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Adventure Crime Science Fiction

Please don’t do it”, please put me down”, pleaded Captian Lou when Alpha the robot uprooted him from the ground, lifting him by his neck. 

Post the radiation storm most humans who were out in the open had died. The few who could reach confinement zone, after the warning, were still recovering from the shock waves. it hadn't been like other space storms. This one was a more severe of several previous storms, lasted longer and had charred the humans working the outstations of Sinabel Space Station. Despite having advanced monitoring systems , discreet and unhindered connection with the facilities on earth and best of talents available on Earth, the unconventional had happened. The early warning systems for space stations might have contacted 3S if they knew of it's existence.

3S was an aid to a President’s evil plan of taking over the world. Previous challenges from the bordering nations had feeded into his greed to overpower the world. It was only a thin statement from the competing nation, not even a full warning that had triggered unreasonable hopes within the party’s agenda. This involved developing an army of robots in the space. A machinery of highly advanced nature that could build or ruin empires in milli seconds. Technology was used to destroy its creator this time rather to aid him. It had been a coveted operation. This was funded by the several tentacles of Octopus that swerved around with power over the head of state. This Octopus had hands from money laundering mafias, drug cartels, weapons industry, trafficking and terrorist organisations among other polished faces of resources. 

Alpha had been an object of experiment for the past four years. It was one among many other prototypes. But only this one had managed to impress the leaders so far. They had progressed as far as making it walk, talk, fight, examine and take inputs or commands in voice and written formats. It could frame answers for questions and low key decision making between tasks. Make judgements of right and wrong based on it's coded software. It could learn by scanning a literature or by plugging into a human’s mind causing his mortification. This was by far the most destructive, merciless and advance robot there had ever existed. of course there were advanced codes for each up gradation fitted in it's steel structure. this was a prototype which was to be tested further. The president had high hopes from it. He had planned as far as replacing his security personnel with these class of robots. 

Right before the storm it was being updated with an AI program to lead the group of robots and be able to multiply his force with auto-update. It was being trained to take-over the world with it's pre programmed destructive abilities. Microwaves, laser, ultra and sonic sound features were the novel additions in it's weapon system. Inbuilt machine guns, drop bombs, and shoulder missiles had already been added to it's built. Yet it wasn't apt at using them for he lack of updated coded. Alpha was a work in progress. 

Post storm, Alpha had a glitch. It’s eyes had blue light in them. It turned on with a start. Its receptors were scanning for information. Alpha was completely charged and felt the need to disconnect itself with the multiple cables. What it recognised was that it was superior and had to takeover the world. still confused and searching for the right inputs Alpha stood still, processing it's next steps. 

Upon freeing itself from irrelevant cables, It proceeded further, scanning through ashes of what were humans pre-storm. Monitoring everything in it's way as a traveller in new town would, it progressed slowly yet swiftly. Too much information bombarded it all at once. With no one to command Alpha searched for inbuilt procedures. To search, aim and finish his enemy was his feed. To classify friends from foe was yet to be processed.

striding through the space ship, searching each compartment for recognisable feeds, Alpha made his way to the confinement zone. It reached the capsule. this seemed like a dead end. But his x-ray vision indicated differently. It scanned for a way to ajar the door. failing it's attempts at pushing it open Alpha landed a loud jab upon the steel, creating a pit in the door. still figuring his way Alpha pulled and pushed. Unaware of it's abilities, it shook the ship off it's anchor, misbalancing it. 

Lou and his four fellow scientists jiggled to senses with this thud. They feared that their gravity-controlled ship might sustain a creek. Despite being saved from the storm they weren't fully recovered to bear a system failure in their ship. Sensing a presence, they a sigh of relief that their fellow scents might have made it through the storm after all. 

Lou called out -”who is that?” in his trembling voice that suited his lean and geeky figure. This paused the destruction. 

“Who is that?”, returned the human like sound distinctive from the inhuman actions.

Lou shuffled closer to the door “I am Lou, the Captain of this space ship, leader of our team. Who are you”

“I am the captain, leader of this world. Open the door” growled Alpha offended by the authority it was being treated with. 

Lou failed to understand who that was. He knew he had to protect any destruction to the ship. What harm could opening a door bring. The human voice convinced him nonetheless. Lou unlocked the the safety door with hopes for another survived who must be desperate to meet the rest of the surviving team. No sooner did he pop the door open then Alpha grabbed him from his neck. His eyes bulging out upon seeing alpha in destructive mode. His colleagues scrambled to the back of the capsule. They were shocked at seeing a robo awake and in action.

“I am the Captain. I am the leader of this world” said Alpha tightening it's grip on Lou’s neck and swinging him off feet, still deciding upon the next step...

June 17, 2022 18:03

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1 comment

Rashi Jain
06:13 Jun 19, 2022

This is my story on Reedsy. A naive effort to become a part of this talented community. Welcoming all criticism. Thank you


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