in. It was dark with only a few lanterns lighting the room. It looked like a ball room. There was one set of stairs leading upward. There were three other people. One girl with long black hair and the same red eyes as the host. Another girl with long blond hair and green eyes was standing in the corner. There was also a boy there with brown hair and shimmering blue eyes. Lucy got lost in those deep blue eyes the color of the ocean. The boy looked back at her and she quickly looked away. ¨Now, let's all introduce ourselves. I am Andrius. I am the host of this party¨ the host said as the door slammed shut. Ëveryone was silent and did not say anything. ¨None of you want to introduce yourselves. Fine. I will introduce all of you¨ Andrius said as we all stared at him blankly. ¨This is Annabelle, my sister¨ he said pointing to the girl with black hair and red eyes. ¨That is Elena¨ he said gesturing towards the girl with blond hair and green eyes. ¨How do you know my name?¨ she said in an outburst. ¨I know everyone's name, darling¨ he said.  Elena stared at him coldly. ¨This is Amy and her friend Lucy¨ he continued. ¨This is Seiya¨ he said pointing to the other boy with brown hair and blue eyes. ¨I am leaving. This is weird¨ Elena said stepping towards the door. She went to open the door and found that it was locked. ¨Unlock the door now¨ Elena demanded Andrius. ¨No, if you want to leave then you have to win the game¨ Andrius said. ¨What game?¨ she asked. ¨The survival game, I will instruct through each step¨ Andruis replied. ¨I am not playing your stupid games¨ Elena said. ¨You don't really have a choice¨ Annabelle piped in with a smirk on her face. All of the guests were freaked out. Amy regretted taking Lucy with her to the party. She did not know she would be dragging her into this mess. Amy was not expecting two creepy siblings. She thought it would be a fun night out to party. Elena attacked Andrius. She shoved him on to the ground and kicked him in the stomach. ¨You messed with the wrong person. Unlock the door now or you will regret it¨ Elena said towering over Andrius. Andrius quickly stood back up. He got a gun out and pointed it at Elena. Seiya rushed to Elena´s side. Amy and Lucy looked in shock. Despite her life being threatened she had a calm demor. ¨There is no need for that, we will do what you tell us¨ Seiya said, stepping in front of Elena. Elena quietly slipped her hand into one of her black leather boots. She slipped out a gun. She stepped forward next to Seiya. Boom! A gun went off. Elena had shot Andrius in the shoulder. ¨Do not force me to kill you because I will do it without hesitation¨ Elena said to Andrius. ¨Of course you brought a weapon. You are in the military after all¨ Andrius seared at her. Andrius dropped his gun and clutched his injured shoulder. Annabelle quickly sntached up the gun her brother dropped. Her eyes glowing too bright to look at. Another sound of a gun went off. Elena laid sprawled on the floor. Blood soaking the dark green dress she had on. Her right hand is still clutching her gun. Annabelle had shot Elena. Annabelle was aiming for her heart but hit right above it. Seiya looked like he was trying to hold back tears. Amy and Lucy started crying. Annabelle tended to her brother's wound. Seiya kneeled down on the floor to give medical attention to Elena. Annabelle and Seiya seemed to have medical knowledge. Seiya wrapped Elena´s wound with his jacket. He left the bullet in there because he did not want her to bleed out. Seiya asked Amy to help Elena stand up. Seiya and Amy stood on both sides of Elena and helped her stand up. Annabelle and Andrius stood across from the guests. Lucy took the gun from Elena. Lucy and Amy stopped crying and got a hold of themselves. Elena glared at Annabelle in anger. Annabelle stared right back at her. Andrius took the gun from Annabelle. The sound of a gun went off for the third time. Elena clasped back onto the floor. Seiya and Amy let go of her, startled by the sound of the gun. Andrius had shot Elena right in the head. She was dead. Lucy dropped the gun and Andrius took it. Amy, Lucy, and Seiya were now weaponless. Amy and Lucy cowered in fear. Seiya still stood tall with his head up. An expression of sadness crossed his face then turned cold and emotionless. “You killed her,” he said. “Any of the rest of you want to cause trouble?” Andrius said, staring at us. They all did not dare to say a word. ¨Good. Now, let's get started¨ Andrius said. ¨First you will all be tested with riddles. There will be three riddles for each of you. Whoever gets the most wrong dies¨ he told all of us. ¨Amy, here is your first riddle. I am only one color, but one size, Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies. Present in the sun, but not in the rain, Doing no harm, and feeling no pain. What am I?¨ Annabelle said. Amy took a few minutes to think. ¨A shadow?¨ she said unsurely. ¨Correct¨ Andrius said. ¨Seiya, here is your first riddle. It can't be seen, can´t be felt, can´t be heard, and can´t be smelt. It lies behind stars and under hills, And empty holes it fills. It comes first and follows after, Ends life, and kills laughter. What is it?¨ Annabelle said. ¨The dark¨ Seiya quickly answered. Seiya was bad at riddles but his best friend loved riddles. His best friend was always testing him and he memorized answers to a lot of riddles because of this. ¨Good, you are correct¨ Andrius said. ¨Lucy, your first riddle. Three playing cards in a row. Can you name them with these clues? There are two to the right of a king. A diamond will be found to the left of the spade. An ace is to the left of a heart. A heart is to the left of a spade. Now, identify all three cards¨ Annabelle said. Lucy knew nothing about cards. She tried to think of an answer but could not think of anything. ¨I don't know¨ Lucy said. ¨First one wrong. The answer is Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, and Two of Spades¨ Andrius said.  ¨Amy, here is your second riddle. What gets bigger the more you take away?¨” Annabelle said. Amy knew the answer. This was an easy one. She thought of her best friend Lucy. Lucy had already got one wrong. She decided to get this one wrong on purpose. Maybe they could all tie  together. ¨I do not know¨ Amy said. ¨This was an easy one. Wrong. The answer is a hole¨ Andrius said looking at her like she was dumb. ¨Seiya, here is your second riddle. How much will a 38° angle measure when looked under a microscope that magnifies ten times?¨ Annabelle said. Seiya caught on to what Amy was trying to do. He knew the answer but got it wrong anyways. ¨I have no idea¨ Seiya said.  ¨Wrong. The answer is it will still be 38°¨ Andrius said. ¨Lucy, your second riddle. I am a three digit number. My tens digit is five more than my ones digit. My hundreds digit is eight less than my tens digit. What number am I?¨ Anabelle said. Lucy thinks really hard. Seiya and Amy look at her hoping she will get this one right. ¨194¨ Lucy says after five minutes. ¨Correct¨ Andrius said. Seiya and Amy signed in relief. ¨Amy, your last riddle. Different lights do make me strange, thus into different sizes I will change. What am I?¨ Annabelle said. ¨The pupil of an eye¨ Amy replies. ¨Correct¨ Andrius says sharply. ¨Seiya, this is your last riddle. It is a hard one so pay attention closely. Four letters form me quite complete, as all who breathe do show; Reversed, you´ll find I am the seat of infamy and woe. Transposed, you´ll see I´m base and mean, again of jewish race. Transposed, once more, I often am seen. To hide a lovely face. What are the five words?¨ Annabelle said. Seiya had heard this riddle before one time. He flashbacked to go where his best friend was at a football game. They had just won the game. They went out to eat at a small diner to celebrate. His best friend presented this riddle to him. He snapped back to reality. ¨Live, evil, vile, Levi, and veil are the five words¨ Seiya said. ¨Very good. That is correct¨ Andrius said. ¨Lucy, here is your last riddle. I am in a cone but I am not food; I will be skewed if you screw with my hue; I come by millions but you can only name a few. What am I?¨ Annabelle said. ¨Colors¨ Lucy replied. ¨Correct¨ Andrius said. ¨It seems it is a tie between all of them¨ Annabelle said. ¨Well, someone has to lose. Lucy was the first one to get a riddle wrong¨ Andruis said, taking out his gun and pointing it at Lucy. He shot her in the head and she was dead. Amy whimpered and moved closer to Seiya. ¨Next you will race. Whoever gets the fastest mile time wins¨ Andrius said cruelly. ¨Follow me and I will show you the track¨ Annabelle said leading us up the stairs. Amy and Seiya followed her in dread. Andrius disappeared off to somewhere. They reached to the top of the stairs. The floor and walls were made from steel. ¨Andrius will be at the end. Just follow the hallways. Remember your racing for your life¨ Annabelle said. Amy and Seiya began running. They were side by side. ¨Go ahead, I will make sure you win. I could not live with myself being the only one left to survive these sick twisted games¨ Seiya said. Amy did not argue with him.  She was afraid to die. She pushed herself ahead of him. Seiya slowed down to a jog. Soon they both reached the end. Amy went across first and won. Seiya crossed a few minutes later. Annabelle and Andrius were standing there. ¨You lost¨ Andrius said, staring coldly at Seiya. Andrius took out his gun and shot Seiya in the head just like the others. Seiya died instantly. ¨You won the game. Your reward is you get to live. Leave here and never come back. Do not tell anyone about this or you will meet the same fate as the others¨ Andrius said to Amy. Amy ran out of the house frightened. She became depressed but never told anyone what happened. Eventually she moved on with her life but it would always hunt her till her death. 

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