Best Apartment Ever.

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"You are the first to come into our apartment. We love it so much, just, not as much as we used to. Enjoy!" The men say. Then they run away. Weird, as the pictures make it look perfect. That's why our agent called us here. The agent looks about as confused as my fiance and I. They shake it off and put a smile on their face. They open the door and show me inside. The door makes it look like the most fabulous apartment, the one we had seen in the picture. But the moment our agent opens the door, we are surrounded with the scent of something terribly smelly. It smelled like cat litter and milk that has gone bad. I immediately cover my nose and mouth and begin to cough. I am very sensitive to strong smells, especially ones that smell bad.

My agent clearly was having an internal conflict, but continued into the house and put on a large phony smile. I also put on a fake smile to go inside. My fiance couldn't have cared less. He put his head in the door. And shook his head. He starts to complain about it, but I look at him and frown. He rolls his eyes and goes in anyways. It makes me feel slightly better. Our agent is obviously having it out as well, as they have an eye twitching. I cough only every second or so. The house looks nothing like the way it would in the picture. In fact, it seems like the complete and utter opposite of what it was in the pictures. The pictures featured a beautiful modern house. And the one we are seeing is a dingy, stained carpet, smelly apartment. I wanted to leave the moment we got here.

My agent nearly lost it when we got into the kitchen. The living room was absolutely disgusting, and the dining room was better, but not by much. My fiance was really running low on patience for this one. When we stepped into the kitchen, we all completely lost it. There was a cat vomiting in the middle of it. The cat was obviously sick. I ran out, almost vomiting. I felt super naceuos in the the hallway, even after my agent closed the door. For a "modern apartment in New York," it was more like, "a disgusting mancave in New York." My agent, who had pretty much lost all patience, looked super mad. I took a few deep breaths in, of normal air. I know I should see the rest of the apartment. "Can I have the key please?" I ask. My agent raises both of their eye brows in utter shock. They shake their head and give me the key. I should at least see the rest of the house.

My fiance runs to my side the moment I'm about to open the door again. He shakes his head at me. I look at him and tell him that I want to be sure I don't love ut. He looks at me and shakes his head. I have my mind set on doing this. Not a doubt in my mind. I run in and back to the kitchen and just take a quick peek in. It's a bit dated. And ugly. But definitely could be used. I run into the bedroom and look in. Clothes everywhere on the floor. But a nice bedroom. The bathroom was by far the worst. I hated the kitchen situation, and the living room situation. But the bathroom was the worst. And with that, I ran out. I started coughing and wheezing. My agent and fiance come to my side, helping me sit. My fiance gives me my inhaler. And then I start to ponder. I have been told that when I think, I look sad or depressed. They look at me and ask what was wrong. "The rest of the apartment has potential, but it isn't that great. The bathroom, the only bathroom, is extremely tiny. It hasn't been cleaned in what looks like a month though, and who knows how long it has been.

I never thought it could be like that. It seemed like the perfect apartment. But it wasn't. And that was a massive let down to us. When the other two came back to us, we were sitting in the hallway. My agent said that we were going to keep looking. They got mad. They started to yell at us and one started to cry. I felt terrible. I comforted the one who was crying, but the one that was yelling continued to yell at us. I sat on the floor. And started to block it out. I focus on breathing. I then stood up, and just grabbed my fiance's hand and we walked out together. The proper thing to do in this situation. My agent followed us out thirty minutes later. At this point, I just gave her a hug and told her we will talk tomorrow, for now to just rest on it. We were going to talk it over at out house. Our agent agreed. And got in their car and drove off. My fiance and I drove to our current apartment.

It smelled nice. All night we talked about the apartment, and out thoughts about it. And at the end, we decided that we were going to keep looking. Although for an hour or so we thought we could flip it. And then when we thought about the cost and labor that would take for that tiny apartment, we decided against it. The best decision was to keep looking for another place, as much as this one could have been it, there was just too much to worry about for this one. So it was the best idea for us to buy a different apartment. We met our agent in a coffee shoppe, and we told them there. They agreed, and said there was another apartment that had more realistic pictures, in a building up the street. We checked it out, and it was perfect. We offered a bid, and we got the house! On moving day, everything went smooth, and we loved our new house. We made the right decision ultimately. It felt right to live in this one. And I knew that it was right for us. We got married a year later, and we have never been happier together!

June 02, 2022 10:11

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